Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Subtle Changes

Art making is going rather slowly this week. 8"x8" acrylic, collage, ink on yupo. I've been adding layers of thinned down glazes and waiting for each layer to dry. I've recently been inspired by reacquainting myself with a loved favorite, artist Hannelore Baron....(thanks to a recent layers post by Donna) I've decided to cut 9 more yupo papers into 8" squares using limited materials and explore very simple collage and abstract forms to express personal conversations...as in an image journal. I have a love for secrets, code and archaeological digs so these little collages will be a fun way to explore... does that make sense?

Wonderful News! Roxanne of River Garden Studio has just published a lovely book "Song of the River". Drop over and see a great preview and an opportunity for a GIVEAWAY!

Two Ghosts
, Lyn has awarded me an award "Beautiful Blogger" and I accept with gusto! According to the terms and agreements, I need to pass this award on and make a list of seven things you might not know about me?! While I'm doing that (could take me awhile) drop by and visit Lyn....she has posted her latest writing from the Tuesday writing prompts of Magpie Tales


  1. so subtle I missed it!


  2. Sorry Suz, I pressed the wrong key...got a little ahead of myself?! ha

  3. A most interesting collage. The paper almost looks translucent. I was going to order that book about H. Baron, but it costs 95 dollars. Her work looks fascinating. Thank you.

  4. Your new project seems to me to be an examination of the beauty of the undersea world and you make it look wonderfully exciting. This is definitely a genre to keep going with!

  5. this painting reminds me of the photos of the rocks here in Australia - and I've taken so many photos of them!! Can't wait to get into the studio now! Thanks for sharing an image of my Rock Dreaming!!

  6. This looks like a piece you would want to search and find hidden meanings..I really like it. Thanks for the other blogs.

  7. I love the collage Mary Ann. Yupo - it is different!

  8. Cool collage, Mary Ann. And thanks for the shout-out for Magpie Tales!xx

  9. This is a beauty, Mary Ann! Reading between watching the skaters. Marvelous skill and grace.

  10. Perfect sense, Mary Ann! I am going to love these explorations since I love secrets, archeological digs and collage.

  11. Congrats! Can't wait to read your list.

  12. Hi Mary Ann - welcome to the yupo train - isn't it just the most interesting surface?! I love what you are doing with it! :)

  13. Hello. thanks for the mention and link to my blog. glad that Hannelore Baron became such an inspiration to you. love your exploration of archeology and your piece looks wonderful.

  14. Ha, this is also a very sunny and warm collage, beautiful! Thanks for your comment on my blog,
    Regina SXM

  15. You are so deserving to be a BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER..you're welcome!
    I also believe, like you, that everything is a clue...

  16. I like what you have done with this piece. I found Hannelore Baron through "layer's" blog too, and I love the work. Very inspiring. I look forward to seeing what you do with your remaining pieces of Yupo!

  17. Suki, The Yupo I have is opaque. I ordered a used book of Hannelore Baron from Amazon...yes, fascinating!

    Pat, I'm glad you like this direction. The first one can always be exciting...full of life.

    Rosie, Rock Dreaming, I like that...dialogue of some kind for me. Can't wait to see all your photos!

    Katelen, I'm going for code, mystery and markings!

    Leslie, Yupo is different...I just love art materials...I always have new stuff stacked up for trying!

    Willow, Thank you...I'm enjoying Magpie Tales.

    Maggie, Fun Olympics! Glad you like this collage.

    Robyn, I could tell we have the shared love of digs, secrets and collage. Thank you.

    Jeane, Thank you for introducing me to this Yupo...It is a great new surface for me.

    Donna, You are welcome about the link...we all play such an integral part in each others art lives!

    Regina, Thank you...I have been working with plenty of sunny yellow and orange glazes...in the mood for Spring!

    Lyn, I'm still working on my 7 semi-interesting reveals! clues, codes, mysteries...yes!

    Eva, I'm still working on this one...slow going!