Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three Choices

We all have our unique process...our own way we hear our muse but at the same time there is a personal way ,there is a universal process. I very much relate to Coeleen Kiebert's five steps from her book"All of a Sudden The Creative Process". 1. Statement of Intention. How important is that?! How many times has the conversation over coffee begun with claims of fresh ideas, plans, dreams, desire and wishes only to never really happen...Intention. I believe, to begin one must finally take the form of true commitment.

This "Three Choices" measuring 12"x12" is the one of the series I'm most unsure of and I will probably make changes sometime next week, next year but a change for sure. The circles are made up of many fabrics and papers with silver stitching. Up close they are interesting and I've received positive comments. Sometimes I'm unable to see the beauty (Assimilate, 4Th step) so I thought I'd share anyway as the reason for this blog was to share as openly and honestly as possible. I'm not aggressively marketing this series and at most I might show this series in a small local place. For me it has been about the living, learning developing art experience rather than save the ego...!!


  1. Hello Blue Sky Dreaming,

    Hi, nice to meet you. :~)I'll link you to my site, if ya like. Do you work in oil sticks along with fabric? I thought I recognized some oil sticks in your work. They look like they have great texture.

    Leya is just a lovely person. Best teacher I ever had! I adore her!

  2. Good morning,
    This piece has gotten to me. I'm intrigued by the title of Three Choices. Why Three? Thoughts come quickly of good or bad, high road or low road, but this invites the possibility of a middle ground - a compromise position?

  3. It looks like you have some awesome textures happening here. I would love to see this work "up close and in person."

    Kiebert's book sounds like the kind of thing I enjoy reading sometimes. Statement of Intention: you are so right--that is a powerful step. And I would add that goes for just about anything we need to accomplish, whether it's particularly creative or not. With intention comes a focus of energy.

    I do like this theme you're working with--the human and the divine and the glow of the connection.

  4. Jacie,I have also added your blog to my favorites. Yes, I used oil sticks and just about anything else handy. I think your latest drawings are seem to have found a very authentic way of working...congrats! Mary Ann

  5. I understand logically about the choices, but sometimes the motivations wells up from someplace else and logic be dammned, No? And this painting seems to be of that order. Just sort of spontaneous combustion. Like it a lot.

  6. anonymous,
    Thank you for your insights! The piece hangs on my studio wall so I'm looking, looking, trying not to overthink, waiting for a clear resolution. Mary Ann

  7. Pat,
    I like all that you wrote, letting go of logic, the possibility of spontaneous combustion, how about releasing linear time...Yes! Going into the studio with commitment is one thing but painting with the muse,dancing the dance of fun ideas...Yes and very important, someone to recognize and like the results. Thanks again. Mary Ann