Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fear Itself

So difficult to photograph this black box...I finally took it outside in the sunshine. This was my first box and it's made of cardboard, tape, acrylic black paint, collaged items include black feathers,assorted pieces of cloth. The inside is photo collage and painted sky and clouds. I am a great believer in looking inside for answers and realizing fear...dark fear of outside circumstances holds no solutions. I don't want to sound Pollyanna but holding to clear thoughts and not allowing fear to overcome is a way to go through situations. This box has been a sweet reminder of this philosophy. I will post one other box when the owner, Karen sends me a photo as she purchased it. I have no way of finding the owner of the last box, called prayer, it was silver leaf with wire. I would be interested in making more boxes someday but of course, very different in shape and vision.
We have been renting "Weeds" a series from Showtime. I like watching series and this one has some interesting characters...very quirky.
Also enjoying preparing hearty meals...last night was mushroom chili, tonight spaghetti squash with chicken sausage and I'm also going to try Willow's cabbage dish. I always add to these dishes a crusty bread or the bread part!
New work starting, can't let it be easy, always happiest with some angst. My working titles are: Restoration of the Soul or Angels Remarks or Mapping the Unknowable. This could be a bumpy ride!


  1. OK - The pressure is on now - have to come up with a photo of my box! I love the interior on this one - again you capture the most beautiful blue hues.

  2. I love the symbolism behind your boxes. The texture on this black one is wonderful.

  3. I love that the interior of the boxes is so significant and your thought process behind the creating of these boxes!
    You have set yourself a task with your new work! Looking forward to hearing about how you go about this.
    Dianne x

  4. Hi Aunt Mary Ann,
    Just wanted to tell you how much I have been inspired by your work, especially these pieces of great significance. You inspired me to get a blog too. Oh...This is your Patrick (your "great" nephew...I like that) :)

    Beautiful work.

  5. another sweet box - fear - such a stopping point for some - for you, it appears a challenge and one you hit head on - really looking forward to seeing how the new work is going to manifest! have a great weekend!c

  6. Mary Ann: Mapping the unknowable; that says so much....what a brave travler you are, but in the company of angels to restore your soul. That might be enough to keep going for years! I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

  7. OK - I have a picture of the box I purchased - death. Don't worry it sounds worse than it is! I will figure out how to get it to Blue Sky Dreaming this weekend - fingers crossed. It was nice actually, to sit with it and look inside. I had forgotten what was inside since it is usually sitting closed on my mantle. Aren't you all curious now?

  8. Karen, I believe if you send as an attachment, I can then take it to my photo place, resize etc..and then send it to "My Pictures" and THEN post from there. I have more nerve than brains but I've found that combination compatible with this computer!Your comment even has me interested in seeing the "Death" box! Thank you in advance...please keep it easy for yourself!

  9. Willow, Thank you. I added the black feathers to the outside and it worked for me. I love birds but I think these feathers speak of fear in an Alfred Hitchcock way...outside fearful circumstances like a flock of birds in your face!!!

    Diane, Thank you. These new titles sure speak to me and your I have the daunting task of bringing words into imagery into reality. Blogging keeps me honest!ha

    Jeane, Thank you. This box was the first and really set me on fire about creating the hidden and unseen. I've stated with "Restoration of the Soul...research first,..scaffolding, blue prints! ha

  10. Leslie, I believe we all have are ongoing themes in our work...drawn to certain colors, textures and imagery. Journaling is one of my greatest tools, that and dreams.

    Patrick, I read your comment...stunned, pleased, tearful and smiling!! You are the "greatest" nephew and a dragon too! Congratulations on your blog!!!!

  11. I love boxes too, although I have never made them myself. And I love what you have to say about your process, how it echoes your concerns in life.

    Over at my place I handed out a bunch of awards. Before I could get around to naming the visual artists I wanted to recognize I ran out of time (and steam.) Please do come over when you have a chance and choose an award for yourself. You are richly deserving.

  12. Oh San, I'm heading over there right now...before you change your mind!

  13. Hello Blue Sky Dreaming. I love the fear box and the words you say about fear as I have been in some fear recently. All your boxes are wonderful. I do love and collect feathers and like to incorporate them too.

    We have had no electricity here for two days, finally back on today, Sunday. I find I have missed a lot of posts in two days.

    Good luck with your new series, it sounds wonderful. And so does all this food you are eating. Mushroom chili. Mmm. I too love bread but can only eat a small amount of yeast so can only occ indulge in homemade (by someone else) bread. We do have a wonderful bread baker nearby.

  14. Suki, So glad you have your electricity back! Thank you...I like boxes..containers too!
    This cold weather demands those hearty flavorful one pot meals! Tonight I'm going to try Willow's cabbage alert dish!
    This weather is also good for studio work. The light is okay until about 4 and then I quit.