Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Third Night of Chanukah

The center candle is called the" shames "and it is lit first and then it lights the other three candles starting from the right. A prayer is chanted while lighting the candles. Friday we will take our menorah and candles to temple and all the families will light their menorahs...beautiful light....I will take my camera.
I am having trouble with my photos, ever so often they disappear and leave behind a little red x? I have no idea how to correct this problem and I don't know what I have done or haven't done to make this happen. A mystery....an aggravating mystery.
I haven't had time in the studio all week and I can really feel the disconnect. I was just getting started on new work so I will need to begin again with more journaling, more drawing...oh well! I don't mean to complain as the holidays have also been fun....Pablo and I attended my families open house this weekend and it was a delight, good food, lively conversations, new babies, hugs and all. Our drive was a bit rugged....120 miles round trip in rain, crowded wet roads but we drove home full of sweet memories. On January 4th we are driving to his families open house....more fun, laughter and good food! Christmas morning my youngest son is driving over and will stay for four days so that will be great! No complaints, I'm so glad everyone is healthy!


  1. Mary Ann: A beautiful post and photo. Thanks for letting us share in the festival. I wish I could help you with the little red 'x' thing....someone may be along who knows the answer. I am thinking I can sneak a little studio time tomorrow. I know what you mean about losing momentum!

  2. Dear Mary Ann, thanks for sharing with us the lighting of the candles. I love candles, they are incredibly spiritual, this is a beautiful photo.
    Dont know why the X thing happens, but just delete the X photo and repeat the photo download. Do you downsize your photo's first to email size (600kb)? Perhaps this happens if the file is too large?
    I think we all suffer a bit of withdrawal when we cant get into our studio, just makes us realise how much creativity is an essential part of our lives!
    Have a great time with your son and family.
    Love Dianne x

  3. Mary Ann, thank you for the candles and the story that goes with them. A lovely tradition. Glad you had a fun time with your family and soon will have your son there with you. Love your couch and pillows too. :)

    I have created nothing since Mom died. I am driven to continue sorting through her things, organizing, sending this here and that there. I also am trying to organize my own things for my upcoming move whenever that may be. I think I'll pack up all my shells, beads etc kind of things and my bookbinding stuff and just leave out my paints and canvases. Hopefully I will find psychic space to paint soon.

    Namaste and peace and joy to you and Pablo and your families both. Suki

  4. Leslie, I love it....sneak a little studio time...I'm so right there with you! In the menorah photo, I can see the top of my easel as my studio is right behind the couch so it isn't like I can close the door. Today, baking. always fun!

    Dianne, Light and candles, I agree very spiritual. I hope to capture all the candlelight on Friday!
    I deleted some extra photos on Picasa album and I think it relates to the photos gone missing on my site. I shouldn't try to clean up when I don't know what I'm doing!! ha
    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Suki, I think you are doing the most creative work of all...! It takes courage, kindness to sort and make such decisions. Maybe packing up some of your things is a good idea too. Leaving the paints available is also smart because you will always need that place to go when you are ready. I'm assuming you will not need to make a choice until Spring? New year and a new way...you have my good wishes and blessings.
    Mary Ann

  6. Have a wonderful and happy holiday. Enjoy your friends and family!

  7. Love, Joy and Peace to you and yours, Mary Ann!

    Willow x

  8. Happy Holiday to you,Mary Ann. Thank you for the Merry Christmas! My kids couldn't make it over from Portland for our celebration, and I am snowed in here, so it is a quiet day. The first Christmas alone - it isn't so bad!
    I too have found a small red x instead of an image many times. I've asked support about it, but they don't have much to say.

    I'm loving hearing about your celebrations, and the menorah lighting - it looks so beautiful.

  9. Now just where did you pop up from?? What a cosy place your blog is. So glad i found you through the other chicks here...

  10. thanks for signing up to the wanderers....and happy holiday

  11. I'm also getting skittish without any studio time. Enjoy the family get togethers.

  12. MaryAnn - You were the hit of the party! I have had several people tell me how much they enjoyed seeing you again, hearing your stories or meeting you for the first time. It was just so great to have you and Pablo there for our festive gathering.
    This is a beautiful post. Peace. Shalom.

  13. Tangobaby, And Happy Holidays to you and now the upcoming New Year....2009. You can look forward to the fun of writing 11.11.11 in just a couple of years!!!

    Willow, I can well imagine Willow Manor aglow with holiday fun!

    grrl+dog, Thank you for stopping by and come back anytime!

  14. tumbleweed, Always happy to make a new discovery, I'll visit often and you are welcome over here as well!

    Robyn, Nice to be with family and the holidays...but I also love my routines...studio time...we seem to agree!

    Liv, Hope your holiday turned out well...nothing bad about alone time, mostly these holidays are celebrated within.
    The ongong red x problem?! ha

  15. Karen, Your Open House was wonderful, warm, inviting and full of holiday charm. Glad to know I still have some social skills!ha

  16. It all sounds so lovely Mary Ann! I've done little painting, as well, although I've been getting to it a bit. Since it is in my kitchen I can stir, then run and grab the brush, chop a few carrots then run and grab the brush. Ha! I'm sure your son will love being spoiled by his Mom for a few days! ;o) Have a lovely Holiday!