Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Italian Connection!

One multi-colored silk scarf from a silk factory in the area of Lake Como, one muted purple scarf from Venice and black and purple polka dot trouser socks from Milan!
My friend, Deena just arrived home from a wonderful vacation in Italy. She hiked the Dolomite's, swam in the Adriatic Sea, visited Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice and Milan and still had time to buy gifts! She tells me everyone in Italy (both women and men) are wearing scarves. I'm unpacking and ironing my new and old scarves for my Italian connection!


  1. aren't you the lucky friend!!!! scarves are a fave of mine but i must confess that i wear them very spottily. you've inspired me to grab a few and get them ready. when in rome?!! hee hee

  2. Tres chic!! I adore scarves. Now, if it would just cool down a little...

  3. aw, my passion, and often necessity...i always have some sort of scarf on hand...perfect and pretty remedy for chills, drafts, Air conditioning in public buildings. and i can't seem to have enough. i should do a count. how many scarves do i have?

  4. What a great friend indeed
    and such good taste
    you'll wear them with verve your new photo
    I have a drawer full
    that I love

  5. I'm grooving on the polka dot socks.

  6. Yes, I love them all, and love your new pic.

  7. What a wonderful friend you have! I absolutely love scarves and have been eying lengths of silk in my studio and thinking about turning them into scarves for that time when the weather cools down a bit...

  8. beautiful gifts from a beautiful thoughtful friend.

    back in high school (you know how far back that goes, tee hee) my "signature" look was a small scarf knotted at my throat under my preppy blouse that i cant recall what you call it.

    Just the other day I was wishing I had a few scarves to wear for the first time in many years. I think I ditched most of them 6 yrs ago in the big move.

  9. Julie, Yes, when in Rome...scarves can have fun attitude, style and playfulness!

    Willow, They are even putting them with short sleeves and tanks!

    Neva, When my neck is warm, I feel better and I like the style!

    Suz, I have a drawer full of wrinkled scares so here is to preparation!

    Maggie, Me too!

    Annell, Thank you, Still looking for a better photo but this will do for now.

    Hannah, Silk is dreamlike...enjoy!

    Suki, They say to hold onto everything but that is to find a few NEW ones!

  10. Great to have friends who bring gifts from afar.Finding special gifts for special friends is half the fun of travelling for me.

  11. Ooh, all the places I want to see. And the scarves are gorgeous. And to have a memory from Lake Como. Very, very beautiful. You will look lovely in them.
    Just think of climbing the Dolomites. Only in my dreams but how fun to dream.

  12. Gorgeous gifts from the continent my dear! You are one lucky gal to have such a great friend bringing you such treasures from abroad...

  13. yes, yes, scarves are so important! Love that you shared your gift with us...enjoy!

  14. oh how blessed you are to have such a wonderful friend!

  15. Glorious colors! I love scarves and I am seeing them more and more as well. This must have been a fun surprise. I love knowing that people still bring home regional specialties to their friends. :-)

  16. Robyn, I'm really lucky to have friends that travel and they in turn have to wait for birthdays as I rarely travel...sigh!

    Pat, You have great must be overdo for a trip!

    OTL, I am lucky with the scarves...they will be easy to wear!

    Maggie, You so well know the joys of scarves and yours are so beautiful...expect a rise in sales with such popularity!

    Laura, My friend is indeed a blessing in so many are nice too!

    Karen, Nice to know you are seeing a rise in scarves in your work area...I'm going to enjoy these!