Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Song on Yupo

11"x11" Yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. Another favorite Dylan lyric, "Trying to get to Heaven before they close the door!" This lyric has many personal heart connections and some dry humor as well. The door is the thin Styrofoam plate I've used for it ends it's usefulness as a plate here. I plan on framing them with black painted wood frames...floating them instead of matting. This is actually the 9Th in 10 efforts I proposed. The tenth was just a major flop. It had some great elements, the connection to a favorite lyric didn't translate and so "I quit". I think it's important to quit on occasion....good for mental health! ha The quality of being able to wipe off or rub off color was a plus and a minus with this plastic paper. When I work again on this paper, I will be sure to use different materials to see what happens. I have a couple of canvases in various sizes and I intend to start without follow what shows up and enjoy no direction as a perfect direction!

On a personal note, Pablo is home from his Nevada trip. He was forewarned about my hair cut and color and he kept the yells down to just first sightings? ha Actually he has adjusted well and is only unhappy about the buzzed hair in the back...really short...little too short for me as well.
Enjoy your week!


  1. Oh Mary Ann---I simply adore this painting. AND your hair!!! I would love to see a photo of the back of it. I wish that I could have a cut like yours. I have always wanted to do something daring with mine. You should be very proud of yourself for going for it, for stopping when you felt it was right, for following your own intuition with regards to hair and painting, and for just "keeping on"! I think I might have to visit you to get a jolt of inspiration or something. My job has me feeling not so creative lately. I have loads of ideas floating but they haven't landed yet.

  2. love your new look! it looks great on you!

  3. Something about the verticals on the square format reminds me of moving ahead. LIke those turquoise with the uneven black textures.

  4. After reading both posts I admit there is a musing smile about my face. Just remember your hair will grow back, in the meantime enjoy the new persona.

    Your entire series is interesting and I wish I could see it in person . . .

    Warmest regards,

  5. This is really lovely and also thought provoking. I think that we all resonate with the quote. It must be our guilty consciences! I like how everything is grist for your mill of creation.
    I hope you didn't trash your 10th painting. All can be resurrected with time. I find that if I put it away for a while, fresh insight comes through.

  6. LOVE the new profile pic....and the hair looks spring-like and UPlifting to me!!
    thanks to you, i tried yupo...what a fabulous playful time i've had, watching it have it's way, pushing to have mine, and then ERASING if i don't like either! good clean fun!
    i really like the look of your text on this, it fits, and the permission to "quit"!! whenever you're so moved...nice reminder to me...often we quit, for months, and find our way back. my last 'mountain' wax piece began last june...ended last week. :-)

  7. Your new work looks great , both of them !

    Best Liv

  8. I love your new look! I have been trying to "age gracefully" :o) and letting my hair go gray...but I must admit that recently I have felt like it isn't very attractive and maybe I should dye it...but alas, I fear that once I start that process it will never end and it will take too much time and gray I go! I have never worked on Yupo, but your wonderful posts about your work have inspired me to give it a try...thanks for your enjoyable posts! Cynthia

  9. This is a wonderful piece- love the color and graphic arts feel with the lyrics. It has a retro feel but is still very relevant for now. Beautiful art!

  10. Well, once again, I have seen this piece in person, and it's rich and deep...absolutely love the quote and how you had it show up here has a bit of ancient/petroglyph/markings to it.

    And - I have seen the "new do" in person as well - and I love it! Smart, stylish, fresh - but I'm not surprised. That's you.

  11. You do love your Dylan - and I think it's neat the way his lyrics have inspired you. Having them hang together is a grand idea! If it is hung out somewhere I can see a lot of people identifying with this series. I'm still dying my locks - er, is it highlighting? Waiting for the magic 50 to decide otherwise.

  12. Mary Ann -- You are so right -- when to stop and walk away is sometimes soooo difficult to do. So in an effort to resusitate, we often make things worse! You've accomplished some amazing works with Yupo and thanks for sharing!

    cool hairdo and new pic! :-)

  13. Hello Maryanne,
    I enjoyed reading these last 2 posts at the same time and its quite lovely short story in itself.
    Time out to make some changes... then your Pablo comes home to the changes.

