Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yupo: My new playmate!

I've been intrigued by artists talking about Yupo...Artit and Colormusing are two I can remember. I bought this Yupo tablet- 10 sheets 11x14...100% polypropylene? suitable for all watercolor techniques. This piece is the beginning of my exploration..I cut it to 8"x8",cheesecloth collage and acrylic glaze and red ink...I plan on adding crayons and more inks and more acrylic. I like a new material...expand my universe!

Valentine Update: I bought Pablo two paperback books pertaining to his writing project and he bought me : "Rethinking Acrylic". It has great information on uses of Golden gels and pastes. It shows artists using these products in new and interesting ways...I'm delighted. We had planned on going to the movies but the sun came out and warmed up close to 70' so we ran over to the beach and had a great time. The waves were high and fun to watch, we also people watched, a shirtless guy was on the sand playing his drums, we read our books, napped and by sunset, packed it up and came home....perfect afternoon!

Yesterday I spent $135 to buy myself back to health on this computer....I was attacked by a virus that absolutely took over....offering me a fix for only $ 49.95...the trick is they take the money and leave you with the remains of your computer. I didn't click but they had already created chaos. Our computer guy is terrific and managed a clean bill of health in an hour and half!

I've begun my last of the three "Wings" soft pastel works. This one is beginning with reds, blacks, browns and white....challenge! Photos soon!


  1. I'm also attracted to new materials. I tried Yupo in my watercolour days and the experience reminded me of the lyrics "slip sliding away". If you are a person who likes control over what you do Yupo will soon break you! That's what I liked about it - the happy accidents.

    I like the beginnings of your new work and look forward to where you go. Thanks for the reference to Rethinking Acrylics. I need a new book.

  2. I've been curious about Yupo paper myself. 70's. am drooling with envy. i would choose beach over movie any day. glad you had sweet valentine fun.

  3. I've also been hearing about yupo lately. You are off to a good start Mary Ann. Your Valentine date sounds really peaceful. A pity about your computer chaos though!

  4. I love new materials..but I am trying to stop. Until I try the ones I already have..LOL.
    I have that book Rethinking Acrylics. It is great.

  5. Books, books - I love me some books! I'm reading Trail of Tears now - digging a little into my ancestry - heartbreaking times.
    Lovely time at the beach - sounds wonderful. I am interested in this new material of yours!

  6. love rethinking acrylics! and Yupo sounds like a petrol product.... huh... will probably be archival though and live FOREVER!!! LOL!

  7. I've not worked with yupo,except one tiny piece. I found it elusive,,but intriguing. I need to get some more.
    Love your addition of gauze to this beginning stage,,,it's looking great!
    Your day at the beach beats a movie to me, any day, with or without drums!
    A completely well pc: Priceless!

  8. I tried yupo a long time ago when I was still painting watercolor-- it is a wonderful surface for sure. I know an artist who uses yupo all the time and has wonderful paintings--
    George James -- check him out online.

  9. Yupo fun! Nice painting start Mary Ann. Your Valentines Day sounds perfect. Even we have some sun today - it lifts my spirits!

  10. I'm ever so jealous of your day at the beach! Looking forward to seeing the progression of Yupo.

  11. Margaret, Yupo is off to a good start with me and I'll give it a real chance by using the 10 sheets.

    Suki, Let me know what you think of Yupo when you give it a try.
    Temps. dropped almost 20' with clouds and mist!

    Robyn, Thank you...always nice to begin with potential!
    Hell, without a computer...nice to have it all back and in working order!

    Katelen, Nice to know you like this 'Rethinking Acrylics'!

    Karen, Good to know you have found time for the pleasure of reading in your busy life...yes, heartbreaking subject.

    Cat, The 100% polypropylene does sound Petrol...acid free...that is all I know!
    So glad you like the book too!

    Babs, Elusive? I promised myself to explore the 10 sheets so here goes!

    Donna, I visited George James site and yes, found it very interesting...Yupo is a well used to me.

    Leslie, Yupo fun...yes!
    The sun is gone rain is back but it was great while it a preview of Spring!

    Willow, The day at the beach now feels like a dream sequence...overcast and rain is back!

  12. Yes, hearing allot about Yupo lately too. I like these new beginnings Mary Ann...look forward to seeing what develops. xx

  13. Great, mysterious exploration of your Yupo adventure..all new to me, and welcome !!

  14. I bought some of that yupo awhile ago and got scared off by it, I think I'll try it again with a different mental approach

  15. oh, 70 degrees!! can't wait for that SOMEDAY.
    never heard of yupo., thanks for the tips, and the idea of springing forward with new materials, the book, and the joy of getting computer's through a virus.
    honestly. commandment #11: leave people alone and their computers too.

  16. Hi Mary Ann,

    To read from what your describe, I might have yupo in my house already, will try it ootd. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Regina, SXM

  17. Jo, It's going slowly...I can add to this Yupo paper but I miss the freedom of taking away...cutting, sanding, scraping.

    Lyn, I think I like saying it as much as using it...yupo, yupo!

    Mim, I'm going to explore using 10 sheets then I'll decide on the quitting part.

    Neva, That 70' is gone for now...back to 50's and rain...Oh well...almost Spring!

    Regina, Good luck finding and using your Yupo!

  18. Just want to let you know that I'm passing the Beautiful Blogger Award to you, which I received from CatLadyLarew. Please pick up at my blog:
    Have fun!

  19. I am sorry to hear of your virus. I can sympathize, as well as empathize. This is my email from my new computer. I had to g that was because the virus I had seemed to eat the whole computer one piece at a time.
    This new technique that you are using is very interesting. I can find a lot to say about it but I mainly I enjoy looking a it.
    I wish your computer health and happiness and of course it goes without saying..You too!

  20. Several years ago I read an article on George James who is truly a Yupo pioneer. I believe he has a DVD out, too. It sounds intriguing and, as Margaret says, if you're open to loss of control, go for it. I must check it out. Your new work looks wonderful -- keep at it!

  21. Oh, I will have to try Yupo paper! It looks wonderful, mysterious and textural. I have been scrolling down your blog and seeing your new works and can't believe I have been gone for so long. Your work is beautiful, along with your poems and the poems that have inspired you. I especially love the piece in reds, the cut and scratches surfaces of the roses, the stitching. Sending blessings to you. I am home with a cold... roxanne

  22. Aren't you smart to be collaging on the yupo. I love the use of cheese cloth. It is one of my, where did I hide it? I like the freedom I see in this work.
    70's and beach time....I am envious of this. Enjoy!

  23. Is yupo slippery like fingerpainting paper we used to use back in the day?

    Mary Ann, last week I bought some acrylics to try. I love working in oil, but I often have to stop and wait for it to dry and feel like I'm losing my momentum. So, thought I would give acrylic a try. I feel a bit like a traitor somehow. Maybe I should read the book Rethinking Acrylics.

    Have fun experimenting and keep us posted!

  24. Lyn, Oh, thank you!

    Pat, Yes, to computer health and happiness!

    Kelly, I was happy until I heard 'loss of control'...I'll keep going for now! ha

    Roxanne, Yes, let's all try Yupo!
    Some of the work you mentioned is by my friend Deena!

    Maggie, Cheesecloth is magical!

    Lia, How about plastic paper as a description? Opaque.
    'Rethinking Acrylics' is mostly about the use of gels and pastes...I might choose 'acrylic revolution' or 'creative paint workshop for mixed-media artists'.

  25. Love Yupo. I've always used watercolor and like the surprises it created. I'm guessing that would be lost if I used acrylics. I'll have to try it.