Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thursday we are going to the Redwood Grove (stage and seating in the center of a grove) up at UCSC and be enthralled with a production of Othello. I'm hoping the sun will come out and I'm taking cushions for the chairs. I understand this production will be set with a 40's military setting. We are reading up on Othello to remind ourselves of the characters and some of the wording...it takes me awhile to get into the rhythm. We will picnic and I've planned a tomato & peach salad with citrus dressing, Gorgonzola creme sauce/ pasta, ice tea and cupcakes from our new cupcake store...actually I'm buying everything prepared and just packing in containers and taking one of those hot/cold carriers. All this will be our early celebration of Pablo's birthday on the 27th! I'm excited!

Art Note: I'm on my third piece out of 40 but who's counting! ha I bought some liquid acrylics to change up my palette and I'm loving Quinacridone Magenta. I usually keep my colors basic and mix my own mixtures but this magenta has a fresh quality...very bright, clean color.

I was asked about my sander: It is a SKIL multi-finishing sander. Fits in your hand nicely and comes with a load of attachments for varied sanding jobs.


  1. Othello's been one of my faves since WT did a one-man stage version for his college senior recital. Have you seen the Branagh film version?

  2. That sounds like a lovely birthday celebration! Happy birthday to Pablo; I hope you two have fun enjoying your play/picnic/party!

  3. Hope you enjoy it Mary Ann! I love the Quinacridones. Use them mostly for glazing, especially over or in conjunction with cadmium orange.

  4. Happy celebrations, you two! (The picnic sounds scrumptious).
    Yes to the Quinacridone Magenta!

  5. This sounds so wonderful - I can get ready to come over right away! I'm sure those wonderful and strange word patterns will all start to make sense in the performance. Have a great time.

  6. have a glorious time. The picnic sounds delicious. And happy day to Pablo. love your new header too.

  7. Well this is a fine idea!! Happy Birthday (early) to Pablo. :-)

  8. enjoy! Othello - Friday we will see the Tempest in a local park set next to the beach - it's our annual Shakespeare in the park with my son and his family - the grandkids love this event - the magic of theatre outdoors!

  9. I admire the way you make life a celebration Mary Ann. Enjoy!

  10. You and Pablo live life to the fullest.
    Have a fabulous time, and a happy birthday celebration.

    I love getting thrilled by new colors!

  11. sounds like a fun and delicious outing. I love quinacrodine magenta. They were out of it last time I shopped and so I bought the q violet which is much less satisfying and intense. Looking forward to seeing it appear in your work.

  12. I will be very interested to hearhow you like this "change of pace" Othello.
    It sound s like a lovely outing and I hope the sun shines for you.

  13. I would have gone along just for the picnic food and perhaps then dozed off while comfortably seated on those new cushions you made.

    Liquid acrylics...such precious jewels; I occasionally treat myself to one or two. A little goes a long way. I do happen to have the Quin Magenta in my arsenal. I fear I tend to hoard it.

  14. Willow, Othello preformed by a man you love..mmmm! I have not seen Branagh in Othello...back to netflix.

    Sharmon, Great fun and the sun came out...chairs were still painfully hard!

    Stan, Othello in the outdoor setting was quite wonderful.
    I just tried glazing over yellow but I would imagine orange to be brilliant!

    Robyn, It was a fun celebration...food perfect...setting great and play wonderful as well! Pablo keeps repeating favorite lines all day today!

    Annie, So true...it doesn't take long to 'fit' with the beauty of the words!

    Suki,Great play, food and a Redwood Grove...perfect afternoon!

    Annell, Happy sanding!

    Karen, These outdoor plays in beautiful settings are truly magical!

    Jeane, I'll be thinking of you with your family in your wonderful outdoor setting...Tempest!!

    Leslie, It's too easy to get caught up in everyday stuff...fun to break it up with an 'event'!

    Babs, I rarely buy the liquid acrylics but I bought about five bottles and enjoying the play!

    Pat, Truly enjoyed the production...fell short for me in costumes...Desdemona had terrible dresses that didn't fit the 40's military look but the sun shined!!

    Lynne, The chairs are adirondack style chairs set in a slope...no amount of cushions make them comfortable for sleep! ha
    The magenta is a beauty!

  15. ZDS, This magenta makes my heart beat faster..loved mixing it with yellows!

  16. I love when Shakespeare is done in modern settings..he was for all times..remember the film, Richard III, Ian McKellan? amazing..
    What a good time you must have had! Happy Birthday to Pablo!

  17. Dear Maryann, I hope this was a wonderful performance and picnic outside. I love the way YOU love life and appreciate all it has to offer. roxanne

  18. Lyn, a great production and setting in the grove....the best was all the dead bodies in the end...Tragedy! I do remember the Richard III and it was fabulous!

    Roxanne, We had a great time...one of those 'everything perfect' kind of day.