Monday, May 12, 2008

The Grid

The grid holds order for me. A few of these circle/squares have fingerprints printed and others look egg shaped. I couldn't help but feel a grid of possibilities...potential. The stones arranged in small sets randomly placed reminded me of the raised id tapes placed on glass x-ray plates from the 50's. The piece stands on its own but is also connected to the others with black background. It measures 12"x12" and I have floated it on a white matt board with black wood frame.

Mother's Day was great. My youngest son drove over (2 hour drive) for the weekend and besides cards and presents, helped out by preparing meals at the local Fresh Prep Kitchen. He prepared six dinners ready for the freezer for the upcoming week. Pablo only needs to use the oven and I can make salads. They have a great menu...we picked Italian meatoaf, chicken cassoulet, orange spiced Tilapia.These prep kitchens are a great idea, especially great for busy families wanting good fresh food, classic receipes,mostly organic and good price. My oldest son called in the evening so it was as I said a great day. Best present was a cd Amy Winehouse "Back to Black".


  1. This painting would be a real shot in the arm on dreary, misty day. Just like the one we had on monday. It really shakes the doldrums. Thanks,

  2. I am thinking that you are getting some sun by the pool today doing some Blue Sky Dreaming... Do events like that inspire you artistically or do you kind of develop a theme /series, plot it out and stay on course to completion? I like to start things - I'm a starter. Too many things inspire me - for a time.
    Wishing you sunny days - glad days!

  3. What a wonderful M Day! I'm imagining you rocking out the Amy Wimehouse CD.
    And love the full freezer!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed such a perfect Mother's Day. Thoughtful children, delectable food, and presents!

    What you have to say about your grid piece is intriguing, as is the piece. The contrast of the black and red tones is dramatic.