Sunday, December 4, 2011

Altered "Morning Departure"

22"x24" mixed media....Altered from original using PixlrRagzedge Arts......Louciao used this site to alter her photograph on her latest post and I was impressed. I decided to visit and play around with the many choices offered for free. This is an older work that I like and in the same theme of space travel so I rather enjoyed the fun of punching up the color, contrast and texture. I was going for a very very outer space feel. It was an amazing experience for me as I have never really worked with all the bells and whistles in imaging. Not sure what to do with it besides sharing but this was a needed playtime... my new Venus piece has been slow going and generally giving me fits.


  1. ah, i definitely get an outer space feeling here. glad you had fun. will check it out but am not good at that sort of thing. Sorry Venus is giving you fits but sometimes those kind of pieces turn out the best of the series.

  2. Wonderful color! Very mysterious and evocative. You achieved a real outer space feeling, I think. Beautiful piece.

    What I've found is that playing with tech is a very profound way of quickly seeing how an image can be altered without actually having to go through the physical experience of doing it. You can change it this way and that way and retain your starting point. The freedom this allows is remarkable. It opens doors quickly to experience very interesting solutions that may have taken quite a long time through trial and error to reach otherwise. Then it is wonderful to take what's been learned back to the studio.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  3. This one is compelling. Your use of that green really works. The bold orange in the post below is also dynamite. Yeah, Mary Ann!

  4. Uh-oh...I feel a little like someone who just offered a friend a taste of a highly addictive drug! But I'm glad to hear you indulged in some needed fun time playing. Who knows what such colour experiments may unleash in your hands-on art.
    This piece is definitely travelling at warp speed through time and space!

  5. well it looks spectacular and i get the space theme, it is always fun to play around with new things...

  6. The themes in your work fascinate! I admire this play on the celestial...almost a psychedlic sensation! Very glad to find your creative space here. :o)

  7. What an exciting piece! The colors and shapes just drew me in! Looks otherworldly....striking! fabulous!

  8. ah play is wonderful
    even if it becomes addictive
    I adore the outer space feel of this too....

  9. Wonderful, colors are magic but I would love to see the original piece also.

  10. Isn't it fun to see what happens when you ask: "I wonder what would happen if...?"

  11. Wow, such brilliant and luminous colours! I first thought this was a real painting - it looks like an oil painting.

  12. Suki, Yes, the work that gives a struggle is sometimes with the best reward.

    Sharon, My first time playing with so many choices...Pixlr was quite fun!

    Maggie, Thanks so much...again it was a matter of clicking here or there.

    louciao, Yes, indeed...I am hooked, I have found ways to play and ways to learn.

    LDV,I learn by doing...I have a new camera and mp3 that have been waiting for me to READ the instructions!

    Tracy, Glad you found me here and thank you for your comments on this piece!

    CM, The shapes are mine and the colors are was a fun exercise!

    Suz, A break in reality is a good thing...!

    franswazz, I get it...put the two side by side to see the difference...I'll give that a try...thank you.

    Hannah, It is a great question and if I can remember my steps it is an interesting ride!

    Sue, The colors have changed the original mixed media piece dramatically...!

  13. I think that playing and experimenting is not only fun but important -- only adds to your growth as an artist.. terrific job here!

  14. I think this one is my favorite of yours so far...wonderful (!)

  15. I don't know what you started with, but the results you got are super! Careful you'll get hooked on digital editing, like I did :)

  16. My mind doesn't wrap itelf around the technology of doing things like this, but I'm glad to see yours does.
    And a great job it did!

    My money is on your kicking some Venus butt!

  17. Donna, Very supportive and learn and experiment and grow!

    Tess, I'm glad you like this too!

    Eva, Too late...I'm intrigued with the digital choices. I'm going to post my work next to altered piece soon.

    Babs, Visit Pixlr...I found it easy and I NEED easy. Venus/Aphrodite is a big subject...I just touched a edge of the stories.

  18. The success of this piece is tempting me to follow the link and play! Enjoying catching up with posts after being off line.... and glad to see your new pieces on Flickr.