Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Neptune Nights

18"x18" acrylic, lino cut, cheesecloth, heavy gel paste and oil pastel.
Welcome to the color of Neptune, God of Water, also know as Poseidon. The  descriptions  of Neptune seem to conflict with Uranus...blue or blue/green. Out of all the colors on my palette,  my heart beats a little faster when I touch this blue/green. The actual planet is inhospitable with storms and a thick atmosphere of methane. One source reported 13 moons and another over 30. There are large moons and small misshapen ones and Neptune also has rings. These moons are named after the Greek and Roman water nymphs. (how appropriate!) Our neighborhood pool is opened and I can't help but think of floating and dreaming of being circled by all those moons of Neptune. I added four lino cut fishes as a reminder that this is Neptune and the milky way to denote how far out this planet is from the sun....which is that little yellow dot on the upper right....not at all to scale. It seems Neptune generates its own heat. Putting Neptune together took more time because I needed to stop and prepare materials for our tax appointment. I thought I had gone paperless but there was still a fair amount of shredding and sorting. With that behind me and dancing through the Holidays...I will take a look at our planet, or non planet or dwarf planet Pluto!


  1. wonderful painting and such interesting info. I like the contrast of the floating planet with the two straight lines.

    i heard on the radio that they have discovered more moons circle the earth than the one we are familiar with. Interesting.

    Pool. Zounds. I am still wearing my long johns

  2. I love how the sun is so tiny yet you can't miss it. What talent to make it pop and glow as it does! Love, love the blue/green you have on Neptune, too.
    Time to dust of your water wings, eh? :-)

  3. moons to me are so mystical and when the sky is clear their glow at night is like no other - I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to clear skys and the moon shinning in our skylight - beautiful as this painting is - as always I'm so taken with your process xo

  4. This series continues to amaze me, Mary Ann. Somehow I feel your journey into the solar system is symbolic of a spiritual journey; these pieces have a very mystical feeling. I can't wait to see where you go next!

  5. I could ditto Sharmon's message, and add that this pieces is so serene and the fish detail, is just perfect...

  6. This is very lovely and your writing about it makes it so much more real. I can see you in the pool admiring Neptune and borrowing the moons to light your way.
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Ooooh, I love the blue-green too.
    And the heavily textured surfaces.
    The sun so tiny, yet so glowing.

    I just love oil pastel.
    Hoping your Holidays are as wonderful as this piece!

  8. Suki, Thank you...isn't it amazing all the new space discoveries?

    Karen, Yes, it is time for the return to the pool...washed bathing suits and cover-ups and now waiting for the wind and fog to leave?

    Jeane, Taking moonbaths are you? I agree the moon holds lovely mystery and glow!

    Laura, Thank you so much!

    Sharmon, Oh dear you have me figured out...spiritual, mystical, mythical, scientific all lumped together! Looking at next steps.

    Caterina, Thank you...I'm glad you like the fish...I was concerned I let myself get too quirky or silly.

    Pat, Happy Holidays to you! I think its the color of the pool and the tile and of course the warm water...all good!

    Babs, I love wearing this color too! I'm back to orangey colors with Pluto.
    Happy Holidays with you, yours and especially Jack!

  9. Each piece in this series is so dynamic and beautiful...the colors on this one are just gorgeous!

  10. I feel like we are getting our own special and beautiful communication from the universe via your thoughtful, layered and nymphatic piece! Ahhh...blue/green is a favorite!

  11. The turquoise planet almost floats right off the page (screen)! I like how the little fish images along the bottom obliquely refer to Neptune's name. I'm sorry my eye problem isn't allowing me to read the text you provided, but the picture stands on its own and draws me in.

  12. Another beautiful planet artwork... And again so much interesting information about Neptune.
    (You could have embedded your tax papers under the paint - to save you this horrible work! I hate tax returns and everything that's to do with it...).

  13. My heart skips a beat too Maryanne... seeing that blue green colour and also spying this painting in the little frame on the sidebar of my blog...
    On Neptune..so seductive!

  14. I like this piece a lot! It is a combinations of a lot of elements that complement and offer tension. You have nailed it in this one for sure! I love the off centre placement, and as you mention the colour is divine. I love the combo of lines with the circles and the little fish are just such a delightful surprise.

  15. Cynthia Monica, Thank you...nice to dream this piece is both beautiful and dynamic...I like the color too!

    Joyfulwild, Loving the color and the idea of nymphs floating about!

    Louciao, Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment...much appreciated!

    Sue, Thanks for your good words...Neptune the myth has been interesting reading. I have tax remains stuffed neatly in a shoe box...done.

    ZDS, Words that make me smile...thank you. I'm glad you like the fish too!

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous blue-greens and golds. And those fish. Definitely necessary. I know I'm speaking astrology instead of astronomy, but after almost 150 years of Neptune's journeying on back to it's Piscean home those fish must be a joyous sight! Another beauty, Mary Ann! And I'm so happy to hear Pluto's next!

  17. This is a truly glorious painting Mary Ann. The glowing orb. Pulling me in, dreaming floating. Water.
    Thanks for this, and your words as well.

  18. Sharon, Kind words indeed...the fish are my favorite too!

    Roxanne, Mutual appreciation of each of our images...always look forward to visiting your site.

  19. This painting draws one in. It feels very mysterious... mystical even. I agree with Sharmon that your series (and not just this one) feel like a spiritual journey.