    I was very taken in by this little story - and I liked the photo on your profile... the new look if great!

    Working around song titles is evocative and haunting... lovely to see and read what is happening in your lovely world. Do you write short stories?

    I was hanging out for the next myself!
    thank you for LOVELY comments over my way!

  14. Teri, Thanks for the encouragement...always appreciated.

    Jeane, Thank you...had the most fun making changes with Pablo out of town! ha

    Annie, The turquoise/black print paper came from my print never know.

    Egmont,This series was fun for me and so glad you enjoyed it too!

    Pat, You are so right,...everything is open to inspiration. I do save some of my flops but some just need to go...without regret.

    Neva, So true on returning to old failed pieces...mine are mostly fragments but still amazing how they learn to live again!
    Glad about you and yupo!!

    Liv, Thank you and I'm enjoying your monotypes!

    Cynthia, Yes, Who wants 'roots' to deal with but I'm finding so many products to add to gray for depth and highlights without the dreaded dye jobs!
    Let me know about your yupo explorations.

    Lori Saul, Thank you...I used my left hand for the writing which was difficult and fun.

    Deena, I'm hanging on every word...glad you like this piece!

    Karen, I live in Dylan would not go unnoticed here! ha
    Highlights, low-lights...your hair always looks good!

    Kelly, Thank you, I've enjoyed the challenge of yupo but have relaxed by returning to some of my standards...canvas and printmaking!

  15. oooh, I've missed a lot here, but have so enjoyed catching up.
    I love your new look,,,and often think about the color thing myself,,just not sure I'm really ready.
    All things Dylan appeal to me,,what a poet! You've done a wonderfully creative job of giving the feeling of his work in yours.
    Sounds like you made great fun out of your time alone. I think that's good for all of us now and then.

  16. Oh, I wish I could wear my hair really short. My face is way too fat. Sigh.

    Your painting is heavenly. Sorry. Couldn't resist. My word verification is SIFTS and somehow that fits the painting. I feel like we have to sift through layers of awareness to find that door. To heaven. To what will make a painting work. And this one works, beautifully.

  17. Great piece- and no need to give it a second thought- heaven will definitely wait until you are ready for a visit!! Love the lettering and design. Thanks for your lovely comment as well!

  18. Great piece- and no need to give it a second thought- heaven will definitely wait until you are ready for a visit!! Love the lettering and design. Thanks for your lovely comment as well!

  19. hello mary ann! so wonderful to be back here in your little studio of all things beautiful! love love this piece and how you've incorporated dylan again - he lives in many ways, does he not! and love your new look - fabulous, dahling!!! i'm in the mood for a new something myself! thanks so much for dropping by my places! it means a lot! again, great piece! have a glorious dylan-filled weekend!

  20. I do like the new look Mary Ann. Lovely and short for Summer.
    I'm smiling at the Dylan lyrics. Perhaps you can save the great elements of no. 10 for a collage.

  21. Babs, Always take pleasure in your "take" on my posts and work...thank you.

    San, Thoughtful as always and funny too!!

    Jill, I like that: Heaven will definitely wait! Lettering was the fun part!

    Gypsywoman, Not often I get tired of Dylan and when I do I have some back-up singer/poets for studio inspiration!
    Glad my visit helped.

    Robyn , Thank you...I'm enjoying the hair...always fun for a change.
    Glad Dylan's words gave you a smile.

  22. I love the Dylan lyrics- I did a series of paintings some time ago based on Dylan lyrics too... and the beauty of acrylic is that one can rub off, take off, start over, quit.. whatever one feels in that moment of creativity..

  23. Morning Mary Ann, a blue sky day here, thinking of you. i love your new profile image. Hair looks great! So important to acknowledge the chance to "quit". it means moving on too. Like the use of plate in piece and always Dylan brings back memories to me too. Enjoy yourself; that's what life is about.

  24. This stopped me in my much going much sub-text! Thank you.

  25. Love the painting and the hair!!!!!!