Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turning Now

20"x20" Rives BFK, acrylic, graphite, collage, stencil, molding paste. I began with pieces of construction plans that I've kept of a house I owned well over 15 years ago. I just like looking at all the lines, footage and notes...plans for a home...full of potential. As I added in collage and the border stencil I began writing to try to find the autumn connection. I wrote this:

Floor plans displaying the places to load in and shelve summer's carefree memories.
Gone now
Turning from warm sand and eye squinting sun
Foamy waves tickling toes and ankles
Gone now
Turning now to roof lines, windows and necessary built in spaces
Turning and stepping into cool mornings and shadowed yards
Turning now!

I fell in love with this green...not sure about autumn colors as here at the beach there are few reminders of autumn...except of course, the light has changed. My next two pieces are smaller and I'm adding more fabric collage and some lino prints. I like cutting shapes with my tools and rolling out ink...the comfort of old printmaking habits!


  1. I like this "floor plan" piece; is it one of the 40? It's hard for me to imagine living in a place where it doesn't look like fall... might be nice, though! I love the changing colors, but then winter comes, and I miss the warmth. I like the old printmaking habits, too- it's been too long!

  2. I loved both the words and the image
    change in light...
    I was thinking that today..how the light of the sun in autumn and winter is so wonderful coming through the windows..it seems brighter
    nice post

  3. Warm colors always feel especially good to me this time of year. 37 degrees here this morning! Jack Frost is just around the corner.
    I am enjoying your series Mary Ann.

  4. Love that green too! And I agree there is something very satisfying about old building plans in collage, maybe it's the symmetry of the lines. And text is always a winner in my books. I love this piece.

  5. I love this and how the lines have fallen back into your piece as reminders. I'm always fascinated by charts, grids, plans, music scores. I know your talking about Autumn feelings, but this just feels full of energy.

  6. an evocative piece. love even the fact that you saved these floorplans. I am quite drawn into your autumn thoughts and paintings. My birthday, 65th, is on Friday. I didnt realize it but I am having a hard time a bit with my aging self. In particular my visage. But I feel soothed to know you are addressing this change/turning/need for acceptance of what is in this way. Thanks Marianne.

  7. I enjoyed seeing what you have created with the floor plan. Love the door and windows .... and of course your thoughts behind the process.

  8. it would be the one thing that we share, no matter the hemisphere, the light changing eh? like this piece, the floor plan and the house elements, as I am going to sell my house, I have house and home on my mind alot...

  9. I like this so much! And enjoyed your words. You were saying, you weren't sure....but isn't that the artist's responsibility to show us something else?

  10. I'm a fall colors person. This piece is beautiful! There's so much going on in this piece (but not too much). The words rich and full come to mind.

  11. That is a most compelling painting. The eye goes back and up and it is a physical fight to pull the eye away. I do believe that in your storage, you will have a painting with a grocery list on it. I end up throwing things away that I wish I had kept. But you, with all the forethought necessary, kept the plans for your future painting.
    Really like the colors and the layout and the power of the painting.

  12. so much rhythm of spaces like words in a phrase--gives sense of poetry.

    this idea of an old floor plan, memory (even if you did keep the plans) a place you walked and loved seems intimate somehow.

    I found it strange last year how living so close to water took away a lot of my autumn trees too. Sun is setting milky blues and gentle.

    lovely turnings.

  13. This is quite unique. I was immediately 'invited to explore' with the image of the door in the center. This is a piece that will have me returning many times to view.

  14. Both the collage and the poem are so welcoming..I just want to open that door for all the warmth inside..

  15. this is wonderful Mary Ann - so interesting on so many levels :)

  16. This is really neat - really neat that you saved this and then reflected on it so many years later - and turned it into beautiful art. <3

  17. Sharmon, Yes, in the big count it will be in the 40.
    Very slight changes here...some neighborhoods have planted maples and such so we do get a little color.

    Suz, I agree the light is so clearly different in this season.

    Leslie, Thank you, I'm so glad you are enjoying.
    37 DEGREES...WOW! What a chill!

    ZDS, I've always liked your use of green. Floor plans seem to be code for plans and memories.

    Annie, I agree, grids, lines, formal notations all work together. I see a harvesting energy in autumn as well.

    Suki, Your birthday marks the best of celebrations of how far you have walked this life...a gift for sure. I'm headed for 66 so I'll let you know how it goes.

    Robyn, Thank you, I like the door and windows too...I like all the perspectives...I tried landscapes too.

    LDV, Yes, selling a home is full of focus and presentation...I wish you good luck! A new garden ahead!

    Annell, I'm sure of the light changing but autumn colors escape me here with ocean and redwoods. I'm glad you like this piece.

  18. Kim, We have the love of fall and the colors of fall in common...thank you.

    Pat, Your good words light my spirit..."really like the colors and the layout and the power of the painting" thank you.

    mansuetude, "The sun is setting milky blues and gentle" yes, yes here it is the same!

    Zappha, Your words about this piece are wonderful to read...thank you.

    Lyn, I like the door too. Sometimes I drive in neighborhoods just looking at the different doors.

    Jeane, Thank you so much!

    Karen, Funny in all the moves what gets saved and what disappears?!

  19. What a wonderful idea and creation you came up with. I have some old floor plans too, but I'm not sure I'm up to the memories. It would be a tough choice to choose between the leaves and a wonderful ocean view. I think I might opt for the ocean?

  20. I love the green too...it says hello in a gentle way...beautiful warm palette. And I do see it as a floor plan...your poem is wonderful, says to much about this time of transition. gentle steps

  21. Mary Ann -- This is an intriguing work! interior spaces and autumn -- absolutely spot-on! :-)))

  22. I love this green and orange together too. And the geometric shapes and garden feel. Hope you are having a beautiful week! Your life sounds full and sweet... roxanne

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