Friday, September 2, 2011

"Hope Deferred"

16"x16", Rives BFK, acrylic, stencil, collograph prints, oil pastel, water based inks.

What about those hopes, wishes, wants and prayers unanswered? Deferred, I believe. So many times I have expected results according to my timetable...Kronos time measured in hours and minutes. I've come to realize the really important  wishes and wants evolve from Kairos time. The time of meditation, the gentle flow allowing us to be in the moment much like art making, reading something wonderful...unhurried, unaware of a ticking clock. I have placed these vessels in clock towers and in catacombs of sorts. Letting them stay in place, far from disappointment and regret but rather undisturbed and in a deferred place.

This piece ends my 'pull' into Sacred Vessels...6 pieces at this time and I'm sure I'll return to creating  more  vessels as they are  an inexhaustible resource for me. Beginning now in September I'll be framing and preparing for a small local showing. My other challenge for Sept will be a deep cleaning and reorganizing of the studio.I don't know how I will sort through my collage boxes...maybe just buy bigger boxes?

As my New Year begins here in the autumn, my focus is on the year behind and the year ahead...a rich and beautiful place...Autumn Migration.


  1. I love your vessels and the meaning you place in them... profound and beautiful... I also need to deep clean and organize my studio... but if I get bigger boxes... they won't fit on the shelves! Good luck!

  2. This makes me think of the proverb "Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Not sure if that's what you intended, but I love that verse from the Bible.

  3. I like vessels, universally they are symbols of women. But I like what you said about hopes and dreams. Good luck with your show!

  4. Mary Ann, I think this piece is my favourite in the series and the words you have written have given it even more meaning. Love the catacombs ... of sorts. Kairos time ... time that I am constantly tracking down and trying to make space for. We don't have nearly enough of it in our busy lives.

  5. I so relate to this post Mary Ann - things hardly ever happen on our time tables but come at the most unexpected times and in such different forms then we imagined, no? my collage box runneth over and I will put most of the contents in the fire pit - also cleaning up last year - love your painting - the vessels really touch me xo

  6. What a beautiful composition.
    I love your rendering of lines and colors.

  7. These vessels look very special and beautiful - timeless indeed.

  8. "deferred",,,,I like that. Not a 'no',,,just a 'not now'.

    Wonderful blues in this work, and of course textures.

    Collage boxes. Oh yes, I need to clear out,,,,but that's been deferred.

  9. There is contaiment and freedom in this arrangement. Your description of the intention behind this piece gives me the tools to understand it: I see the central boxed in vessels as those wishes we are holding tightly to and expecting to have fulfilled in our own time frame, while those outside the "box" are floating within a sacred space, indicated by the carved arches, beyond our control but still existing (deferred, as you say). I appreciate your well-considered descriptions of the meaning behind your work as they take my appreciation of it to a deeper layer.
    Good luck with the sorting. I like your idea of bigger boxes!

  10. This series is profound - and it's fascinating to your thoughts and processes in creating them.

    Too bad we can't all just trade collage boxes - wouldn't that be fun!

    Good luck with your show! Wish I lived closer.

  11. Dianne, Thank you. I think studio cleaning has reached epidemic proportions...we are all doing some kind of cleaning up in preparation for the change of seasons!

    Dixie, Thank you for sharing this proverb...very thoughtful.

    annell, Thank you for your good wishes on the showing!

    Robyn, I'm so glad to know this is a favorite. Oh, the juggling between Kronos and Kairos time!

    Jeane, I have been imagining you tossing collage material into a blazing fire pit!! True work of an artist!

    Art at Chesterbrook, High praise about this composition...thank you!

    Art and Sue, I'm smiling and smiling reading such thoughtful comments...thank you!

    Babs, Too funny...deferring the clean up!!

    louciao, Thank you for taking the images a step deeper...I like your words on the vessels floating with the clocks on either last effort was placing the black above the arches which I think anchored the side spaces.

    Judy, Thank you for your supportive words here.
    Oh,yes, I have such trouble tossing out these little scraps...wondering if I might need them later?!

  12. so much depth in this painting. i love the use of oil pastels. it gives it an expressionistic feel in places.

    kronos and kairos. although i sense their meanings i have not heard these terms before and will look up. thanks for some new words.

    congrats on the upcoming show too. i think it will be super.

  13. Very, very nice! Love the colors in this one. Hopes deferred. If like me you aren't that organized, they are lovely little surprises down the road when realized.

  14. A very thought provoking post and artwork. I can relate to so much of it. I am at the point in my life that I feel blessed for every day that is without problems.

  15. I am so impressed with your vessels series. You have poured so much of yourself into these paintings, the feelings they evoke are palpable. This last one is especially poignant...sometimes longing is its own reward.

  16. I like the idea that your vessels store these hopes deferred, that they are safely contained until the time, whenever it is, is right. You've given me some ideas about what to do with my own deferred hopes which always seem to emerge at this time of year, seeking a voice.

  17. Autumn is a time of beginnings, and I too ma sorting out the studio and other places, letting go. Perhaps that the step after deferment for some of those hopes. A beautiful piece Mary Ann, I especially love the blue tones.

  18. I opt for larger boxes. I can't seem to eliminate any of my lengths of fabrics. Yet, I admire your attempt to streamline.
    Love, love the painting. The colors and subject matter is wonderful. I am really enjoying where you are going with you paintings.

  19. Suki, Thank you. The show begins in Oct. and is very small but framing, statement, cards and press release are as if it was a big show.

    Karen, I couldn't agree more...those surprises that give one a smile, like a small secret revealed.

    Eva, So true...each day that is easy is a true gift.

    Marie, I need to put my heart into these works as a way of resolving memories and uniting the art. Interesting: 'longing is its own reward'. You have me thinking.

    Hannah, Yes, I have been careful to place hopes deferred in a place of hopefulness...I'm an optimist and rarely accept defeat...although I have been surely tested!

    Leslie, I have felt we were working side by side preparing for a clean studio, fresh start and stepping into Autumn.

    Pat, I took your advice and brought in large plastic boxes with great lids...oops forgot to label them so everything is neat and a bit of a mystery?

    Jala, Thank you so much...Your beautiful colors always catch my eye in the thumbnail photos.

  20. deep cleaning would overwhelm me right now but this painting is beautiful. i need to visit here more often. <3 from idaho.

  21. 3 from Idaho, Drop by anytime...thank you.

    RMJ. Thank you!