Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silk Purse Forever

About 12 years ago I joined a 'Vein of Gold' study group as a way of meeting kindred spirits and we all became a close knit group for years. Annie and I hit it off immediately and a friendship was born. Long story short Annie took ill and during her last months was kind enough to introduce me to her very artistic family...her daughter Patrice (we had several gallery shows together) and her sister also Patrice and I know her as Pat. Pat lives in LA and has a blog LaLa in LA. She is also an artist and has a variety of making to purse creating at this time...her workmanship is stellar and her creative projects could easily be considered 'red carpet quality'. With that said and a reminder of how I've rambled on and on about my outfit, shoes for the family was beyond a surprise last week when this beauty arrived by mail...I was dropped to the chair by this amazing and generous gift... with a note saying in part this purse would be both from her and as a legacy from Annie! This beautiful creation is handmade using silk embroidery with contrasting silk lining. Notice the pocket on the inside. Also the white bag created for safe storage!! I can say this: This purse will be my dress up purse, my keepsake for now and until my "Forever". Please visit Pat and enjoy her projects!

Studio Update: I've been gessoing 20"x20" Rives BFK. I so like the number 20 that my new plan is to paint 20 of these sheets and when I'm done 20 more, mixed media pieces, more abstract and relying on process as well as journals and meditation. Having this large expanse of work ahead of me feels freeing and allows me the exploration I'll need to 'find' a challenging new way. I've cleaned the studio and ready to begin!


  1. Oh what a beautiful handbag
    such gorgeous colors in silk
    the perfect forever purse, I agree
    What a generous spirit she is
    you are blessed

  2. What a perfectly lovely little bag, and the sentimental connections make it even more special!

  3. What a delightful story Maryanne....a truly wonderful surprise and beautiful gesture.
    Good working!

  4. For sure you are the smartest girl in class. And you have the most beautiful purse. That is the gift that flows over, and spills on each of us. As you are working on the next 20 and then the next 20, what medium will you be using? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you may be totally in love as you move through the process! Thank you for your comment.

  5. What a wonderful and special gift!

    Looking forward to new works of art.

  6. connections that last, the best. so sweet.

  7. I have been to Pat's site and she is talented! I didn't know the connection she had to you. This purse is so lovely - quite a gift. I'm wondering what you do with all these wonderful pieces you are making - 20 more in the planning! Will you show them, create a web site so they can be purchased? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. gorgeous bag. so special. may you have twenty twenty vision with your new 20/20 work!

  9. that is a gorgeous bag, and 20/20 can't wait to see!!

  10. the gift of love goes on and on...
    your love and presence in my life, Mom's and Pat's life is such a gift!

  11. Oh Maryanne,
    Your compliments are so sweet. But really, I did feel that Annie was telling me that she wanted me to give this to you. I don't feel things often but when I do, I am compelled to act.
    I so enjoy all your work and your spirit. And to think that you plan so far ahead. I am lucky if I have one ahead and overwhelmed if I have two to make. Wow!

  12. What a beautiful gift! Your friend is very talented. It is a tribute to you as person and an artist. It also says what a generous, kind person your friend is.
    Your 20-20 goal sounds like a winner! Good luck.

  13. Mary Ann -- wish I had your energy! looking forward to your new "20" project! :-)

  14. Suz, I agree gorgeous color and silk...I do feel blessed!

    Willow, Special indeed...usually a purse is a purse but not this one.

    Sophie, Thank you, surprises like this are a delight!

    Annell,Just started today...first mark always the 'mistake' and now to really begin! ha

    Kim, I agree...special gift!
    Now back to the work table!

    Neva, Words as good as the gift!

    Jeane, Yes perfect...I still remember your beautiful butter yellow purse...also perfect! ha

    Karen, Have you been reading my mind? First painting on paper is good for storage and yes...I have plans for these hopeful beauties!

    Suki, Thank you...With forty ahead of me I can take it easy and just do one first!

    LDV, It is a beautiful purse...I look forward to using it.
    20 + 20 sounds exciting today! ha

    Patrice, So good to see your smiling face...our ongoing connection is as if "it was written"...blessed for sure.

    Pat, The star of this post! I so thank you for following your deepest heart...I will always treasure this purse.
    My only plan is to paint 40 but how is another plan!

    Eva, Her handwork, her creative exploration and finish...all excellent.
    I like these big numbers...starting that is all I need do is start!

    Kelly, So far I've had only the energy to plan on the number! ha

  15. You can see the exquisite detail from lucky you are..and how wonderful that in this world we run into our own!!