Friday, December 19, 2008

Bread for Everyone!

Last night Pablo and I attended a holiday dinner put on by the "
Grey Bears". This is Pablo's first year as a member of the Board of Directors so it gave us a chance to meet other members. Grey Bears is a grass roots non-profit community based group of 55 and over members dedicated to the principal of self help. This organization is amazing, they provide weekly grocery bags to members...annually they distribute 2 million pounds of food!! The organization is mostly volunteers, (500 strong, all 55+) they run a top-notch recycling center, thrift store, glean in the fields, pack and deliver the brown bags weekly etc... These brown bags really help fixed and low income elders..adding to their pantry a loaf of bread, vegetables, fruit, gathered from our local fields and some donated by our grocery stores. Pablo has been working in the area of recycling and has been seeing how the world economy has slowed down the sale of once lucrative cardboard, scrap metal and computer parts. It was nice to get out and for me to talk on other subjects rather than art...again I'm spreading my wings and mixing it up!! This weekend we will drive to Karen's home for a Holiday Open House...!


  1. Grey Bears--such a smart organization!

    Keep spreading those wings and mixing it up, Mary Ann. And have a great time at the Open House.

  2. Grey Bears sounds like a wonderful, caring group of good people. And a warm, fuzzy name, too! :^)

  3. the bread looks yummy - yes, spreading one's wings and mixing it up - isn't that what life is about?

  4. So interesting to hear about this group. Glad you enjoyed meeting new people, they sound an interesting bunch.
    The demand for recycled materials affects the whole recycling thing, here in South Africa, we don't have that many companies using recycled materials and so I am struggling to find a collection point for my plastics.
    Have a great time with your family over this festive season!
    love Dianne x

  5. Interesting post and group. They sound wonderful. Kind and giving. It is great and inspirational sometimes to mix with folks who have differing interests. Keeps the conversation joint oiled. Have a wonderful time at the open house. Blessings, suki

  6. what a wonderful group to work with!

    my first visit to your blog from robyn's!!!

  7. San, Open House, Winter Solstice,Christmas, Chanukah Lights...I'm ready for it all!

    Willow, Grey Bears is a great idea run by a wonderful mix of v olunteers typical of this off beat city like Santa Cruz!

    Jeane,The bread is long gone! Life is good...enjoy your snow today, a perfect Winter Solstice!

  8. Diane, Santa Cruz is a community of recyclers...weekly we sort our plastic, glass cardboard etc. from our garbage and lawn and yard greens a separate can?!!
    Hope your Holidays are joyful!

    Suki, Thank you, Grey Bears is a very creative and profitable group.
    Have a Happy Winter White Solstice!!

    Julie, Thank you for the visit...I'll be stopping by to see you...Happy Holidays!

  9. Grey Bears,,,,the spirit of Christmas all year long,,,perfect!

    Christmas blessings to you and yours,Blue sky.
    (I do know your name, I just love the Blue Sky feeling,,so I shall always think of you as such)