Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wings for Icarus

15"x15", acrylic, tissue paper collage, photo transfer on satin, wax thread and gel pen on paper.
This was easy and fun and rather slow what with being busy with other things this week. I had thought I was going to do more sewing but that didn't happen, I thought I might have many different colors but this grey lavender became important. In the myth Icarus, his father Daedalus fashions wings out of feathers and wax so he and his son might escape. I see the wings as hanging and possibly drying or waiting for the moment to try them on. I believe the gray becomes cover atmosphere for this upcoming flight and we all know that Icarus had so much joy in the act of flying that he forgot his fathers warnings and flew too close to the sun!

I've written recently about the perils of the asteroid fields but will share them when I have a piece with more asteroid shapes.Right now I'm working on a larger piece that is promising with large and small shapes.

New Year just ahead. I counted the pieces I've completed this year and as I promised myself, I reached 40...some I love, some are awful, some need work, some need to be added to the collage pile and some I will frame. Now I'm deeply into my Space series. Usually this time of year I choose a word that best describes what I hope will be a guiding force. I post it in the studio as a reminder of my connection. Nothing yet but I have a few more days. Happy New Year!!
UPDATE:  ACCEPTANCE  Hopefully not a mindless approach but more of a thoughtful acceptance. I have the word boldly placed on my wall above my work table and I'm sure it will catch my eye and I know I will forget about it as well but it is there as a reminder for consideration in a new more careful way....a choice......2012!


  1. Are you aware of the prequel to the story where Daedalus commits murder and the death of Icarus can be seen as divine payback?

  2. 40 pieces. That's a fine hoard. Wishing you many creative adventures in 2012. Ax

  3. Well done for reaching your 40. You have created some lovely pieces including this one.
    Wishing you all the best for 2012, Mary Ann!

  4. Happy new year to you, too. What a good idea to find a guide word for next year's work...
    This artwork is beautiful, very intriguing, also due to its muted colours...

  5. Your work as always inspiring, and this one is superb. 40 pieces!!!... well done.

  6. You set a goal and met it - impressive! Can't wait to discover your guiding word. Much love!

  7. brava for making your goal of 40. hope next year is another good one for you and your art. feathers. trying to put together a poetry Ms (small) possibly titled feathers in the wind. happy new year.

  8. This painting is so lyrical. The ladder waiting, the wings readying for flight, the sunlight glowing behind those irresistible feathers...then the saddest grey lavender holding a pink heart shape floating down towards the earth. Poor Icarus - but he flew! And tempted generations that followed to do the same.

    I haven't counted how many of your paintings I have seen here, but I would put most in the 'frame' group. I love your 'choosing a word' idea!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Mary Ann!

  9. Yes Soewn Daedalus murdered Talus.

    Annie,Thank you...I think I have finally created a good work schedule that fits me without being too harsh...plenty of rewards and treats!

    Robyn, I am pleased with the number and I am accepting the uneven quality...some I love. Thank you...the best for all of us in 2012!

    Sue, Thank you. I fought the muted color but now think it worked best after all.

    Jo Murray, Thank you...good words and very supportive!

    Karen, Need to slow down to find the right word. New Year's Eve is a good time to find the direction. Happy 2012!

    Suki, Thank you...feels good no matter the results.
    'Feathers In The Wind'...I like that very much...we should both have a good 2012!

    Sharon, I must thank you for your thoughtful comment on this piece!
    The word (?) will be taped on the wall as yet another reminder about this art making. Truly Happy New Year!

  10. serious!!??? 40 paintings, wow! you are amazing - this is another wonderful piece full of your seeking energy - the very best to you in 2012!! xo

  11. 40 is quite an achievement, Wishing you more creativity in 2012 and Happy New Year Mary Ann - I'm going to pinch that idea for a word on the studio wall!

  12. Jeane, So many on the collage pile but I loved every day going to the work table...it's in the creating for me. Love a fresh new year...like a clean sheet of paper...2012!

    Rosie, Happy 2012...I like the idea of a word as a touchstone...glad you do too!

  13. Wow and wow! I love the myth of Daedalus and Icarus--such a good metaphor for our times--although I wasn't aware of the prequel that Soewn Earth speaks of.

    There is delight in this painting--a kind of anticipation that is fresh and inspiring. I look forward to hearing your word for '12!

  14. Forty pieces is no small thing!

    This is another gorgeous work. The unusual (for you) coloring is besutiful, and as always, the textures, the textures!
    I also like that this one has lots of negative space. I always think I have to 'filler up', and often end up with too much.
    I know you will do much shining in 2012, and I appreciate being able to come along.
    The Happiest Of New Years to you and Pablo!

  15. Wonder, wonderful, complete! Happy New Year!

  16. Looking forward to hearing of your 'word' Maryanne... that is something I am often taken with ... a word as a guiding force.
    Wonderful work this one...and the myth you've worked with is so poignant! I love that you have 40 works before you to show for the year,,, even if, as you say, some morph into something else ... whatever. The harvest is excellent and stands you in good stead for the ongoing process.
    Many wonderful things to you in 2012!

  17. Beautiful color, values, shapes, texture and composition - I love it! It is a marvelous painting.

  18. Everytime I drop in here, I am so impressed with your work...the pieces are fantastic, but the process that you share makes it so much more meaningful.I so like that the Icarus wings remain intact here & ready for flight regardless of what we all know is going to happen!
    All best for 2012! (Will you exceed 40?)

  19. Hannah, I accept all 'wows'...thank you. I chose "acceptance" and I have marked my calendar quarterly to have a check-in with a friend. Happy New Year.

    Babs, Thank you for taking a 'real' look at this piece. I agree about the space thing...I too fill space. Happy New Year to all of us!

    annell, Yes, may we all have a Happy New Year ahead!

    Sophie, A real treat seeing you here...thank you. Yes, to our year ahead. My guiding word is acceptance!

    Stan, Your words are music to me...thank you so much!

    Marie, Thank you. I agree about the wings being ready for flight...I didn't know I liked Icarus so much until I reread the myth.

  20. I like this a lot. My favourite element is the ladder. Then the wings hung up and waiting. Good metaphor for flying into the new year. A reminder to not get so carried away that we burn out, though! Wishing you all the best for 2012: creativity and inspiration and, yes, acceptance.

  21. Wow, you are so prolific. And they are all exceptional pieces. Your well doesn't seem to falter. This one is especially wonderful. The story of Icarus has always charmed me. The idea of being free to fly is very wonderful and to think that it is an idea that everyone has contemplated adds to its uniqueness. Happy "Acceptance" and be a beacon for me to keep going!

  22. Mary Ann, I think this is a fabulous piece- one of your best, in fact. It may be my love for Icarus and all things winged that draws me to it. Congrats on reaching your 40-piece goal! I meant to comment on this post a while back, but holidays and computer failure intervened. I hope you meet all your goals for 2012!

  23. p.s. there is great power in words...

  24. Amazing, 40 pieces! I wish I had your drive and stamina. I love the "Wings for Icarus"! Bravo!

  25. Mary Ann, climb I stepped back into your blog to discover this one...very nice story telling and colors/texture are energizing. May you find much acceptance in 2012.