Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quality of Sunlight

22"x22" Rives BFK, magazine collage, acrylic, molding paste, house paint, stencil, tar gel and graphite. I have been having fun with my new magenta, adding it to yellows and oranges. I used a turquoise house paint and stayed out of deep space keeping my images flat and simple. The four squares hold sun shine for me and if there might be a "call to prayer" in this piece then it would be a call to the beauty of golden hot sunlight. After having been in and out of fog and mist most of the summer...these past few days have been a delight!

Wednesday Pablo(excellent sherpa) and I hauled our books, chairs, towels and lunch to a local beach for a couple of hours. Magnificent heat warming our lotion covered skin in contrast to a 'cool down' in the foamy waves washing up on our legs and leaving us deeper in the wet sand! I sat in my chair all teary eyed looking at the children wet and sandy, little boys were digging deep holes in the sand? babies both laughing and crying at their first trip to the water. I was particularly taken with the women at the beach...all sizes and ages...100lbs to 300, a few pregnant and even women older than me...yet there we were in our bathing suits loving our bodies at least enough to show up at the beach and enjoy sun and sand. My gratitude for this sun bright sunlight a prayer!


  1. My immediate reaction when I opened your page was "What is this??"--in an excited way! The colours are so warm and happy, the shapes and grouping somehow friendly. I get the architectural reference but they also look like a group of women: 3 standing shoulder to shoulder, and one a little apart--and someone has been given a lovely bouquet or plant, so clearly it's very celebratory picture, however one looks at it.

    We enjoyed 3 days at the beach this summer and I, too, was intrigued by how people just unselfconsciously let it all hang out and worship the sun and sea. I'm glad you got a taste of summer at least.

  2. I do envy your beach outing...sand sandwiches & all.
    Love the tourquoise in this piece, very nice with the golden sunlight, so warm and inviting.
    I really appreciate your recent comment on my blog. Thanks so much.

  3. You trip to the beach sounds wonderful! All joy. Nice work!

  4. well, now i WANT this sunlit joyful 'call to prayer' painting!!

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I like your approach to your work. Swell

  6. loved your description of your time on the beach xxo

  7. Your colors are so playful, joyful! Glad you had a break from the fog and mists -- the beach is so enervating! :-)

  8. cheerful colors and images. love that magenta. ah, so glad you got a day at the beach and a few days of sun. sounds like a hard summer in some ways but maybe you will get summer weather in the fall.

  9. I love those four sections at the top that seem to suggest the shapes of a crescent moon or age bitten coins. Pleased you got a beach day. Not been many of those for us here either this last month.

  10. Oh I'm with you on the beach..the way you described it..our funny body shapes and all! Patrick ended up on Ocean Beach that same day - no fog and 90 degrees - fabulous.People who aren't from Northern Calif. probably don't understand how precious a sunny day at the beach can be. Thanks!

  11. This new piece seems to capture the spirit of your day at the beach- such warm, sunny colors. I like this new palette, and that palm tree is just scrumptious! okay, I think i have to go to the beach now!

  12. A day like a prayer - I love that! And I love the architectural references in your excellent new piece.

  13. Oh, I saw the thumbnail for this piece, and had to immediately check it out...I think it is one of my favorites of yours Mary Ann! And what a wonderful time you and Pablo had at the beach....I am so envious....wish I lived closer to the sand and surf!

  14. Wonderful post and mixed media creation! Not sure I'd have the courage to put on a bathing suit no matter what :O)

  15. well Mary Ann i am now wishing I didn't donate my black bikini to my daughter - It's strange how different life styles affect us isn't it - while I was travelling in Australia a few months ago I felt young, vibrant and able to wear a bikini - back in the Uk for a few months and I'm feeling past wearing a bikini! Pause for reflection I think!! What makes us feel young (mind and body!). I have to say your Pablo sounds like a real support to you - I enjoyed your day almost as much as you did - thank you for sharing

  16. LPC, Thank you, Thank you!

    louciao, Oh, so you see women...3 standing shoulder to shoulder!I so like your vision of this piece. It is a celebration for sure...first me getting to the beach and the wonder of the warm sunlight.

    Marie, Thank you...the beach is about five long blocks from studio but hard to make the time to just 'enjoy'!
    The turquoise is house paint...very flat next to the bright yellows and pinks!

    Annell, A day at the beach in August...can't get better! ha
    Now back to studio.

    Sung-Hee, Thank you, joyful I hope.

    Neva, This one was a nice change from my sometimes darker ones!

    Wen Redmond, Thank you...finding our own process takes such a long time...I have high hopes for these 40!

    Jeane, Amazing the fun one can have in three hours at the beach...the sights and sounds!

  17. This is a delightful painting for a wonderful prayer of a day! Love the colors and the idea and the way you so perfectly recreated your feelings of the perfection of the day.

  18. A Blessed High Holidays to you. They are coming up soon? I really enjoy what you do with all the diverse elements. And the palm tree is a special treat. It reminds me of what I consider special about So California. The warm nights and the mix of cultures.
    You always surprise!

  19. Kelly, A couple hours at the beach and yes, we were so sleepy from so much fresh air!

    Suki, Yes, now we are waking up to the sun after such an overcast summer!

    Annie, The four shapes on top are my favorites as well...never saw the coin possibility...thank you.

    Karen, Yes, just getting to the beach without a jacket is a big event. I'm go glad Patrick had a great beach day too!

    Sharmon, The piece was already taking form before we got to the beach...Yeah sunshine!

    Leslie, Thank you, sand castle with windows!

    OTL, I am attracted to thumbnails myself...I'm so glad you weren't disappointed.

    Eva, Did I mention I had a lightweight cover gave me courage! ha

    Rosie, Call your daughter and get back your bikini! It's all a celebration and the beach is so joyful. Pablo is a good guy...full of fun!

    Tonya, It's all a celebration...autumn next!

    Pat, I love palm trees...they have been in my life forever...we have rows of these in the village at the beach!