Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unexpected Gift!

This collage measures 6"x6" and is the creation of Ghislaine Bruno. She was one of the artists that won my postcard send-a-way and she generously sent me this treasure(all the way from France) in response to me sending her my postcard. Am I lucky? Do drop by and visit Ghislaine here...isn't blogland full of surprises!

Birthday Update: Last Tuesday the 25th was my birthday and one of the ways we began the celebration was with a hardy Huevos Rancheros breakfast at a cafe on the beach. To our surprise was a perfect view of 2 Humpback whales feasting on anchovies! What an amazing sight...a wish come true!  Photos of these whales feeding in our bay have been all over the Internet but we got the up close "in person" view!


  1. Wow- what a birthday gift- the whales made a special appearance for your special day! The collage is quite special too, and I'd like to add my best wishes for your birthday as well (though a little late).

    BTW, I noticed on your profile that you were born on Picasso's birthday. I was born on Salvador Dali's! Maybe that explains some things...

  2. Very nice gifts! I share my birthday with Johnny Depp but he's never sent me a thing in the mail! Boo hoo!

  3. What a whale of a birthday! And I love the collage!

  4. I love surprises like that, gifts from the heart. What a wonderful surprise. A gift from a gift.

  5. Oh! What a wonderful surprise, and what an excellent collage!

    I'm glad you had that great 'happening' on your birthday. Very special!

    I'm sure Pablo created a unique celebration for the two of you.
    Hope it's your best year yet!
    (I'm off to check out the link now, thank you)

  6. Happy birthday Mary Ann !

    @Carole : My husband and Johnny Depp were born on the same exact day...

  7. Seeing whales close by is such an uplifting experience. So glad they made your day!

  8. love mailart! thanks for stopping by, and happy birthday!

  9. such a special gift (the whales) on your special day. The collage is lovely and so sweet of her to send.

  10. Hi,

    Happy very, very belated Birthday! And I adore the collage, you must indeed feel very surprised by a gift like that,
    grtz, Regina, SXM

  11. first off, happy birthday and lucky you to see those whales! yes, I saw the photo of the kayaker and the whales on the nightly news, and it must have been outstanding to see them in person...
    and what a lovely gift... I will check out the link...

  12. happy birthday Mary Ann - oh, what gifts you share today - beautiful art and the whale sighting! xo

  13. Wonderful collage... lucky you. Seems like the Universe was wishing you a happy birthday... me too.

  14. Oh, lucky you to see those whales....I'd say they were wishing you a very special Happy Birthday!! And, what a lovely surprise....a beautiful collage, what could be better!

  15. Nice that the whales popped by for a birthday wish! Such fun to receive treats in the snail mail! Happy belated! My daughter believes in birthday week!

  16. Is it time for the whales again? I must come down your way. What great gifts you received for your day--something in the water and something else that crossed the water. The collage is wonderful and I can well see why you'd be delighted!

  17. Oh, what I would give to see your two whales! What a beautiful birthday present... And this collage is gorgeous. Happy birthday, late, but you should celebrate longer than just one day.

  18. Sharmon, Yes, sharing our birthdays with these two men would explain a few things?!!

    Carole, The nerve of Johnny not sending you at least a card or even a bauble!

    Leslie, This birthday was full of joyful whaleful fun!

    JeMa, Yes, a gift from a gift! I'm loving this piece.

    Babs, Yes, a good birthday...Pablo gave me a gift certificate for yet more electronics...more instructions but he is helping me stay current...whatever that means?!

    Ghislaine, Thank you...and thanks to you...this post is made great...a way to share this beautiful collage!
    Enjoy your husband with the cool birthday!

    Robyn, It was a clear view of the whales and birds feeding and before the tourists started renting kayaks!

    Martha, Thank you for the good birthday wishes!

    Suki, It was rare for the whales to feed in so close to shore but the sardines or anchovies were a treat!

    Regina, Thank you for the birthday good wishes!
    The collage was very unexpected but then Blogland is full of surprises!

    LDV, Once the word got out about the whales...the locals and tourists were out trying to get close and closer.

    Jeane, Thank you...This is a good looking collage and has been fun to share!

    Jo, Thank you, these birthday wishes have taken the 'sting' out of the number attached to the birthday!

    CM, The 2 Humpback whales are gone now...but I felt so fortunate to see them...usually one has to go out on a boat to see them heading south...rarely do they come in so close!

    ZDS, I'm with your daughter...minimum of a week for a birthday celebration!

    Hannah, Yes, the whales are going south...they are so smart to head for sun and fun!

    Roxanne, I am still celebrating...cashing in the gift certificates this week...massage and electronics!

  19. Happy Birthday Mary Ann, but late I am! I hope the whole year glides through on butterfly wings. Wonderful collage/nice sharing.