Friday, February 12, 2010

As Soft As Colored Snow

'Grace' 38"x38" paper, soft pastel, acrylic, cloth collage, photo and magazine collage. I struggled with this composition and color markings. ..made some changes and additions. Old rule- 'never paint an arrow leading out of the picture frame'...well, I have 9 so maybe with so many the rule is cancelled? ha I did need to stop several times and review what Grace meant to me...journal writing produced this short piece :

In dark hours
Moving by me, a strange ticking
Of a heavenly clock
Grace was given to my perfect soul
With a nod from these wings
Softly soaring.

Finally I have reached a place to stop and be done for now.

I'm excited about the opening ceremonies tonight at the Olympics. I've been promised they won't be an over the top show but rather smaller more creative and emotional. I will turn my mute button on so I won't be distracted by sports announcers interpreting the event. Should be wonderful!

Happy Valentine's Day...I know, I know it's become a Hallmark holiday but it does give some an excuse or opportunity for expressing affection. Pablo and I are taking each other to the book store and treating one another to a book of our choice. A movie is in the mix and so far we have whittled it down to four.... negotiations continue.


  1. i think with so much interest in the center that that rule is null and void. not an art expert or anything but this is so beautiful!

  2. The blues and browns compliment one another so nicely here. The bell is very compelling to me. Beautiful.

  3. know what I see?
    ringing for me to come
    through a gate of heavenly blue
    heart rhytmn...
    paid in full

    What do the words on the left say? I couldn't make them out...or maybe I wasn't supposed to..forgive me my ignorance
    in this regard

    You always give me something to ponder

  4. When I saw the thumbnail in my sidebar I knew I was going to love it. Great work Mary Ann!
    Enjoy your valentine movie and book.

  5. I love the word Grace.
    And I love this work.
    And I love what's often said about rules.
    This piece proves it.

  6. Beautiful piece, I love the word and the colours

  7. The arrows also look like two or three story houses. This seems different from your other work.

    Have a sweet Valentine holiday.

  8. Wouldn't an arrow leading out of the frame to signify moving onward and outward? Those arrows don't disturb me. Haven't I heard that rules were made to be broken?

    This is a wonderful piece. Love its colors.

    It sounds like you have a wonderful Valentine's Day planned. Hope the movie choice works out for you both. Enjoy!

  9. I like this, very "spiritual" yet grounded. I have a fond memory of exchanging books with Mike one year and we both gave each other books of Georgia OKeeffe's paintings...different books but same love of her work.

    Happy Heart Day to you and Pablo.

  10. isn't it sweet to have that ONE to negotiate with, these 'matters of consequence', like which movie, in our lives? jerry and i had a great day at one of my favorite galleries, a little ride to get there, and lunch....
    LOVE THE BLUES shining through on this piece, beautiful. and rules? hmmmm. yes, NINE negates. it makes magic.

  11. The arrows remind me of church windows, pointing to heaven (or grace), and reflected below (as above,so below). The blue/teal tones with the browns/rusts (in spite of your dislike for brown) work wonderfully. Lots of interesting texture, and the words give it all a good punch. Very nice piece.

    And your Valentine day out sounds absolutely delightful. Lucky girl!

  12. I think the joy of being a creative artist is breaking the rules and making it work.For me the repetition of the arrows work more like a fence that wholes it all together.Super!! Thanks for comment on my blog about Pollock. Now he was a super rule breaker!

  13. Here's to arrows going upwards!
    (and lovely blue arrows at that)

  14. Cat, I agree...sheer volume of arrows makes it work for me! We are all art experts!

    Willow, I photographed that bell at one of my favorite feels like the heart of the matter to me.

    Suz, euthalia cyanipardus is the name of a butterfly with similar blue/lavender markings.
    I'm glad you see Grace.

    Robyn, I am always interested in sidebar thumbnails...intriguing when they are so small.
    Thank you!

    Babs, I've always liked the word Grace but wanted to express a moment of grace artistically.
    I keep certain rules and love breaking's a toss up!

    Planete, Thank you for your words and for stopping by...come by anytime!

    Suki, Houses you say? We each filter images in our own special way...colors and general shapes look similar to my way of working but I could be wrong.

    Kim, I like everything you said...rules must be made to be broken...where would we find the fun?
    Negotiations are breaking down on the movie! ha

  15. Laura, Magical three words 'it is grace'...thank you.

    Teri, Sweet memories stay on forever...wonderful Valentine story...thank you.

    Neva, From your words...NINE negates,it makes magic.
    Spending a slow simple day together can be the best!

    Louciao, I appreciate your words on this Grace...thank you.
    I'm lucky on the never-too-late wish for a second chance to love.

    Cynjon, Oh yes, to arrows and a little grace too!

  16. I like the title GRACE.. to go with the blues and browns and the lovely words

  17. A good artists often breaks the 'rules'. It is using the creative mind in sensing where to go when you break one. And you have done a good job here. Well done.

  18. Beautiful work, Mary Ann. I love the blue and brown!

  19. Dear Mary Ann,

    I hope you had a wonderful three day weekend and enjoyed the opening of the Olympics.

    I was delighted in seeing the tribute to the Indians who first lived on this continent. Dare I confess, I actually cried because we have done so much ill against this race.

    When I first looked at your artwork as a thumbnail it reminded me of the scales of a butterfly and even though I new see it larger, I still have the feeling as if looking upon the scales of a butterfly.

    Wishing you a wonderful start to the week,

  20. absolutely beautiful! and the perfect name for such a gracefully beautiful piece! the composition and colors are perfect for each other - another grand vision completed!

    oh, and i have a granddaughter named grace so your piece has even more meaning to me!

  21. Donna, Thank you...I like the word Grace as well...depth of meanings.

    Zappha, "good job, well done" music to my ears..thank you!

    B&W, Plenty of us like the blue and brown! Thank you!

    Egmont,Yes, I did enjoy the opening ceremonies and felt the Canadian experience was well expressed.
    These three "Wing" painting have been partially inspired by my color world butterfly book. Inspiration also from meditation, writing and personal experience.

    Gypsywoman, Thank you.How special to love a child with the name of Grace!

  22. I like your math, Mary Ann--all of those arrows HAVE to cancel each other out. Besides, real art involves breaking rules effectively and boldly. That's where the GRACE comes in, no?

  23. Hi! I could not see your pictures for a few days - only a white space. Now I can see and it is great! I really like what you wrote as well.

  24. San, We are so on the same page with art rules and regulations!

    I have had nightmare computer problems...I'm back!

  25. I finally made my way to your blog :) I love this piece. The blue against the brown is beautiful. Love you!