Friday, October 29, 2010

First day results

Working title: "Fields of Boaz", 20"x20", Rives BFK, light molding paste, bubble wrap impressions, collage painted tissue paper, acrylic.This is the result of first efforts in the studio for my ongoing autumn series. I had better get busy before I face the big winter sleep! BUT first, I'll create a personal mandala. I had lunch with my friend Florie and she impressed me with the balancing effects of creating a mandala. I have been so busy these past few weeks, both good and bad that I do need to get a better footing before going back into studio...I need to clear my head and heart and I think creating a mandala is a great idea. I plan on stopping at the party store and picking up cake rounds (cardboard) and having a go at it this weekend. I have a book "Creating Mandalas" but I think I'll just begin and see what happens, my goal is balance, centering, and seeing whatever else shows up!

Tomorrow is my last birthday celebration...a morning with friend Deena at the Sanderling's Cafe at the Seascape Resort. This place is a favorite of ours as it has mind bending ocean views, good food and all around welcoming spirit.
I have my new phone to figure out and my camera manual to read...presents to enjoy...this has been a great birthday along with all the good wishes from my dear blogger friends...thank you! Don't forget to VOTE!


  1. I am lovin' this collage you have done. I hope your birthday was filled with happiness and discovery.

  2. Happy, Happy, Birthday! Yeah! What fun, it sounds like you are celebrating all month long! Wish I could be there with you, nothing like celebrating, good food, fun, and manuals to read, things to learn. Wonderful work, I am certainly reminded of autumn.

  3. Oh Mary ANn I love the reference to Boaz...and Ruth..the windows!
    ....look what became of their lineage...lovely and meaningful
    I love mandalas....the four and focused work

  4. wonderful piece! love the texture and happy birthday to you! mandalas are wonderful to bring you to a place of calm center... cannot wait to see what you come up with!

  5. glad you are have some nice loving birthday treats and get togethers.

    Very lovely piece, it feels like earth layers. soothing colors.

    do you know Dianne Mcnaughton's blog?? She just posted a mandala she had made using pencil drawn images.

    Most inspiration and I want to try one too.

  6. Looks like a village richly glimpsed from a mountain villa

    Happy Birthday darling you. Enjoy food friend and view.

  7. I like the collage..It seems like layers of life and the windows are perfect.

  8. I'm sorry that I missed your birthday, Mary Ann. Happy Birthday to you. I hope that you had a great time. It sounds like you got some great toys to play with! Your series is really looking nice. Will you be able to do the entire series in the time that you had planned? I always am amazed at what you accomplish. I can barely get a few things done when I am working. Fortunately, I am done for the Winter. I, too, am hoping to get some painting done this winter while I am off. I hope the holidays don't get too much in the way.

  9. I'm so drawn to the windows and the layers of colour.
    Enjoy your last day of celebration. We should all take a leaf out of your book!

  10. Great start, can't wait to see where it ends up.

  11. "The Fields of Boaz" is such an evocative title! I love it. Your collage has wonderful washed layers of color, so remeniscent of a fall field, at least those up here in rice fields. Many happy returns for your birthday and beyond.

  12. Zappha, The birthday was good. The collage has potential for me...need to restart it again!

    Annell, Finally, birthday celebrations coming to an are a Scorpio as well?

    Suz, Thank you for liking the Boaz connection...gleaning the fields...heart stuff!

    LDV, I have the cardboard cake rounds white with gesso...who knows what is next!!

    Suki, I did see Diane's mandala and it was rendered beautifully...just pencil. I'm glad you are inspired as well!

    mansuetude, I like your take on 'fields of Boaz' and your good birthday wishes!

    Diane, Thanks so much!

  13. Happy happy birthday, Mary Ann! the collage is fabulous. I love the way you juxtaposed the fall colors with the maroon and turquoise- and the windows- primo!

  14. Hope you had a good birthday.
    Love your piece. Will be watching for your mandala, as that sounds exciting.

  15. The colors are transporting..a beautiful image..
    Recently saw a film about the Dalai Lama and the creation of a mandala..and the sweeping away of it at the end..such balance, and implications...
    A good and happy birthday to you!!

  16. love this piece..especially the two windows at the top...and the colors wow! Happy birthday!

  17. Poetic Artist, Thank you...the windows are taped on so maybe they will stay maybe not!

    Teri, Thank you for your good birthday wishes. I have two large pieces to finish the 'accepting autumn' series and then I begin the winter series.

    Robyn, What wonderful words...I just love your comments!

    Maggie, Thank's a start...asking for a revisit tomorrow!

    Hannah, I am heart connected to the gleaning of the ancient fields and all the stories...I also know the beauty of the rice fields in your area!'s all about harvest. Thank you for your good wishes.

    Sharmon, Thank you...I like this piece as a first start but then all could change with the next approach!

    Yvonne, I have my circle round all primed for tomorrow's studio day.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes!

    Lyn, We had a mandala created here at one of our temples and as you said...swept away at the end...magnificent!

    LauraX, Thank this early stage everything in temporary!

  18. i don't even know what a mandala is so i'm looking forward to your enlightenment. i my cheat and google it first though. hee hee your work is always beautiful!

  19. meant to say belated happy birthday as well. a fall birthday must be wonderful!!

  20. First, happy bday -- it sounds like it was truly a good one! I like your idea of creating a mandala in order to (re)establish balance -- keep us posted? Lush colors and textures in "Fields of Boaz" -- :-)

  21. Wonderful Post!! I think I should create a mandala. It would center my efforts and my wandering mind.
    I am happy that you had such a lovely birthday.
    Keep on trucking!

  22. So, it's your birthday! Sounds like it has had many happy celebrations. Yeah, Mary Ann, much happiness to you! I like the turquoise row with windows and the thought of doing mandalas. Enjoy!

  23. I love making mandala's. They can be very powerful and prophetic, and a great grounding excercise.
    I like your layered piece alot, like geographic strata of the heart?

  24. what a beautiful collage- so rich and earthy.

  25. I love the little windows in the corner, both visually and symbolically. Looking forward to a peek at your mandala! Sounds like the best of birthdays. May this year bring you joy and renewed creativity!

  26. I love the idea of a manala and I am thinking that I need one also.
    Love what you did! My favorite colors!

  27. Fields of Boaz--a lovely testament to the abundance of being alive. Happy Birthday, belatedly, Mary Ann.

  28. And I hope you will post an image of your mandala.

  29. Happy Birthday! You sound so busy and filled with the joys of life and creating. The mandala sounds like a great idea, and this piece is a beauty. roxanne

  30. Julie K, Thank you for the belated birthday wishes...always good!
    The mandala is an interesting art form and I'll post my efforts soon.

    Kelly M., Mandala going slowly and Fields of Boaz has undergone big changes...a few days in the studio and everything is different! smile

    Pat, The mandala and centering has been my focus...squaring the circle actually.

    Maggie, It was a great fun birthday...thank you. I like the windows too and the mandala is moving along.

    Marie, I like your comment about the layers looking like geographic strata of the heart...nice words.

    Donna, Rich and earthly collage is not so rich and earthy...everything changes!

    ZDS, Great wishes for the upcoming year...more creative studio time, yes!

    Pat, I too love the blues, lavenders and oranges.

    San, What a welcome visitor...thank you for your good wishes! Still working on the mandala!

    Roxanne, Birthdays are great...! I'll post the mandala.

  31. I love this work as posted, but I know already I'll love it revised too. and you do titles so well,,,it's perfect!

    Hoping this upcoming year is your very best yet,,,,in ALL ways.

    Looking forward to the mandala,,,