Monday, October 25, 2010

Neptune's View

This one goes way back to the late 80's. The first time I remember combining my photos with my papers to create a scene or story. I took this photo of Neptune sculpture in Austria and placed him as the center view...I was trying to make art from vacation photo choices. It measures 5"x6", acrylic, photo, painted tissue paper and assorted colored papers.

Saturday Pablo and I put on a carport sale with 30 of our neighbors in our large complex. We hired a security man for traffic control and a few neighbors elected to hand out maps and direct for parking. Our clubhouse members dragged out the BBQ, bake sale items and drinks were available for a price. We had over twenty signs up, Craig's list and balloons. It was misty throughout the day but we got a good crowd...300 cars. OMG it was so much work to gather our crap, price it and bargain and then clean up! At the end of the day the Salvation Army truck came by and picked up what was left. We made about $200 ...the HARD WAY!! As for us...our last carport sale!

With a click here and a click there I have screwed up this computer...I have a call into computer guy. It never fails to happen and so I will be in limited circulation for a few days.
On a different note, today is my birthday! I am amazed and grateful I have had 66 years of through storms and calm but still grateful! Out to dinner tonight and a new camera too!


  1. Happy Birthday tooo you

    I am singing
    Will have to pop some bubbly or make a drink and toast your beautiful creative soul. Many more. Joy to you !

  2. ..just like's my birthday
    Oh goodie..presents
    good stuff
    you've earned it
    and a nice restaurant
    with a good man
    66...boy I'm not far behind you
    it's wonderful isn't it
    to survive
    and to have found a good great space in life
    Happy birthday mary ann


  3. Have a wonderful birthday dinner and fun with your new camera. Personally, thought I love to go to yard sales, I think being in one is far more work and hassle than the amount of money brought in justifies. This sounds like a wonderfully organized sale though with the truck coming to pick up the leftovers.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I happen to have a carrot cake with the appropriate cream cheese icing on hand so will serve myself an extra big slice to celebrate with you in absentia.

    And ooooh--a new camera! Seems like 65is looking pretty darn good through your viewfinder.

  5. Happy birthday! You share my dad's b-day....he would have been 95 today.
    Liked your collage alot & the concept of adding photos to collage.
    (The garage/carport sales are fun for the day,especially with neighbors. All in all, it's bes to call the Salvation Army direct!)

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Mary Ann!


  7. Oh my, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!! I am sending many wishes to you in celebration of your birthday. Loved the college. The first of everything is just so good! Hope that computer is fixed, for me, it's amazing how a week of rest can make you feel like a new person! I am anxious to get back to work, right here in my new beginnings, again.

  8. happy happy birthday Mary Ann! and I'm totally with you on the 'first and last carport/garage sale' - tons of workxxo

  9. isn't it a ton of work!!?? crazy, but so good to get rid of all that stuff!! xo

  10. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Ann. Exciting to have a new camera too. Hope it doesn't take too long to get used to it.

  11. Hi MaryAnn,
    I am sorry to miss "the" day but Happy, Happy Birthday may the whole coming year be a wonderful adventure and may you share your adventures with us.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have many more!!!!
    I can relate to down computers and hating to put on garage sales. I have only had one sale. All the hard work and it broke my heart to see my things go for next to nothing. I prefer to donate everything.A lot easier and I know the charity is benefiting from it.

  13. Happy Birthday from a fellow Scorpio!!(Mine's the beginning of Nov. and I'm not really ready for the big 60 but there's no stopping time.) Anyway, all the best to you Mary Ann and may you never lack for creative inspiration!

  14. mansuetude,Great singing and I feel better knowing the bubbly is being passed around! Thank you!

    Suz, You said it perfectly...I am grateful to find myself in this space in my life having a Happy Birthday and getting some really good presents!

    Zappha,Good Wishes accepted from you and your lovely smile...I'm lucky!

    Suki, Great Birthday dinner and a great camera! Now to read and learn all about it?!
    The Salvation Army truck was a wonderful sight!

    Maggie, Thanks so was as colorful and fun as a day in Key West!!

    Louciao, Oh, yes enjoy that carrot cake with the are thoughtful to a fault! smiling
    Excited about the new camera!

    Marie, I've met very few Oct. 25th birthday people, your father, me and Picasso!

    Regina, Thank you so much!

    LPC, Why, thank you! I improperly revealed my age?! smile

    Annell, Thank you for the birthday wishes and yes, computer guy worked about an hour and up, replacing all my mistakes and misunderstandings!

    Jeane, Thank you! I bet you too sat out in the cold selling junk for the last time! If I can't use it for collage...I'm going to toss it!

  15. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day and are enjoying what's left of it.... and you get your computer fixed pronto !! :)

  16. LDV, Crazy amount of work and really low prices but yes, I got rid of stuff I didn't want time just bag it and give it away!

    Robyn, Oh, reading the manual can be so mind numbing. I also just got a new phone and it's full of gadgets!

    Pat, I'm open for fun and new adventures this year and I'm fully committed to sharing here on the blog...I look forward to the connection almost every day!

    Eva, Thank's been a good friends, good food! I so dislike trouble with my computer but I admit I am usually the biggest problem.

    Melody Knight Leary, Happy Birthday to you here in the next few days! I visited your site and will return!

    Mary Ann, Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, the computer is up and running! whew!

  17. Excellent!
    I especially love the incorporated tissue. Wonderful way to archive photos.

    I truly hope this is your very best HAPPY BIRTHDAY yet, with a year ahead so exciting you can hardly stand it!

    I presently have 5 large bags ready for donation,,as we too, have had our last garage/yard sale.
    I relate,,,

  18. A very Happy Belated Birthday to you Mary Ann, and how wonderful to get a new camera! Hope it was a fabulous day!

  19. $200 the hard way is right. I haven't had a garage sale in years. They can be fun, but they're a lot of trouble too.

    "Neptune's View" evokes good and oceany things.