Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photographing "Home"

"Home" measures 21"x 30" framed, acrylic, collage, graphite. At one time this was a part of a canvas at least 48" wide...part of a triptych. It was my habit to get out my box cutter and begin cutting away what I liked and separating it from what wasn't working especially when the composition was beyond repair. So by moving bits around and collaging again, this piece "Home" was hangs next to my computer and greets me every morning... it's a favorite of mine. I've been spending time today photographing this piece and other earlier work to include in my portfolio.

This weekend Pablo is helping me research the spiritual, mystical significance of the number 40. I've committed to painting a total of 40 pieces...a number that appears and reappears in biblical history. "40 years of wandering in the desert" and "40 days and nights of rain" to name a few. So far we have found this reference: "It is the product of 5 and 8, and points to the action of grace (5), leading to and ending in revival and renewal (8)." I like that very much and will also look to the Kabbalah for more information. For me, it adds another deeper dimension to the work...a spiritual connection.


  1. What a lovely piece Mary Ann....I'm amazed how you created it from cutting up a previous work...that is something I will have to try to open up my creative spirit....
    Good luck on finding more about the number 40...sounds like a very intriguing path of investigation and learning!

  2. Home is intriguing. As is your exploration of 40. Nice to have Pablo doing some of the research. I like the various ways you explore deeper into your work and psyche.

  3. Oh it is a lovely piece and to greet you each morning a blessing
    can't believe this is reassemblage
    love your interest in numbers

  4. What a stunningly beautiful piece Mary Ann, both the art and the thoughts. 40 sounds like a great commitment!

  5. I'm always interested in the the things we have beside us when we work. This piece must be good company. Wow - a portfolio of 40 pieces. I'm wondering if you might make a flickr stream at some point?

  6. I love the many aspects of home in your piece. And I am a big fan of these little architectural bits of floor plan that you have included. What a comforting reminder to greet you each day, "home".

    I look forward to seeing 40 works! I love explorations like this and I'd never really thought of all the references to 40. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  7. I like this piece Mary Ann and I had no idea that 40 was such a significant number. I'm always attracted to the history behind any form of symbolism.

  8. The rearranging, resurrecting and resurfacing of older pieces of one's art and life. Picking out and honouring the bits that work best and going on from there. Art reflecting life. Or is it the other way around? I'm never sure.

    Digging deeper and searching for underlying meaning by whatever means speaks most clearly to one is a fascinating process. Intriguing that you've chosen the number 40 as your guide. I look forward to following along as you journey down this path.

    Wilda B. Tanner in her book about dreams says of 40:
    "Time needed to prepare, period of cleansing or testing (as in the biblical 40 days and 40 nights), period of growth and formation. Can mean 'as long as it takes' or, 'a very long time.'

  9. When I tuned in, there were 8 comments. I don't know if there is significance for you or me but I was impressed by the painting and how you got there. This painting looks so deep and spiritual that I hope that you have hung it are enjoying it. Very lovely, to me it looks like the forty steps to enlightenment. The colors are deep and lasting.

  10. Cynthia, Thank you...friends used to tell me it was awful how I would rip a piece up but in this case it was a save!

    Suki, Some pieces just feel good. Pablo is excellent at internet research and yes, it all informs the writing, thinking and painting.

    Suz, I reassembled taking out all the crap in between...some things are meant to be smaller! ha

    Leslie, I'm pretty excited about this 40 seems to have opened unexpected doors of exploration and even color and shapes for me.

    Annie, Our workplaces are so takes time to get all the parts to compliment and inspire.
    I'll probably make a 'set' on my flickr account.

  11. Annell, Good words...we agree!

    ZDS, I am always fascinating with floor plans, from ancient to modern. My father would draw them on his paper napkin after dinner...memories.

    Margaret, Art making has so many layers and for me a symbol like a number such as 40 can help develop a dream vision.

    Louciao, I like your author Wilda B. Tanner's quote on dreams and the number 40. How rich...time enough to grow! Thank you

    Pat,This piece "Home" is special to me as it speaks to me of all the homes I've lived in and dreamed of and then one step further to spiritual homes...I'm glad you like it!

  12. Very cool piece, and the "renewal" theme of 40 goes with this cut-up and reborn work! It's interesting that you're investigating the number 40; I'm a little confused, though, because you mentioned the number 20 in a couple of other posts. Are you chunking it (special ed terminology for breaking a task into smaller pieces) into 2 halves? LOL