Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Mop-Up

Coming to the end of my yupo series and the work table is in need of a clean up. When I am finished, I'll re-sort the collage material....paper in one box and cloth in another. Fresh brown paper to cover the table and a realignment of bottles and jars. I'll take a trip to the art supply as I need a jar of red cadmium and I'll pick up three 14"x14" canvases for new work! It will feel good to see the work table again!

The neighborhood pool opens April 15th so I'm also getting ready for that big day. The older I get the more pedicure, spray on tan and new cover up and thongs. I have several bathing suits and really hate to go try on more so I have planned to take a couple of old ones to the seamstress and have her remake one using two suits.

I've been seeing many beautiful gardens in blogland! I have a postage stamp size yard but it still needs a spring spruce up. I had a fellow come and trim back the large plants, pull weeds and clean up the brick walkway and add sand between all looks good to me. The forecast calls for rain this weekend but I still feel ready for the warmer days ahead.

Next project will be my closets and then the storage shed. Amazing how difficult it is to let go, scale back and toss out what is no longer needed...after all that...carpet shampooing before Memorial Day.
Done...easy living...warm days ahead...barbecue and salads, beach days with a mix of studio days ahead!!!


  1. I always have good intentions and even begin a studio cleanup but it usually peters out before I complete the job. Too daunting for words! Good luck with yours.

  2. Oh you make living sound so good there!
    Bathing suits...ick...I don't think I will fit into mine from last year...or look the same in it
    but I will take a lesson from you and enjoy the warm weather anyway
    Have a wonderful weekend in your newly spruced up yard

  3. You are doing better than I for spring clean up..I did clean the gargage. Spring cleaning not fun.
    The beach and studio times sounds great.

  4. sounds like a very good plan of action - playtime coming soon :)

  5. The clear out sounds great. I always get sidetracked in mine and end up finding something more interesting to do on the way. Then I have to come back and clear up the mess I made in the clear out! Hoping your first dip in the pool happens soon.

  6. You are so enterprising. You make me exhausted just listening to you.
    I was thinking of photographing my sewing table. There is a small pot filled with potting material on it. I can't even remember why it is there. I and my sewing room are in a need of a clean up.
    I like the idea of your swimming suit. So creative.

  7. oh I am right with you ... cleaning up the studio and into spring cleaning ... clearing out anything I have not worn in 6 months and the studio is getting a face lift too! love your bathing suit idea!

  8. You go, girl! I totally sympathize about the on it goes! Good luck on your new paintings -- looking forward to seeing those! :-)

  9. Impressive list of "to-dos" I ought to get going on yard work. Tomorrow we are taking 9 apple trees up to Bruce's land to plant....chicken wire and compost already in the car. My swim suit still fits, but I can't worry with spray tan....Enjoy the coming season, Mary Ann.

  10. pool!!! already. I am jealous. Sounds like you are all set to enjoy the summer, neat and tidy and ready to create. do you think you create more in the summer/warm weather or in the winter/colder weather?

  11. Robyn, Thank you, I'll need good luck in this studio clean up!

    Suz, swimwear is not easy and not easy for this old body but with the right cover-up and some quick moves, I can get in the water and out with out much noticing! ha

    Katelen, I have resistance to closets but pretty good in the studio.

    Jeane, Playtime always feels good when the jobs are done or done close perfectionism here!

    Annie, The pool has been heated but the outside is still too cool for me!

    Pat, I've been calling around and trying to find someone with a machine that can sew stretch (swimwear) materials...I have a few appointments this week!
    Soil on the sewing machine??

    Cat, Giving away clothes is my hardest...keep thinking I will get thinner!

    Kelly, Dividing time between the spring cleaning and wins!

    Maggie, Good luck planting apple trees...real spring fun!

    Suki, I think I create about the same winter or summer!

  12. Know exactly what you mean. I have been partly through the wardrobe and have a pile ready to depart the bedroom. trying to garner enthusiasm to finish the job.