Friday, September 23, 2011

Migratory disc

Clay disc, plastic charm, fabric and yarn. approx. 3" diameter.

I felt I needed 'send off' pieces to begin my new migration series. It seems to me before snow blowers and air conditioning many of our ancestors  regularly knew, for their very survival, they needed to pack up and move to a better feeding ground, a place to return to each season. Did we have the same migration instincts as geese and other migratory beings? NOTE: please, suspend all logic at this point in post. Could migratory implants, discs be found in the bones of our ancient kinsmen? What would they look like? Would they be heavily marked with information, maybe images or maps? In the name of art making, I have begun creating these images with inherent DNA, using an assortment of materials. In early Oct. BFF Deena and I have scheduled a clay/date but this week I'm exploring the materials at hand. Today I found an unopened bag of DAS pronto clay. The instructions are limited in English so I'll need to experiment. I've wrapped cloth, made marks and embedded things while the clay is still wet. I am hoping when dry the clay will allow me to paint, silver leaf and glue stuff!
Loving the idea of early migratory implants, amulets, discs, or talisman that will represent an ancient time when we noticed the change in light and air and moved on!

Has anyone worked with DAS pronto clay?


  1. What an intriguing thought! I'm sure if there were such things they would look like the discs you have created. They have a wonderful tribal vibe about them. We most certainly must have had the same migration instincts as animals, before progress messed with our natural abilities.I have used Das clay, many moons ago and also wished there was more information on the packet.

  2. Hello Mary Ann - this post really spoke to me as I am having a strange time settling into my new home of 2 months - it is a new build and I have always lived in old houses with a history - now I feel I am living in a hotel - I love it but it doesn't feel like it's me! I am going to give your words some thought as I have had a week laid up with a ghastly cold virus and am feeling very low -energy depleted but trying to get myself fit and back to having mental head space and physical stamina - have a good weekend

  3. Interesting concept. I wonder if we are also migratory or was it just the nomadic peoples that have that DNA?

    The DAS pronto clay is a self-hardening clay - needs no heat to harden. I think you have 24 hours before that happens. I know that markers and water color paints work on the clay and whatever you embed - the clay shrinks around as it dries.

    I have used acrylics and beeswax on regular clay post kiln firing, so I would think you could also use acrylics on the DAS clay.

    Good luck with your series -- sounds fascinating.

  4. Robyn, The discs are getting me excited about the new project! The DAS had a funny smell but it seems to be drying to a nice hard white surface.

    Rosie, I wish you back to your vibrant self.
    Hard to make a new house into a home...takes time, doesn't it? One day you will walk in and it will smell, look and feel like home.

    Judy, I'm feeling more confidant about this material...thank you.
    Years ago I used to watch the geese in their flying formations and it seemed poignant to be driven to journey such distances.

  5. Early migratory implants or implants from the time the aliens visited the ancient ones and set humanity on its path? I'm kidding! What a great idea you've come up with. I wish you a wonderful path of exploration and experimentation.
    I haven't worked with DAS but I've used paperclay, which is cool because you can apply it over fabric to make a hard-cased 3-D item, such as a doll (as I did)...or maybe an amulet?

  6. i am so intrigued by your ideas. how you even thought this up! i cant wait to see how the amulets evolve. i can tell you i wish i had someplace to migrate to for Jan, Feb and March. someplace warmer.

    i have only used paper clay the once and i painted it with acrylics. which worked fine.

  7. I have not worked with this product, though my heart beats more rapidly just reading the word clay.
    And, be still my heart,,,just look what you've done with it! I love them all, but I'm especially favoring the third disc. The marks,,earthiness,and primitve feel are unique and give such interest to all three.
    And yes, the concept of an internal GPS all our own is indeed fascinating and intriguing.
    Take a bow!

  8. These are going to be interesting pieces to watch develop! I'm planning a migration now to a much smaller house /a much older house - if the contracts all get accepted. :-)I wonder about it's history, since it sprang up in 1910, and think about the people now living in my own grand parents former home where I was trained up in the way I should go - do they wonder too?

  9. louciao, There is a whole world of non-fired clay material?! This Friday I hope to devote a studio day to these three little hopefuls.

    Suki, Sitting here watching the whales go by and all the birds on their migratory paths is an enriching experience...easy to consider migration. I wouldn't mind a couple weeks in Sedona this winter!

    Babs, Appreciate your comment! I like the third one too...I'm going to try some silver leaf first and then....?!

    Karen, I'm thinking 6 to 8 of these discs maybe more. By the time they are finished you might have a new address. 100+ years old is an exciting challenge and yes, if the wall could talk! Let me know!

  10. never used Das clay, but I will look for it.. your ideas are so intriguing and I know native americans migrated and moved south for the winter months so I am sure we are programmed for such things as well, you clay pieces are wonderful ....

  11. What a great idea and I love your creations. I've used DAK for Christmas ornaments and it worked out very well. I sprayed mine with a sealer before I used acrylic paints.