Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ride to Venus

Just for a change of pace I'm posting a piece from another series "Early Morning Ride to Venus" 26"x22" mixed media including paint and soft pastel.
This series was about my creative journey to the planet and stars via mythology and some scientific info. The dark morning departure reminds me of my early childhood. Summer vacations would begin with my parents packing up the car and getting out on the road by 4a.m....very exciting to a little girl. The clocks and dials and railway ticket is my take on a Jules Verne dashboard. The black bird as navigator and off to Venus looking to love again and given the difficulty of life on Venus...not an easy trip!
Thank you for all your well wishes for my recovery. I am getting better, slow but it is happening. Thank you to Patrice over at www.patrice-makingpeace.blogspot.com/ for featuring me and this blog...I am so grateful to have her in my life. Pablo is a stranger in the kitchen so friends and neighbors have been bringing over wonderful meals...a big part of gaining my strength!


  1. I love that you share your thinking/process about your work along with the piece! I remember when you were working on that series... I enjoyed it when you shared your process then too.
    Thanks for linking to me, I've had visitors because of it.
    Love you,

  2. I just saw the picture of you and you were so cute.
    With the arm raised to your collar the photo is by far the most unique child's studio photo that I have seen. It shows just how special you are to your family and friends. Keep being unique!

  3. I came to say how much I'm enjoying your links, and the adorable picture of you! Your blog looks great! That poem really did me in, and it felt so great to cry and feel my mother and feel my motherlessness! I celebrate having loved so deeply and again, thanks for helping me connect to that tonight.