Monday, December 19, 2011

First and Second

First: "Early Morning Departure" 22"x26, foamcore, mixed media , corrugated cardboard, collage including paper clocks, Austrian train ticket, bird and assorted dials. Acrylic with soft pastel overlay. This piece was created quite awhile ago and I have fond feelings for it. I was going for a cockpit, dashboard, windshield, morning light space departure.

Second: I recently showed this altered view from playing on Pixlr and franswazz  commented and requested to see both images together to compare changes! The first has the pleasure of texture missing in this altered view but the space bright light and markings on this altered piece is appealing. I might print it out on some very good paper but of course I'm limited to size with my printer. I like them both for different reasons.

Update: I've been enjoying my explorations of the asteroid field and combining those images with writing and with the myth of Icarus. Using photo transfers on silk, sewing, acrylic and glazing....we shall see....right now quite a mess at the work table. Winter Solstice is a great time for me to work as I have fewer distractions (beach & pool).

May this season of light and love bless each and everyone one of you and your families!


  1. when you explore asteroids and outer space you end up with circles and I love circles... happy holidays too.

  2. OK, here i am, confused (i often am)....i thought that i was going to immediately prefer one over the other but no, not the case!
    i love the softer colors of the first one, the textures (i agree with you). On the other hand i also appreciate the acidic tones of the second one and especially the added textures/marks on the vivid green disc. I also like very much the mystery that the deep reds add to the bottom half of the second one.....well, now i must end this essay, don't you think? What is the artist to do? Printing has to be the answer.
    ♥♥♥ and peace to you

  3. one could just step in and time travel into the universe...all seasons of light.

  4. I'm fascinated by how you tie the subjects of myth, the mystery of the galaxies and materials together--I get a kick out of imagining your inner world at the studio table...I'm also captivated by the hot acid colors that the pixr shift has created--they shoot me into outer space!

  5. OH! I didn't think I would prefer one over the other. Seeing them together, I realize that I do like them both,,but the first one I love more.

    Perhaps it's the color combinations and the overall softness.

  6. I think, in the "flesh" I would always chose the original with its textures and paint and so forth over an image redone on the computer. But maybe I am old fashioned.

    They are both lovely, I just prefer the textures.

    I guess you can dwell in the beach in your mind to get you through the cold months. I do not look forward to Jan-March however probably it is my attitude that needs to change as opposed to Mother nature. LOL.

  7. Love these! I have to say it again, Love these. Beautiful amorphous(sp?) shapes and so nebulous.

  8. Complexity; feminine and yet a mechanics of connection. Worlds collide and motion. Motion..

    Happy Holidays to you and warmth, too, deep into the bones. I think it will be almost 70 a few days this week before it drops and i am going to suck it up! :)

  9. WoW! Look at this!!! I'm really enjoying both of these versions of traveling through space. Both accomplish your desires - but with two very different feelings. The first is a dreamy lyrical journeying for me, while the second is very 'here we go' into the vast unknown. And I love both. Your use of color to create mood is perfect and makes each piece it's own world. Your choice of imagery has a hauntingly wonderful quality to it.

    Just hearing you describe your exploration through the asteroid field & encounters with Icarus is exciting. Messy work tables are always a great sign. I'm eagerly waiting to see where you've been.

    This truly is a season of light and love. Wishing you and yours wonder-filled days of love, warmth and joy.

  10. Donna, I agree, this space thing is full of circles...although this asteroid field has some pretty oddball shaped circles!

    franswazz, I like your take on these two pieces. I agree they stand on their own.

    henrietta, Time travel, space all sounds good to me! Peace to us all.

    Hannah, This process is not always full proof...sometimes the materials just don't work and its back to the beginning again...ah what fun we are having?!

    Babs, Yes, for me its the first one for its size and texture and true, the softness of the pastel. What I like most about the second is the markings.

  11. Quite a mess on your work table?--an excellent sign! I'm enjoying these explorations you're leading us on.

    I do like the worn texture and eerie glow of the second version but I love the blue tones of the first.

  12. I agree Suki...The first holds my heart....I'm old-fashioned too!
    Jan.-March are very rainy months here so it is easier to stay home. Snow is beautiful and difficult.Happy Holidays!

    Maggie, Like your descriptive words...thank you!

    mansuetude, Words to Heart...thank you!
    Winter sun here...!

    Sharon, Thank you so much for your take on these every word and very supportive. I win on two fronts..I'm a messy artist and a messy cook! Happy Holidays!

    louciao, So glad you stopped by from your winter retreat...Happy Holidays!

  13. Although these two have basically the same composition, both artworks are so different. Both mysterious and exciting...
    Working on the myth of Icarus is very fascinating, be careful that you don't fly away yourself!
    Have a peaceful and relaxing time.

  14. You are a true navigator! Wishing you peace and joy in the coming year!

  15. Very beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  16. I love the blessing you leave with us and the story of your work and how it changes. I imagine how your mind swirls as you paint too. You are such a thinker. I am in a different zone when I paint, and usually cannot recall my thoughts...
    May the season of light bless you, and may your imagination be filled with mysteries that will one day appear on your canvases...

  17. Sue, Working with images of wings has been fascinating. Thank you for your comments!

    Kelly M., Yes, peace and joy in the coming year for ALL.

    Annell, Thank you for your good wishes...!

    Roxanne, Me, a thinker? Oh, how I wish I was a plan, no memory once I am at the work table...aren't we all?

  18. Mary Ann, I think your Space series is just getting better and better; I love all of them, but the first one is spectacular! I can totally see the spaceship dashboard/ windshield- and that blue is so... sumptuous. I don't know if I told you I'm a complete science/space geek; we'll have to discuss it sometime.xxoo

  19. Sharmon, Wonderful to read about the space/geek part. I am always collecting write-ups on discoveries and set me to dreaming!