Monday, November 7, 2011

Mercury II

The images are coming slowly, not sure about materials so I've been experimenting. Measures 16"x16" Rives BFK, tissue paper collage, both soft and oil pastel, acrylic glazes. The concept of mapping or sighting different terrain came up for me...I've created red squares as surrounding points of interest. Mercury's colors to the human eye would be muted but I have been looking at Messenger's camera views which have exaggerated colors and then I exaggerated more!. I would like to try a few more times with Mercury and then move on to Venus. Below is some writing from my journal as a way of also bringing the mythology and facts of Mercury together to find my true heart of this exploration.

This pock marked surface
White powder pulverized from impacts off the Richter Scale.
Speed of the light-footed has not been the solution.
Unavoidable hits, crossfire pounding debris, dry dusty tears at each shallow crater.
Long days, longer than mine by three
A loneliness prevails and this heavenly messenger is sorrowfully unclear

One noble occupation God Mercury angel of mine, promises to escort souls swiftly to the afterlife.
Passengers placed near gray shadowed rocks, dark, safe, timeless hours seeking the wait station,
the ticket window, the date and arrival and departure chalk board with color pamphlets for free.


  1. This is a wonderful exploration Blue Sky--and unlike most space explorations, yours pays exquisite attention to aethetic details. I look forward to seeing how this series unfolds--the poem is a thoughtful and sensitive guide...

  2. I love your Mercury! The alien terrain with red squares- reminds me of those NASA pictures where one square is enlarged... Your mark-making and colors are almost sensuous. this piece is quite captivating.

  3. How beautiful - both the words from your depths and the detailed close-ups of Mercury. Rich colors...draws me in...

  4. I LOVE everything about this painting! The colours, the circular "pocks", marks and craters, as well as the thought behind it. (Hope it's on Flickr)

    In one of my books I read that in mythology Mercury personifies swiftness of thought, knowledge and eloquence and in India, mercury, the metal, symbolizes the yogic flow of spiritual energy.

  5. this is beautiful the red squares draw me closer and I had to enlarge to get a closer peek, wish I could see it in person...

  6. a wonderful painting - so complex! xo

  7. intriguing. i esp love the pock marks which look like leaves to me, worn by time. always love reading your journal notes. say, maybe i'll do that with my next poem. i like the way these notes are just a series of incomplete phrases. sometimes i will jot down phrases like that that then become a poem.

  8. so rich! and great concept/theme to be working with, Mary Ann!

  9. Hannah, Thank you for your encouraging words...I'm rather excited about where this leads me!

    Sharmon, Thank you...I was trying for a squared off view and I am enjoying the research part as well!

    Deena, You always know my heart...thank you!

    Carole, Thank you...I think the red sets off the more muted colors!

    Robyn, I didn't know about the meditation, spiritual energy link to the metal Mercury..research is fascinating! I'm slow on flickr but I'll get there.

    Annell, Yes, space play...a good idea!

  10. LDV, It's always better to enlarge and really see all the textures!

    Jann, Thank you, tissue paper collage lends itself to interesting textures.

    Jeane, Thank are the leader in complex compositions!

    Suki, I'm unwilling to take these fragments and phrases and work them into something more...they are as simple guides to getting to the work.

    Kelly, Thank's my second time to explore the planets...this time I'm going deeper!

  11. I love where your head goes, and your explanation of it.
    The texturing in this piece is tops,,,,so much depth!

    The coloring is oh so rich, and myself, I see areas of glistening rock,,,I think the moon must be shining on it!