Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angel Speak

A very old oil painting on paper that I have dragged out of the files...meaures 22"x22", oil with stencil.

Happy Solstice Everyone! on this dark longest night, I believe in the mystical , magic and passion of this evening! For me , we will light our first candle of Chanukah. All over this planet at the same time, one candle for tonight.


  1. Mary Ann, what a very lovely painting - I really like it - Happy Chanukah and happy Solstice - so much to celebrate

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful painting. Send in the angels. Happy Chanukah. Lynn said bets were taken in her famly as to which candle would last the longest. Do you do that too? I'm guessing the middle candle. :) Namaste, suki

  3. Winter Solstice Greetings to you Mary Ann. I love the light of a candle in the dark of the long night. What a perfect painitng for the season. How long have you been painting?

  4. happy solstice, mary ann! i love this painting...

  5. Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Chanukah! Thanks for sharing this painting with us, I love the angels! In Africa, this is our Summer Solstice and our longest day.
    Have a great festive season,
    Love Dianne x

  6. Candles and angels,,,,doesn't get much better than that! Great painting,,,love the colors.

    Happy Chanukah Blue Sky!

  7. Happy Solstice
    Peace and Happiness

  8. Happy Solstice and Happy Chanukah to you and yours! Lovely painting, too, and so fitting for the season.

  9. Jeane, So much to celebrate, so little time. I was at Macy's...big crowds and yet a festive mood!

    Suki, I painted the angels way back in the 90's but angels are always important! The candles, last night burned down to a glow at the same time?!

    Leslie, Thank you for your greetings! I've always painted but I really studied painting in the 80's.

  10. Lynne, Thank you, some painting just work, color, shapes and this one has always been my favorite.
    Season Greetings!

    Diane,Thank you for your well wishes. It's so amazing about this planet...your longest longest night!ha

    Babs, Thank you for your blessing...I really like the name Blue Sky....sometimes it's Mary Ann

  11. Jude, Thank you for stopping by...Happy Holidays in your beautiful sunny days!

    Willow, I keep my candles in the refrigerator so I'll be lighting candles and burning them brighter and longer this year!ha