Sunday, April 29, 2012

Exploring #101

18"x18" paper, acrylic, collage, stencil and graphite.This is the beginning of some exploring of acrylic methods I've been wanting to try out to see what works for me and what doesn't. I set up this piece in three rows and focused on the center for new trials. One was layers: one coat of acrylic, one all over spritz of water, paper towel blotting and then another coat of another color of acrylic...over and over. The little red squares and circle are what I salvaged from that project. I worked on textures and stencils and using graphite then finished it with an all over coat of glazing. This piece looks far more interesting then in' real life' seemed to photograph much lighter and brighter...I like when that happens!  The clocks have helped me interpret my exploration. Leaving off hands and numbers between the 2 rather ticking clocks is a personal reminder of time and no-time...patience with this exploration and enjoying this playtime. I have so many methods and materials and combinations in mind that my work table is covered with stuff as well as crumbled notes to self.  Different palette, compositions, combining materials as well as a long list of subjects for study and inspiration. It doesn't take much...a PBS show, something interesting on the History channel, newspaper. My fathers words to me when I was a young girl were "Now just settle down Mary Ann, calm down"...I would get so excited...I think I made him nervous!
Thanks again for visiting guest blogger, it was much appreciated!


  1. Mary Ann, I've been experimenting in my studio too and your rich, energetic collage leaves me eager to go back upstairs for another round. Never thought of using different layers of a piece for different explorations; a sampler of sorts in paint instead of fabric. Happy explorations!

  2. This piece has a luminescent quality. I am always a big fan of layers where you can see through to early ones in the process. Like those little red squares!

  3. layers are so important and the clocks are a great reminder.. very vibrant little red squares wake me up...

  4. nice to take some time to play and experiment. i esp like, in the center row, the left hand upper corner. it really looks like a niche with depth in which one might place a statue.

  5. The lower portion in blue gives me the impression of a reflecting pool of water - like a building bordering a canal. I appreciate that you contain and render effective your excitement toward producing something tangible. That's a skill!

  6. As always, I love to enlarge your work and discover the hidden secrets of text, images, etc.
    I really like the touches of blue along the bottom also.

    I relate to the clutter of your work area, and the clutter of ideas in your head.
    Wonderful clutter!

  7. Mary Ann, this piece stood out for me when I was scrolling through new art on Flickr. Glad you are excited by your experiments and future art exploration. What a great feeling!

  8. Hannah, Yes, I see these as storyboards or as you stated samplers.

    ZDS, I'm a big fan of in veils, clouds etc...!

    Caterina, Funny how we all have our favorites...mine being clocks...all sizes and shapes.

    Suki, That is a nice corner...thank you. A small piece of my grandfather's Norwegian bible turned into a niche!

    Karen, Thank mantra is to just move the piece forward...not to make beautiful or to even finish but just to move it.

    Babs, Thank you for taking the time to enlarge this piece.
    We are sisters of clutter!

    Robyn, Glad you found this piece and that you were drawn to it. Mad scientist here at the work table!

  9. Love the color combination here, the adventure of exploring techniques and the layers of textures...Looking forward to seeing it in real life this weekend!