Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ending with Pluto

14"x14", acrylic, collage, white ink. History has changed... Pluto is now a dwarf planet and one of the large bodies within the newly charted Kuiper belt. 2015 will provide photos of Pluto that I'm sure will add to the changing information. Now I've learned that Pluto has four moons Charon, Nix, Hydra and one named provisionally s/2011P1. Pluto's surface is 98% nitrogen ice and its color varies from black to orange. Pluto seems to have a special connection to its largest moon Charon ...they face one another and seem to dance in their orbit.

In creating this image, I was impressed by the story of the kidnapping of Persephone and taking her to the underworld as Pluto is the God of the Underworld and Charon  is his boatman who ferries the dead to the underworld on the river Styx. There are four rivers in the underworld...River of Woe, River of Forgetfulness, River of Wailing and River of Fire...I'm not sure how they all connect but I love the names. These myths are rich and full of vengeance, justice, love and all things connected to the darker underworld. A forbidding world and again rich in imagery.

This places me at the end of the solar system yet of course, we all know there is so much more! I wholeheartedly believe I've just touched on the art making potential but for right now I feel the series has been explored and I'll leave it aside for now and return when it pulls me back with new inspiration. I will not be checking into more of the Kuiper belt or the Oort Cloud  or all those new planets being named and reported regularly but rather finding myself at the beginning the "Wait Station" the space oasis where I might gather my thoughts, materials and play a little in the area of "Not Knowing". Writing and with time at the work table!


  1. I love those river names, too and that sense that we don't know what's out there or how far it reaches.

  2. Pluto! Beautiful painting, and very interesting information. What a shame that this is the last one of the series...

  3. Another beautiful piece, Mary Ann. What an amazing journey you've taken us on. I love those river names, too! Fascinating. Whoever named these must have also had something to do with naming the Seas on our own Moon. Poetically hauntingly wonderful!

    I'm feeling like I'm really going to miss this series, but your new adventure sounds intriguing. Onward to the area of 'Not Knowing'!!!

  4. isn't it great being at the end, which is also the beginning? so fun to find inspiration and open to new things... this was such a great series, and I learned so much, so nice to see that you included Pluto!

  5. Mary Ann, I've really enjoyed following you along your journey. If this is the end where will you new beginning take you?

  6. I know I'm going to miss this intiguing series also.They've all been such beauties, and this one no exception. The lighting is outstanding.
    I'll be eagerly looking forward to the new also!

  7. the orange is just luminous. congratulations on conceiving this series and carrying through to "the end." I have enjoyed the journey.

  8. "Not knowing"--an excellent universe to orbit in.

  9. Annie, Yes to the river names!

    Sue, Thank you...I feel Pluto to be a perfect ending rather than go further at this time. This is my second space/art journey so I will return.

    Sharon, Thank you. High drama to those river names as well as the image of a boatman ferrying the dead??? Is that a good end?

    Caterina, Yes, ending and beginnings...equal new inspiration. Already I'm in the 'not knowing' which is leading to silence, prayer etc...!

    Carole, I've been looking at the other 'pulls' in my art life and adding some new ones. Writing is always a good lead in for me.

    Babs, Thank you for your appreciated. The new series might need some time, effort, some dead ends and hopefully surprises!

    Suki, Thank you. I was feeling aggravated with the mythology of Jupiter but liked its moons and Saturn was difficult...all in all I'm glad to have seen it through to Pluto!

    Louciao, 'Not knowing' is a perfect place for me to begin with fresh inspiration!

  10. Great color contrast in this one. Can't wait to see what adventure you lead us on in your next series.
    Hey - the sand in your area should be warming up later this week - walk barefoot? :-)

  11. I have enjoyed this series so much Mary Ann,not only the amazing visuals you have created but the back stories also - thank you, xo, J

  12. I really enjoy the way in which your imagination connects to both myth and science and emerges in these rich, deep works. It seems like the collages are carrying you directly into that place of dark space and amazing place to be.

  13. First of all, the colors are wonderful but the piece is so dynamic. It just sings into space. Your Muse was with you on this one. I do enjoy watching what the next painting and project comes next.

  14. Hello Mary Ann. In response to your response...You are visiting Pluto, you have discovered the perfect end!

  15. These have been such a wonderful series Maryanne...
    Have loved the stories and the many-layered ideas. So poetic!

  16. If you hadn't been an artist perhaps you would have been an astronomer? I admire your attention to exploring the solar system but especially love the Greek myths.

    A lovely ending to a wonderful series. White ink, hmm, that's been on my mind, have to bet me some.

    And what's next? Look forward to following it.

  17. Great series, Mary Ann. Well conceived and presented with all the information; enriching to us all.

  18. Karen, Thanks for good words on Pluto...the next adventure is about going back to not knowing and starting from there?? a puzzle to me too.

    Jeane, Thank you...I feel a rich connection to this artist forum here in the blogesphere...very supportive.

    Hannah, I so like your take on what might be my next steps in this beginning again...thank you!

    Pat, This Pluto seemed one of the easiest...maybe the rivers names. Showing up at the work table seems to be my first plan!

    Sharon, I agree, for now Pluto is a perfect stopping point.

    Sophie, Thank you...the artist journey is an amazing, surprising,expanding and demanding one for me!

    ZDS, I was a terrible student so now I study only what I love! New places to begin...such a dance.

    Maggie, I think this blogging is a mutual enrichment...I receive as much as I give.