Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venus 460' Celsius

Six views 5"x8" measuring as a whole 15"x15", acrylic, collage, glazing. I began this piece with glazes of yellow to gold as representational of the Venus sulphuric soup atmosphere. I got myself stuck with days of timid applications of color when what I needed to do was make some bold approaches. Finally spent yesterday with applications of color, collage, ripping, gluing and marking until I had two bottles of used brushes to clean and very tired. Venus land temperatures are very high so I have these numbered views created before the (hypothetical) camera would dissolve in the heat. For the fun of playing "Where's Waldo", you might look for the last 'bug' about to be turned to funerary ash as we all know the bugs are the last to go! Stepping back from this piece I can't help but be okay with the final out was a hard journey with so much adding and subtracting but now I rather like it!


  1. As I am sitting here up north shivering, I just love this depiction of heat. It surely sizzles and expresses heat so well. The bug is in the third rectangle in the top row in the right upper corner.

  2. Oh what "wonder" you have created! Wonderful!

  3. wow! your boldness paid off 100%%. dynamic beautiful piece xo

  4. warming winter's waiting chill...
    i am always delighted to read your stories of the makings...your process, and then to look and find clues and arrows and direction.

  5. The hard ones are always the best ones...I really love the color!

  6. I love it! The colour, the texture and as Suki, the warmness! I do this too, approach the canvas tentatively when what is needed is boldness!

  7. Oh, hot hot hot! It feels as if metal plates have been heated to red hot almost melting intensity. The heat of planet Venus, no less! And Venus also being the goddess of love? Fantastic energy here. Good thing you yourself didn't burn up in the fiery act of creating and were able to cool down and calm yourself on re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

  8. This is yummy !! I need to catch up on your previous post so I can appreciate your celestial journey :O)

  9. Right now, in the pre-dawn morning with the streetlights to backlight them, the leaves on the trees near my house radiate a similar hue. Fabulous!

  10. Oh yes, I can see it.
    The rather timid, careful approach,,,add a tiny,,,add more tiny. And a wee bit more.
    The dis-satisfaction.
    Then Boldness steps forward:
    "I'll take it from here"
    And the magic begins.

    ",,,,,boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
    It's a blistering success, Blue Sky!

  11. Venus as I remember it! I can feel the heat, the color is perfect! What an imagination...

  12. Ancient markings of the visit and journey, deep heat, struggling to find the meaning and way, color that melts me...Beautiful, rich...Love it!

  13. All your work on this paid off! It's radiating!

  14. Suki, First to spot the bug! Sorry about all the shivering but I bet your landscape is beautiful with first snow!

    annell, Thank you...I like 'wonder'!

    Jeane, Hopefully I will remember the boldness part next time!

    nancy, Just knowing you are visiting brings on the smiles!

    Laura, It is so true...the hard ones seem to glow!

    ZDT, Frustration with tentative but there is the argument..."I could ruin it"??? silly mind causing problems again!

    Louciao, Isn't it close to a miracle how I've avoided all the ordinary problems of space travel...sometimes artmaking can be perfect play!

  15. Eva, So nice to see you over here...I'm on one of those exploration series...right now Venus!

    Karen, I understand those colors and glad you see them here on your screen...onto other areas of Venus.

    Babs, Thank you for bringing Goethe's words here...beautiful!

    Lyn, I knew you would remember Venus as she could only be remembered!

    Deena, 'color that melts me' Wow that makes my day!

    Carol, Coming through the tunnel of hard work...feels good it wasn't a throw away...instead a keeper!

  16. fantastic! those colours are brilliant and the energy is dynamic and abundant- no wonder it took so much 'doing'.

  17. Beautiful, glowing with warmth. The scratches and arrows are so interesting. Hope your december is a lovely one...

  18. Wow this piece is really engaging; love the colors & all the marks. Looks like this series is drawing our your inner space with wonders to behold!