Monday, November 14, 2011

First being Last

Mercury III    16"x16" Rives BFK, acrylic, paper collage, heavy molding paste, soft pastel. Actually this is the third in the series of viewing Mercury. Still feeling the role as observer and maybe the photographer of this Mercury surface. I used the red pastel to spotlight and mark the interesting "Degas" crater.   Being so close to the sun, I would imagine sunset would be a calming welcome...wishing the hot searing sun away.
16"x16" Rives BFK, acrylic,molding paste, collage, soft pastel and white ink. Mercury I is my first attempt and it became as a blueprint errr brownprint of the massive craters covering the surface of this planet. I don't know who was in charge of the original mapping but it seems the larger or more interesting craters have been named after our great artists such as Beethoven, Verdi, Homer, Matisse to name a few. I don't get it? Maybe a tie in with impact craters and artists making an impact?? This piece became darker than I had hoped, the white ink places the names here and there along with impact target circles for landing and the red square once again marking a territory or section of Mercury.

More journal pages:
Looked into my personal flight pattern, heading due North with the clear instructions of turning southwest at first sighting of molten Mercury. Sure I'm nervous at the wheel after all this is my maiden voyage to planets unknown. I'm armed to the teeth with resolve and my spine is steel. My heart pounds in solid strokes and my hands grip this uncommon wheel. I'm on my first flight of many. I'm exploring the deepest center of mine and these planets. Take off, landing, navigating practiced at length in my sleep. Now wide awake, stars fly by, backlit space more colorful then I first imagined. Oceans of diamond stars weaving in and out of this tapestry of reflected sky.


  1. I really like this series of Mercury.
    They're like maps.

  2. fascinating Mary Ann - your way into your art always amazes me - such a spiritual approach with such interesting results xo

  3. and
    you travel with such rhythm
    in your work

  4. Mercury Always comes in dreams carrying the Beloved's roses, for Love, he says. For Love. Because you are Loved.

    Such a messenger.

  5. Explorations of the outposts of the deeper realms: dare to go! All suited up and ready to follow, Captain!

  6. I'm enjoying the way in which the pastel of the red inscribes the arc of your explorations and the way the craters appear and reappear, craggy, brown and dotted with surface textures...I also appreciate your journal entries which offer me another way into your work.

  7. Mercury seems to suit you, Mary Ann. Like brownprint with its Mercury red and I agree with Neva that you travel with such rhythm. Hurray for you!

  8. Enjoying this trip with you! The white and red markings sing because of your dark colours. Lovely series!

  9. What a wonderful topic - Mercury, the planets..., and your work is again so brillant and inspiring.
    I can see your mind flying there and exploring those strange landscapes. And your diary entries are really fascinating and poetic. It all reminds me a bit of David Bowie's Star Odysee.

  10. the colors of the top painting, faded and rusty like the side of an old boxcar (we have some down the road). most alluring. love your words too of your journey into space. wear your seatbelt!

  11. A spine of steel, plus talent and dedication...yes! Your words and inspiration!

  12. love glimpsing your connection and spiritual approach... so fascinating and really enjoying this series...

  13. Am enjoying your Mercury painting series, along with your narrative!
    Very creative! Love the red mapping with white markings. Happy explorations!

  14. ah, you speak and paint of other worlds. What's not to love? I am tagging along for the trip.

    love your texture and colours. Love the complexity of the second piece.

  15. Love these - the colors are so rich and vibrant, that they almost dance off my computer screen.

  16. I'm wearing my crash helmet,,,,just in case.
    It's almost dizzy-ing,,this journey you describe, but fascinating all at the same time.
    I recently bought some white ink, but haven't yet had a chance to try it out.
    Love these works in this awesome series.

  17. This series is stunning, and so original. Your writing makes me want to figure out your personal connection/interest/symbolism to the planets. It sounds layered.

  18. Your work always stops me and makes me stare. So much to take in!

  19. I am really attracted to the red marks in the second work. I keep running along them and taking in what's near. Interesting feeling. I'm finally getting back to reading lots of posts from my blogging friends. I miss the connections every summer.

  20. I am really enjoying ALL of your efforts. One could look and look at them and not tire.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Trees was just here and we spoke of you and she is trying to figure out how to get to SC to visit.

  21. cerulean, Thank you, I like.

    Jeane, The way into art making is easy enough for me but knowing when I'm done is still in question!

    Nancy, Not a bad space traveler for someone who likes staying at home.

    mansuetude, Oh, how nice to receive a comment from you...Mercury seems to be a charming messenger.

    louciao, Can't imagine a better traveling companion...bring snacks!

    Hannah, Such thoughtful words about these pieces...thank you...I'm glad the writing takes you in as well!

    Yvonne, Thank you, I've always been interested in the discoveries in space.

    Maggie, Thank you....hurray for me...I do believe this subject fascinates me.

    Robyn, Glad you like the white ink markings. I'm interested in these outer planets and moons too!

    Sue, Thoughtful observations..thank you. I've spent years watching PBS shows such as the latest discoveries.

  22. Suki, I so like your comparison of this piece to an old rusty box it. Yes, seatbelt and helmet!

    I'm all talk Lyn...I'm the biggest frightful chicken of them all!

    LDV, So glad you like this series...we all find our places to love!

    Marie, Thank exploring Venus...not an easy task!

    ZDT, Yes, it is easier to love those other places...this world, not so easy!

    kerrdelune, Pleasant surprise! Your blog is my first stop of the day...always!

    Babs, I just know you will love the white ink!
    Helmet you say...You'd be good riding shotgun!

    Shayla, Layers are what I love, the mythology fascinates me as well as the play!

    Carole, So glad you like these pieces...lots of layers!

    Margaret, Good to see you back from your summer. Winter studio work is the best!

    Pat, Happy to hear from you. I visit both yours and Patrice's blog regularly...I'm one of your biggest fans!

  23. Ah, you're quite the planetary traveler! Both of these explorations are rich with layers of symbolism and meaning. Just wonderful!