Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Migration/Talisman 6

The discs measure approx 2 1/2" and the talismans approx. 3 1/2" in length. air drying clay, acrylic, wire, beads and tissue paper collage. Silver, gold and copper leaf.

This makes a total of eight and I believe will be the end of these migration discs...also the end of the bag of clay! I plan on framing them together in a boxed type frame...worthy  of an artifact! Great fun and challenge working with clay and outside of my comfort zone. This art making reminded me of one of my 'family stories':

The story begins with me (very young) taking a field trip with my Bluebird troop to a local cannery.  Soon after I donned my grandmothers hairnet and set up my very own cannery in the driveway. I used my mothers canning jars and included water and added a mixture of ALL her flowers...fuchsia and azaleas etc...I placed these jars on the fence in a row so the sun would heat these concoctions and I believe I was rather pleased with myself until my mother went into a minor shock! This is one of the stories that seemed to prove I was a bit of a puzzle and here I am full circle 100 + years later creating these artifacts of migration discs that only exist in my imagination. Making these has given me profound joy and with my writing...personal insights.

What is next? I always check my list of pulls and that gives me direction. Right now I have two books on my work table: "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan and "Our Universe" by Roy A. Gallant. I have been regularly saving articles reporting on discoveries of new planets and I am on a waiting list for a book on Myths of the Universe at the library. I've explored this before...planets, stars, moons and now I feel ready to take another look at this Universe and going to the edge of the Milky Way to see some of these "new" planets. I have posted a bit of writing from my last exploration several years ago and I will continue to fill my journal and paint from science and my imagination...my own brand of Raggedy Ann Imagination?!

Loving planets and stars. Sighting the loyal rainbow ringed Neptune and old Pluto so easily forgotten.
Remembering and loving the brave walks on the hills of Jupiter's north side and consciously
Adoring Venus lower regions as much or more than the upper levels and secret locations on
Always shy, wary of the Dog Star, turning left at the Y, floating, descending in the clear frost
Of the Milky Way.
I've been space traveling before seasons of written time.
Once riding the arrow of the Huntress and resting under the Scorpion's tail. Now in beginning
Recall, telling my stories in recorded messages and familiar pictographs of the years of loving and
Living among the planets and stars.


  1. love these talisman (men?). I love how they are each so different. They have this wonderful ancient look. I think they will look stunning in a box frame. And then you will need a whole story to go with them, about this ancient matriarchal tribe and how they used each talisman!

  2. Loving the brave walks on the hills of Jupiter's north side......and secret locations on Mars......I've been space travelling before seasons of written time.....

    I'm loving the vast spaces these words open up in my imagination. Wonderful. Thanks.

  3. wonderful talismans. they hold a lot of images and stories and vibrations. ah, i have been working on a poem with references to the universe and doing minor on line research as to terms. however my dad was very interested in astronomy and your mentioning these books makes me want to look through the few of his books left (as my brother has taken most of them). The winter months call with inward projects made outward in art.

  4. The migration discs are truly wonderful - and I love the family story and could visualize those jars sunning on the fence.

    The stories that feed your art work seem to come from an ancient tribe - and it's interesting to hear how you are able to access all that old knowledge.

    Beautiful work!

  5. These are great, the added elements and the gold work great with the texture.

  6. What a fun post! I like your discs and talisman pieces. They remind me of gypsy money!
    Exploring the stars & planets is always a good way to expand the mind and vision.

  7. these are wonderful Mary Ann - they truly have an artifact appearance and that you were out of your comfort zone is a real inspiration - loved the cannery story - I'm still smiling xo

  8. Love these! Love the idea of framing them together. Your family story made me chuckle. Our poor mothers!

  9. Aw man, I love reading your thoughts!
    Talismans, childhood stories, and your inner journey. All fascinating, as are these clay pieces. They will be gorgeous, (not to mention meaningful) framed together.
    Well done.

  10. I love this series of pieces. I want to wear them on hemp rope necklaces all chunky and large. They are fantastic. I also love what you wrote about the universe. I finally finished my two years at Jr College and am in the PACE teaching program. My final science I chose was Astronomy and I am beyond loving the class. Who'd have thought I would love a science class? Anyhow, your pieces are incredible as always. Much love from Idaho.

  11. Love your story of canning your Mom's flowers. I am sure she is over it now...And looking forward to your star chart explorations...sounds yummy!

  12. ZDS, Actually they are each so different that I'm starting to put together at least four stories from four "sites" of discovery?!

    Annie, Your words about my words are truly high praise...thank you.

    Suki, I hope you find your fathers books on Astronomy. I love the research aspect of creating...worlds opening in unexpected ways.

    Judy, Thank you. I have truly enjoyed creating these pieces...telling a story from within.

    Maggie, I like the addition of the silver, gold and even copper leaf to these lowly clay pieces...changes the vibration!

    Marie, I'm not familiar with gypsy money but I like the idea.
    Astronomy is such a vast and exciting subject. It's like exploring the depths of the ocean...who knew there are such mysteries?

    Jeane, Its amazing what can be created out of the uncomfortable (what the hell am I doing?) zone of working until something happens.

    Carol, Thank you...the framing should be lovely.
    My mother would laugh and say "Well Mary Ann still waters run deep?"

    Babs, I am so smiling at your words! I get such joy at sharing my work in the studio as much as reading and looking at fellow artists...it is remarkable.

    Chris, Congratulations at finishing your studies and going on to the teaching program. It's exciting to discover a course you never thought you would enjoy...astronomy will be a beautiful study for you and me!

    Leslie, I held my mom's hands for the last time around 2001 but I'm sure she has found a way to cheer me on. I am in charge of the family stories now...an unexpected role.

  13. Mary Ann,

    I loved seeing your talisman posts and look forward to a post with them framed... Thanks also for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Regina, St. Maarten

  14. This has been an enjoyable journey into an imagined past...but what past is not imagined, once passed. And now we will aim for the stars and shoot the moon with you on your next journey of exploration.

  15. Regina, Thank you. I am enjoying your photos of your summer adventure!

    louciao, Imagined past...how perfect!
    I am deeply into the 'Mercury' visit. Using an acrylic spray paint...another old/new tool to love!

  16. So smart! ...Could migratory implants, discs be found in the bones of our ancient kinsmen? What would they look like? Would they be heavily marked with information, maybe images or maps?
    I kept trying to figure out - what are migration disks? I tried to Google it to learn more - up pops your posts. :-) It's really your original idea! Much love.

  17. Beautiful! You enrich the world!

  18. Love seeing your clay work and hearing of the flower canning. If only you had had different advice you might have been on the road to flower essences at an early age.

    Keep on space traveling and writing. You have a knack for stories.

  19. oh, blogging...another migration. when you come to visit mine {so ignored of late} i migrate over to you on your 'planet'....masks and planets and space travel with talismans to take care. thanks, neva

  20. The strength of the talisman jumps off the page..I want to be selfish with these, and grasp a handful...no wonder you have so much power!
    meet you on the north side..

  21. Karen, I like when that happens...google verification that is! Now to migrate.

    annell, Thank you for your great words!

    Maggie, Yes, capturing flower essence is a wonderful business venture that I missed out on by a few years!
    First stop Mercury!

    Nancy, It's a rich world this blogland...I have been enjoying the ride!

    Lyn, You name it, north side, south side...I'm available for this creative game!

  22. The 'bullseye' symbol with the coins draws me in especially. It's a personal symbol for me too. Thanks for the welcome, I feel at home here.

  23. Your talismans capture your stories well. They will look interesting framed. Some of them would be interesting elements in a necklace.