Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Forlorn" at the Met

This has been so much fun, thank you Willow for the link Modern Art Museum Effect
I have to be a little crazy to put this portrait up but I felt a little crazy this morning. Ever so often I review one of my favorite book shelf art books "Life, Paint and Passion" by Michell Cassou & Stewart Cubley. I took a weekend class with Stewart Cubley in San Francisco years and years ago and it was wonderful! I call this one "Forlorn" and it measures 20"x26" on paper with acrylic. I began this piece with a blue shape that looked like an eyebrow and that began paint stroke after paint stroke until this image was complete. The lesson is to keep painting, stay out of judgement, analysis, or correction...just paint...no message, no art, only the experience of painting. That said, I'm sharing it in just that mind set. I like her, she has two tear drops and an assortment of spiders in what looks like hair and a heart tattoo on her jugular vein? She has no real message for me nor am I asking, not like my muse, this is the experience of painting...the passion of mixing paint and application! I needed that! I've been writing about my next series and I've tied myself up in knots with too many choices and some confusion so this was a perfect time to just let loose and now I'm hanging it at the Met!! Pablo was so smart, he said nothing...the handyman this morning did the same! ha


  1. Wow! "Forlorn" does look striking hanging at the Met, grandscale!! Interesting philosophy of painting. Glad you had fun with the site.

  2. Life Paint and Passion. I love that title. Well, those two women at the Met are fascinated with your painting. I love the process you went through, just starting with the eyebrows and seeing what arose. Non-judgmentally exploring. Love those spiders too. Hope you can untie some knots. sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. Thank you again for all your recent comments on my blog. So many kind and caring friends out there in blogland. I also read your post about moving to Santa Cruz and later bringing your Mom there and how you and Pablo worked near each other without knowing it in the city. Life is so amazing to me, the way connections are formed and only revealed later. By following your heart and intuition you brought joy to many people.

  3. Oh lordie, I LOVE this!
    And it's my favorite way to paint,,,I'm often caught in the act of 'throwing some paint around',,,,the joy being in the process, of course!
    It's super, Bluesky,,,and no surprise it's in the met!

  4. Dear Mary Anne, wow, your painting looks amazing! You mention the size, 20"x 26", surely this is not inches? (we only work in cm and metres) so I am a bit confused, the painting looks enormous.
    What exhibition at the Met is this part of?

  5. Mary Ann, I have to say I really like this alot!! and the met! - I love the looseness of it and the asymmetrical feel - all hurly burly and spiders!

  6. ps - I know it's really not at the met just in case you thought I thought it was and on and on - omg, the more I talk, the worse it sounds...

  7. What a cool tool. I am amazed! Do I detect a family resemblance in this worried gal? Maybe it's that severe part in her hair. Ha!

  8. Fellow ducks on the pond, members of the same tribe. Clearly! What a great approach to your work. Yummy.

  9. Willow, This gave me a true smile...seeing this painted lady wrapped in a gold frame and commanding her "spot" at the Met...thanks again!

    Suki, So good to have you visit...I've worked today in the studio and seem to be making my way out of my self created cave and into new work!
    I believe if we could just get up high enough to look down at the way our lives weave together...it would be a beautiful sight for sure!!

  10. Babs, Paint for paints sake...it doesn't get much more joyful! I have now returned to a slower more methodical creating, it seems to satisfy my heart a little more. What is your favorite process?

    Diane,The piece measures 20"x26" but the site "Modern Art Museum Effect" allows the photo to be blown up and places it in the gold frame...click on the link and try it on your work...it's fun to see the enlarged quality of your art!!

  11. Jeane, Yes, she went together fast and as the rules state...no corrections eek! I have yet to photograph my work in process...I change it so fast, I forget to snap a picture!

    Karen, I agree with you on the low forehead and the severe part in her hair!ha However there is no accounting for the rather long limp nose? ha

  12. Leslie, Ah yes, we recognize our tribe, our ducks our secret club members!
    So glad you stopped by...this was a fun tool, seeing this painted lady at the Met...give it a try!