Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call to Aphrodite/Venus

15"x15" fabric and paper collage, acrylic, oil pastel and random words from 'Hymn to Aphrodite' by Sappho.

I've enjoyed the rich mythology connected to Aphrodite/Venus and have found many connections to the other Gods and planets. In this piece I travelled on Venus to the area named Ishtar Terra where I revealed remnants and found fragments of Aphrodite's  love potion if the Goddess had a storage of these mixtures but long forgotten in this northern  region of the planet?! The words  scratched onto the dark surface  represent the Sappho poem which is part poem, prayer , supplication as well as words of admiration.

My earliest encounter with Venus (the goddess) was with the 1948 movie titled "One Touch of Venus" starring  Ava Gardner. I was very young and regularly watched old B&W movies with my sister on TV weekend afternoons. This light comedy begins as an Anatolian Venus sculpture( with arms)  is on display at a department store. One evening a lonely window dresser kisses the cold stone check of Venus and yes, Voila, she comes to life and the real story begins! I was completely impressed with this movie and even to this day I smile at the memory and also smile when I see an interestingly posed mannequin.

For now I'm leaving Venus and skipping past Mars.  It is too crowded for me on Mars with Russians and US expeditions. I'm off to the Asteroid fields between Mars and Jupiter.


  1. Great painting Mary Ann! I loved your black and white movie memory. I didn't see that one. Now I am in the mood for a good vintage black and white movie. ;o)

  2. I love these warm colors...just what I needed this chilly night.

  3. Beautiful! I'd like to travel in your spaceship with you as the tour guide!

  4. Another strong piece; I knew you'd work it to submission!

    Now don't go kissing any store mannequins,,,,

  5. Leslie, Thank personal connection to a strange movie so many years ago...Ava Gardner was beautiful and especially in the remarkable light of black and white.

    LauraX, I agree...these chilly days require warm colors and sweet memories.

    Carole, Wonderful idea...Oh what we will is all so magical for travelers!

    Babs, This piece and I came to an agreement to 'just be'...thank you. Those movies were so believable to this little girl mind!

  6. Mary Ann, This painting is very, very beautiful. Your journeys are truly marvelous. The Asteroid Fields sound lovely. Can't wait to see your new work!

    And I smile at your journey back to the old B&W movies - many of these are still my favorite movies of all time.

  7. as always your process completely intrigues me - this is lovely xo

  8. I like the bold graphic elements combined with the subtle scratchings/rubbings/textures. The gold and purple (?) tones complement each other beautifully. Remnants, memories, discoveries all embedded on this planet, and all doused with the heady perfume of Love.

  9. Funny how old movies stay in our psyche. I remember Veronica Lake. Oh, how impressed I was. I wanted to let my bangs grow long, so I could look through them. But parents have the last say.
    Really am enjoying your paintings and this one is so special.
    The colors are "my" favorite!

  10. I feel as if I've stumbled on a treasure, and it's mine, all mine!!And the divine Ava, a queen of black and white!

  11. Sharon, The asteroid fields have been interesting...Icarus the myth!
    So many favorites in B&W...Topper, musicals and hard-boiled tough guys!

    Jeane, This process is good for me but I admit to a touch of madness on some days!

    Louciao, Yes, Yes perfect description of what I was hoping it would all say!

    Pat, I remember Veronica Lake and so many other beauties...Ava and Rita Hayworth were two of my favorites.

    Lyn, The joy of uncovering lost treasures. You have me smiling..thank you!