Sunday, April 25, 2010


Assorted sizes of three leftover or extra canvases, 8'x8, 10'x10 and 16'x16'. I'm using my collagraphs I printed a few months ago using a rather old plate I dug up. I printed on thin paper with blue ink and some on a mixture of brown ink. I actually have a teapot and cups to fit on the larger one behind. I've worked in the studio a few times on these and a few more is needed. I've added levels of hard molding paste and hope to sand at some point to show different levels and colors...layers and levels of layers. (hopefully not make a hole in the canvas! ha)

I'm making some changes on the blog so you could say I'm under construction. My friend Deena is working up a new banner for me using some of my work close-up...we are having fun with the collaboration. She was over here earlier photographing my pastel pieces...big job and I so appreciate it.

The weather here is to be nice until Wednesday so I'm going to the pool for a swim. I also have planned to go to the nursery and buy those" tomato plants"in a bag. It seems they hang upside down and the tomatoes grow down and out?!


  1. Hi Mary Ann - sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing the new blog header.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what happens next to these pieces and as Leslie said the new banner. Spring does seem like a good time for a new look, hhmmm, now you've got me thinking

  3. I saw those upside down tomato plants on TV. Let us know if they really work! Your blog is looking great. Love your new avatar pic!

  4. Happiness is always in your words when you speak of your artwork...divine!
    Looking forward to your new blog look
    Going swimming....I'm jealous
    Doesn't the body feel heavenly after a swim?

  5. maybe it's SPRING...but i've been thinking of a new banner, too...COLOR?? love my rock path, but...i'll watch for your changes, and tomato plant news. nothing like your own right there soaking in the sun!

  6. Hi Mary Ann. I like the look of the large piece at the back of your shot. Hope to see the next stage soon. Wishing you luck with the sanding - I have a great record of making holes in canvas! Everyone seems to be talking about these upside down planters this year. Hope it brings you a good crop of tomatoes.

  7. I can not wait to see your new header. Swim, wow the water is still too cool here.

  8. wonderful teacup collagraphs. Do you know Sue Brown Printmaker's blog. I should get the address for you. She just posted some collagraphs. I too look FWD to your new header. And I envy you swimming already. I think the hanging tomatoes sound like a great idea for small space gardening. Have fun with that. Nothing like a home grown tomato.

  9. Hi Mary Ann,

    Just commenting to say I like your new haircut very much, especially the colour! As someone who 'constantly' changes her banner, I look forward to see what you come up with,

    Regina, SXM

  10. I love collagraphs,,,and I'm really enjoying the orange with the blue, the textures, the whole enchilada.
    Somehow, I think that a hole in a canvas might not be all bad.
    Oh yes, ,,anxiously awaiting news of how those tomatoes work.
    I'm betting your new banner will dazzle us!

  11. I was tempted by the hanging tomatoes as well but never took action. I did plant one the traditional way - we shall see. I'm not familiar with collagraphs but I do like a good tea cup. These are lovely! My pool is still too cool - 80 degrees outside and 65 egress in the water - brrr.

  12. Changes, Mary Ann...looking sophisticated with the hair and the look of the blog. How lucky to be swimming! We have snow coming in tomorrow!

  13. Wonderful use of your vintage printing press here. I have a friend who does similar fine work.

  14. Leslie, Yes, trying out this molding paste and seeing the results should be fun as well as interesting!!

    Zen,I've been hell bent on changes and revamping this Spring...I must be overdo.

    Willow, I have the "Topsy Turvy" (as seen on TV) and a tomato I need to get Pablo to unload the soil bag from the car....I'm jazzed!

    Suz,I went for a swim yesterday...86' the water but today it rained. The floating and cloud watching are my favorites!

    Neva, Change is good! I'm excited about sliced tomatoes!

    Annie, The layers of molding paste and drying time has been slow going but full of promise just like this Topsy Turvy tomato neighbors have one too!

    Katelen, The air was 65' and the water 86' so it was easy going in and fast coming out! Today too cool!

    Suki, Yes, I know Sue Brown's site and enjoy it very much!
    I haven't grown tomatoes in ages...go to the Farmer's Mkt but thought I'd give this a try!

    Regina, Your banners are always exciting...I'm a make it and leave it type but the site is due for a Spring makeover!

  15. Babs, Glad you like collagraphs...I'm not sure about the hole artistically but a great patch could work?!

    Karen, We have just the opposite...65' outside and 86' water. The tomato bags are selling at OSH...I'm feeling high expectations!

    Maggie, While you had snow we had rain come in...oh WILL warm up soon enough!

    Paul C, Thanks for dropping by...does your artist friend have a blog?

  16. How Annie would have loved this subject matter. I think that you have captured the essence of tea drinking, the introspection and perhaps the solitude.
    Very Lovely.

  17. I enjoyed these little works Maryanne!
    Ive had almost 2 weeks break form painting with the show going up and recovery...phew!
    something about these made me want to get out the paints again...a little inspiration thankyou.
    Look forward to seeing the new header...

  18. All your plans and accomplishments seem ao worthwhile..I always get a lift from your blog!!

  19. it is always interesting to read about your process- and of course I love layers and layers too

  20. can't wait to see your new banner - i've been thinking of doing a little remodeling at my campfires as well - but just thinking so far! :)

    we had some of those tomato plants last year that were fantastic - you'll love them!

    weather here about 55-60 all week but beautiful sunny skies - just a tad cool with heavy breezes -

    have a great weekend!

  21. How exciting that you are working on a new banner... and getting new tomato plants! Spring is so exciting, so full of new possibilities.
    I have never sanded over molding paste and will try it today! And I love what you do with your prints. Have a wonderful day... roxanne

  22. Pat, I completely agree...Annie would have liked these.

    Sophie, Glad to be an inspiration! I'm feeling like returning to oils this summer...out on the deck.

    Lyn, I'm full of plans...tend to do the fun stuff and resist the hard stuff like closet cleaning! ha

    Donna, Oh yes, layers and more layers...always a level of discovery, reveal.

    Gypsywoman, Glad to hear about your experience with the hanging tomato plants...we are full of
    hope and big plans!

    Roxanne, We will give the new banner a try in the middle of May.
    The sander works well but use a wood panel...not so good on canvas.