Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Uranus Sideways

18"x18", silver leaf, stencil, heavy molding paste, acrylic, graphite and oil pastel.
The first interesting thing about Uranus is that it orbits on its side...it spins on a tipped-over axis. So one side is bathed in sunlight while darkness covers its other side. After years of this placement Uranus changes its orbit and faces the opposite side to the sun? Uranus has rings but much more narrower than Saturn. The moons so far number 27 and are named after characters in plays by Shakespeare.

There are endless myths concerning Uranus, one naming him Father Sky. It is written four of his sons are in charge of the seasons and he is the one who covers the sky with a bronze dome. Never mind all the other stories, sons, wars and cruelty. He was considered a vanquished God of an elder time, before real time began.
I enjoyed creating the four corners in silver leaf to represent the four seasons and most of the drawing of Uranus and 12 moons were with my left hand so as to maintain a simple view. It was great fun reading the names of the moons Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Portia and Desdemona to name a few.
I have two more planets (three if you consider the moon Charon) to explore before I reach the Oort Cloud. The science is a little thin on these planets but I'll research what I can with my books and online.


  1. I love this, especially after my planet watching last week.

  2. the blue and silver colors in this one are lovely. also, the background of a star and planet filled sky. the silver leaf is great too. and so interesting the names of the moons. a wonderful addition to the oevre

  3. your series fascinates me, Mary Ann... and I really taken with the sideways perspective... the circles are so powerful, as well as the cross... wonderful...

  4. such depth in your work - as always your process is so engaging like the work, xo

  5. I love this piece! Such an exciting journey you are on!

  6. Carole, Your welcome and isn't it fun finding these little planetary tidbits?

    Annie, Yes, its been great having a front row at these sightings....I think Uranus is too far without a telescope but the others have been fascinating!

    Sophie, Thank you so much...I'm almost at the end of our solar system.

    Suki, Thanks...I like the silver leaf too and glad to use the blues over so many yellows and reds.

    Caterina, Thank you...didn't recognize the cross...focusing mostly on those silver corners.

    Jeane, I've had a lifetime of eye rolls when I describe my process...it is so nice to read your positive words!

    Cynthia Monica, Two more planets to go...it has been fun. No Mars or Earth this time.

  7. There it is! I saw this piece in it's infancy, and now it's all grown up, layered and beautiful...love the depth and your left hand creative license with the moons!

  8. a science lesson and wonderful art too! you are so eclectic. I find these colours so pleasing together, the black, blue and silver. and Uranus, a strange one that's for sure, orbiting on it's side, changing direction, sheesh.

  9. No eyerolls from me,,,I'm fascinated!
    I too, love the color combo, and as always your textures are pure heaven in the heavens.
    You're a wonderful guide!

  10. The blue and silver tones are beautiful. I'd love to be able to see the picture in real life as the mix of media you used must give a good depth to the textures. I like how the composition is balanced, and yet the planet itself seems slightly off kilter, needing to supported by rods of some sort. I mean, that's how I respond to it. I find it very intriguing.

  11. Hi Mary Ann, love this blueness! The 2 sides in conversation...one silently inward blue, the other with animated bubbles. My eye plays back and forth. I just learned more about Uranus and its moons. Thanks.

  12. This series is so interesting and inspiring. Your comments are great, too.

  13. Joyfulwild, Totally happy to have shared this piece with you in its beginning places...now its all grown up!

    ZDS, I am surprised by how much has been discovered and photographed since I was in school ignoring my teachers! I like the colors too.

    Babs, Thanks for the vote of confidence...the silver leaf was such fun.

    louciao, Yes, off kilter...I agree and yet in this case it seems to be okay to be off kilter. Thank you!

    Maggie, Love your take on this composition. The blue is a combo of Phthalo blue and Quinacridone magenta with some white and raw umber.

    Sue, Thank you so much for stopping by...comments keep me going!

    Paintbetty, Thank you so much!

  14. I'm fascinated by this wonderful piece and the info you shared re:Uranus. It seems as if your inspiration is on wop speed!

  15. A very interesting piece, beautifully rendered. Thanks for sharing all the brilliant myths and your fantastic work with us! :)