Monday, August 30, 2010

Temple Bells

22"x22" Rives BFK, acrylic, photo collage, Chinese newsprint. Rummaging around in my collage box I found these temple bells and that began this piece. After meditation, I wrote:

High on the hill the bong of the bell
Reverberating in heart and lungs
Now each breath in- along with each heartbeat trails
The soft fading echo of this call
Life is such we need these reminders
Every breath in and exhale out to the
Hallowed sound of our perfect lives.

There is a place here in the redwoods called Land Of The Medicine Buddha and I have only visited twice on Open House Days...the sounds are rich and I will always remember how this deep low sound lodged itself in my heart and throat...a beautiful feeling.

In spite of my summer wishes, Autumn has arrived. The air, even here by the ocean is drier, turning leaves and children walking back to school. I have a few projects to complete on the outside of the house this week and next. I've ordered some plaid shirts and leather clogs from Lands' End so I am ready for the change and all that it holds. I hope everyone is safe with "Earl" storming through the East Coast!


  1. oooo delightful post with beautiful words
    and lovely lovely art

  2. Wonderful bell piece!! I ordered a few things from Land's End, as well, to celebrate the coming of fall.

  3. I remember that deep low night at the Cathedral, the Dalai Lama, appeared with the monks, who chanted this magical sound..your poem brought it back...thank you!

  4. I am quite enomoured of Temple Bells. Those Tibetian monks, when they chant, get you right in the heart too.

    I adore it that you and Willow are buying clothes for the next season! I seem to recall you did that last year to Blue Sky or maybe it was for the beginning of summer. Hmm, I just threw my LE catalogue in the trash. Maybe I should dig it out.

  5. Beautiful piece,,I especially like the 2 elements lower right. They hold much interest.
    How fun, seasonal shopping,,,,we're still wearing all things summer here.

    I too worry about Earl,,,,

  6. Just beutiful, I love the colours !

  7. This piece looks like the sound of bells ... if that's possible, and of course the warm orange is the colour of the monks robes. lovely piece Mary Ann.

  8. This is wonderful. Are you going to write your ode on the back of the painting, so that it travels with it perfect companion? The colors are so evocative of the Temple in the Hills.

  9. I really love looking at your ART =)

  10. I picked up napkins for our Thanksgiving at the ocean this year - a good year to hibernate with my growing family for 4 straight days! they are marrying and having babies - better them than me!!
    Your writing is so wonderful - so blessed to have so many creative skills. Love this!

  11. This is a great post including another of your pieces that just seems to sing, or in this case, ring...I love the creative path you are on. What a wonderful place in the forest...sounds so serene and lovely...

  12. Love this new piece, the bells, the richness of colour, rather autumn like? And lovely poem that draws us inward to hear the intonation of those beautiful bells. It all brings a peaceful smile to my face.

  13. Lovely post. I love hearing bells and we are lucky here to be within sound of two sets in different churches, but the sound of just a single bell seems especially resonant.

  14. It's still hot hot by my body temps. Though less humid. That Earl dude should come on Thursday. Perhaps if he is pleasant we can serve him Earl grey tea and Ginger almond scones before he heads up to bug New England.

    I love what you write with your paintings. Sounds like your chakras picked u the vibrations from the sounds you heard. A good thing! The right vibrations resonate into the soul to bless heal open light, love. We are nourished. Probably the same with color

  15. Lovely and thoughtful, like all your work.

  16. Oh how that beautiful orange reverberates so!

  17. Richly, warmly, hued; beautifully balanced and ordered. Thank you for reminding us that every thing is perfect in this moment of breathing in and breathing out with awareness.

    We are having an encore presentation of summer here in eastern Canada--it's back with a vengeance. Earl may drop by this weekend to wash away the heat, though.

  18. I love the temple bells, and the entire piece gives me that feeling. Your lovely meditation/poem is something I really needed at the moment- that reminder of peace, and the "big picture"... thank you.

  19. Suz, Thank you, I always enjoy when words and images click.

    Willow, It feels like fall when I see the UPS truck drive up!

    Lyn, What a wonderful glad my bells brought back such wonderful memories.

    Suki, If you are well stocked for the fall then why order? Although something new can feel special!

    Babs, Glad you like this one. Summer moves into fall in it's own good time.

    Liv, Thank you...I like your latest images too!

    Robyn,Your words are like gold...thank you!

    Pat, Nice idea about writing on the back...I think I will do that on this one.

    Sung-Hee, Visit anytime!

    Karen, You are outfitted for the holidays and yes, your family is growing and your holiday table will be overflowing...perfect fun!

    OTL, Thank you. Land of the Medicine Buddha is in a beautiful setting...the two times I was there I ate the best two meals of my life! Great spiritual place.

  20. Hi Mary Ann, saffron robes glow with the bells, lovely words, still hot here, hoping for some rain from Earl but without the winds. Glad I'm not doing a show this weekend! "holygare" is my verification word.

  21. ZDS,So glad my temple bells brought you to a too!

    Annie, Besides going back into the redwoods to the prayer wheels, we have at best seagulls church bells nearby.

    mansuetude, Actually I do feel centered, almost with grace when working on this project.
    Earl is being watched more and more...stay safe.

    Maggie, I appreciate your words, thank you.

    Sophie, Yes, the orange speaks to me of monks robes and all I've seen of old temple walls.

    louciao, All I hear are updates on Earl...I do believe you might feel some effects from dear "Earl".
    thank you for your thoughtful words.

    Sharmon, I love the way our art touches others in ways we would have no knowledge...thank you.

    Maggie, it! Rain is good,wind not so much.

  22. wonderful post ... love the poem and i too am searching for woolens to ward against the northwind!!

  23. I also love reading your posts and looking at your art.

  24. The "bong of the bell" rings true in Temple Bells.
    You have commemorated such a rich experience. I have only heard those deep chants via the TV and computer, and even then my heart was stirred!