Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Blogger

These past few days I've been busy at the work table trying some interesting new methods with acrylic and generally making a big mess. I have little to show so this week I've given this post to Pablo (my husband). While I was art making in the studio he was writing a mystery novel which is now completed. The link to his website is: Vegas Snap

I'm grateful to Mary Ann for this opportunity to chat about my book. Set in glitzy Las Vegas at the peak of America's real estate bubble, the theme is: Those seduced by greed can lose not only their money but also their sanity and their very soul. Follow the callous and unrepentant con man whose most daring and brazen scam may have gone too far.

To get more of the book's flavor, go to the Menu tab "About the Story". For my bio, click on the "Meet the Author" tab. You're also welcome to leave a comment. You can click on Chapter 1 and 2 (both posted under "New Posts" and "News & Overviews". At the bottom, you can talk about which chapter is the best to lead off the book. Thank you, bloggers.


  1. Hi Paul. Nice to meet you and to hear that your book is finished. I surely will follow up and go to your website soon. congrats.

  2. Very nice to meet Blue Sky's Pablo, hello!
    I read lots of murder mysteries,and both chapters whet my appetite for more.
    Since you asked,,I really like the idea of the book starting out with the big bang of chapter two.
    And I must ask if Mary Ann helped do the cover,,,,if the photo is the cover, that is.
    It must feel great having finished it up!

  3. Who doesn't love a mystery?! Thaniks for the info - will check it out soon. :-)

  4. Congratulations Pablo! I know this has been a lot of work - how exciting to have your creative expression out in the world!