Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Baby It's Cold Out There"

Massive walk in fireplace in Yosemite's Ahwahnee Lodge...truly a warm and cozy spot! Actually I'm being a big baby...It's been sunny and pleasant here but in the evening after dinner, I begin to apply the layers, socks and slippers, afghan and hot tea! I just can't warm up in the evening.
Here we are approaching the end of the year. I celebrate the new year in my spiritual life in the fall but now the calendar year and I plan on using it as a statement of intention concerning new art. I'll let this blog keep me honest as I'm vowing changes. My plan is to spend 3+days a week in studio...all day. I am focusing on 4-6 pieces of work each on my three subjects of interest: Restoration of the Soul.....Angel's Remarks.....Mapping the Unknowable. Late March or early April will be a time to re-evaluate but the plan is to work, research, write and work some more. This is a process that is best for me....I also plan on returning to writing in my journal everyday because I've found it fuels my creativity. Now I've done it! ha Now tell me blog friends about your New Year creative hopes, wishes, plans and intentions? Is there a big or little dream that just needs to be realized and this is the year? Please share here by this warm cozy fire, I'm all ears!!


  1. It's thirty something degrees now, but it was almost 70 here yesterday! Too warm for December, in my book! Looking foward to seeing the results of all your delicious creativity.

  2. Hi blue sky dreaming, I just came over from sukipoet, I've seen your name in a few places and I am so happy to have found your blog. I love your plans for this year, I keep a journal too. I look forward to seeing your work and reading more about your life. BTW I saw that you have a collection called Oasis, my blog is Oasis Writing Link.

  3. Mary Ann, you sound so organized! I think it is a great idea to identify your "themes". It gives you a purpose and channels your creativity, but also leaves you wide open to go where it takes you.

    That fire looks so cozy, don't know how you can leave it to get on with your painting!
    Love Dianne x x

  4. I love your artistic intentions Mary Ann. I will ponder a while and then let you know mine. I do have some ideas...

  5. Oh thank you for the invitation to sit by that beautiful fire and chat. I'll bring the hot cocoa. Laced with rum for those who like it.

    How wonderful that you are so clear on your intentions. I like esp that you include a time to reassess. Your themes sound magical. The writing in the journal is something i ought to do and need to do. As with Leslie, I need to ponder a bit regarding my intentions. However, one is to find me a place to live that will not cost an arm and a leg and that will give me security of place so that I can further explore myself artistically and spiritually and emotionally and where I can find friends. Well, that seems pretty big right there.

    Happy new year to you Blue Sky Dreaming. I always find what you say inspiring.

  6. Hello BSD! We have a few common blog friends and I wanted to join in your discussions here.

    You are quite organized about your intentions to be sure. I find myself reflective at year's end and wonder how I might "do better" for the year to follow. Lately I have been very contemplative and considering many options for moving my art forward, however I am much better to allow it to unfold and see where the muse takes me. My experience is if I approach my work with recognizable intentions I cannot move them forward. The good news is I know this about myself.

    I look forward to exploring art with you in 2009, however. How does that sound? :)

    Thanks BSD

  7. A new year - new intentions. I'm all for it. I've been exploring getting back to my good eating habits this year as well as building physical strength. Whole foods, living foods, clean eating - there are many names for it. Basically food very close to the way it comes in nature - lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains - step away from refined sugars, processed foods, additives, etc. **Also the goal of 1 hike a month - 3 mile min.
    There - I said it!

  8. Willow, It sure seems like the weather patterns are off...not winter..not spring? Cold, warm, melting snow, tornado watch...I'm confused.

    Hi Cynthia, I'n glad you found me too. I had a wonderful time with oasis...I explored so many aspects of an oasis, spiritual and physical. Your connecting writing with oasis is beautiful.

    Diane, I agree, the "intentions" or "themes" are a guide and yet wide open for creative interpetation. I'm not very organized but I'm glad I seem so.

  9. Leslie, Great to ponder, meanwhile I'll be here or in the studio! ha

    Suki, I feel warmed by these blog has been quite an experience reaching out and finding fun connecting friendships.
    I agree a timed re-evaluation is an important part of the creative journey. When traveling, I always stop along the way!ha
    You have a tall intention for this year...finding your new home...I believe this heart's desire will unfold for you in beautiful ways.

  10. Kim, Exploring art in 2009...sounds good to me! I believe it is so important to know your own process...what works best for you!
    What did you mean by moving your art I'm considering a website.

    Karen, I like your goals...good, fresh live food and strength training! Bravo! Are you reading a particular book on foods?
    You have so many parks and hiking trails nearby but if you want a change of pace....consider the Redwoods, we have loads of trails.

  11. Hey Mary Ann - wow! - really admire your way of working - I have to say for me?, it is just the opposite of your way - not a plan in sight - time and process - it's good we know our ways that work for us - I think that is the key, finding our own paths and being true to our individuality....

  12. MaryAnn - no particular book. I have read many but I do have a trust in Dr. Weil and there are others but the thing I believe is the more we process the food the worse for you. I want to be more intentional with my eating - less rushed, more involved in the preparations, slower eating and enjoying the individual flavors of real live food. There is a magazine from Canada (I think) called Clean Eating which helps some in terms of recipes / variety. We have this one body here on earth and I can't beleive how poorly I've treated it over the years - feeding it junk. We'd take better care of a new Mercedes. Ha!
    Yes - we'll hike your way, too. Beautiful areas.

  13. I wish I was as organised as you, Mary Ann. I'm very sluggish at this time of the year and hoping a wonderful flash of inspiration will propell me forward so that I can get lost in my work again. This post is spurring me on so I expect to be inspired soon!

  14. Happy New Year! I don't make resolutions but I'll look forward to seeing what art you create in the coming year. Enjoy your holiday!

  15. Beautiful image! Love a glow of fire.