Thursday, September 15, 2011

Uncovering Treasures

I have spent the week in deep cleaning mode. Rediscovering this Tapies book, a Klee and three other treasures has been a nice reward for such a big cleaning project. I plan on mailing the Klee book to my brother-in-law as he favors Klee and the book contains high quality prints that will be perfect for framing. It was such a pleasure sitting in my pristine space turning pages in this book. Looking over my well ordered space with my big plastic containers with lids gave me such a pause for pride until I realized I had neglected to label the contents? gasp! It will be chaotic around here when I start back to work!

This next week is about framing....not my favorite activity. I'm just about finished with the five pieces for the little showing and because I have all the tools out on the work table, it has  been requested that I frame a couple of posters for my son...actually his suggestion! Will also write an artist statement (my statements rarely make sense?) business cards in holders and deliver a press release...and then back to the studio!

I have changed my subtitle of the blog to "Autumn Migration" in honor of these next months of new work. I looked up migration in the dictionary and connected to words such as to wander, roam, rove, sojourn, changing directions and temporary stay as they reflect my feelings about stepping into new work. I also looked to my well worn list of what pulls me to express and listed there are  sacred vessels/sacred rituals, oasis/ways to find rest, directions and seasons and my love of planets, stars and moons to name a few. Not sure about materials I plan on using (if I can ever find anything in these boxes?) but I know I will begin writing, researching some of the latest discoveries and Hubble photos, rereading the stars and planets mythology I love so much and then migrate to a place of art making! Sounds easy enough? I was telling a friend, my work is my play.

Isn't Autumn a wonderful season...there is beauty in each season but I am partial to fall. Your favorite?


  1. Autumn is beautiful but spring offers hope! Can't decide which is my favourite but I know I hate winter (too cold) more than summer (too hot)!
    I love your line "my work is my play". Have a wonderful time in this new season.

  2. Autumn migration & transformation seems to be about changes that are largely cyclic and go with the flow seems both logical and wise, intelligent and predetermined. All best wishes!

  3. Autumn is my absolute favorite! There is no other season I'd rather be in than Autumn and I think I wait all year for that yellow tint in the sky, that brisk air, that warm (sometimes cool) wind that blows. Love the colors of the leaves on the trees and falling off the trees. I know that things are going into a dormant cycle with the oncoming of Autumn but somehow it seems to signal hope inside of me. I can't wait!!!

  4. what fun to find forgotten books. and to get tidied. even if unlabeled.

    good luck with your show. i wish i could come and see it!

    i love autumn too except that winter follows. of course an october baby...maybe that's what makes it so special.

    ps i too have been sorting and my case a box of memorabilia of Mom's. i had dumped a bunch of stuff in there 3 years ago when she died. now i am sorting and putting lke with like. i make memorabilia albums, not fancy ones, just with acid free pockets to stuff things in and preserve them. also then one can look at them in the album from time to time. but talk about labels, i realize as i sort old photos and save Bertha Downs' report card from 1901 that no one but I know who these people are and if I dont label all this stuff it will just be a meaningless pile of ephermera for the next generation. ah well......

  5. Yes, autumn is my favorite. And maybe favorite time of life as well. I've let go of so many things that really don't matter, I am comfortable as I prepare for winter.

  6. Cleaning can be so theraputic; seems you unearthed some treasures which is always the bonus. I love warm fall but some VT fall is just too ornery for my taste. Late spring and summer are glorious; yes, each season has its beauty with attitude adjustments.

  7. Wonderful title. Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of the year, but it is the 'migration' part that spoils it for me. Knowing that winter or summer is next. I really dislike extreme weather of any type.
    Lucky you to have the energy to clean and organize.I envy that!

  8. Seasons are compelling, keeping us reminded of the ever turning earth Autumn is my very favorite.

    I always enjoy reading about how you find your way into your next series Mary Ann.

  9. The work being play is so telling of an artist, isn't it?
    Loving all your newest thoughts and directions.

    Autumn normally is rather moody for me,,melancholic,,,,something about the dying of things, I suppose.
    This year however, I am so uplifted by the cooler temps we're finally having. This evening it actually rained for a bit. Not enough, but a start.The entire state is excited!
    I'm feeling renewed, and I feel the same in your new direction. So wish I could see your exhibition in the real!

  10. Fall always makes me so melancholic and nostalgic - must have to do with some childhood experiences as it comes from very deep inside. Everything reminds me of farewell, upcoming cold days... I prefer spring and summer, and sort of hate the leaden rainy winter days.

    Tapies is one of my favorits. I will soon be in Barcelona & Madrid, hopefully seeing some of his pieces!

  11. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. I remember the exact time in my life when I discovered the beauty released with the dying of the natural world around me--all those gorgeous colours, rusts, browns, ochres, and textures, both rugged and delicate. It was the first time that I lived in a rural setting.

    I have never heard of Tapies till now. I foresee some happy exploring on the internet.

    Kudos to you for getting your studio space cleaned up/cleared out...ready for the next migration of discovery.

  12. Autumn is my favourite month by far. I find it very energizing. Enjoy brewing new ideas for your next series Mary Ann. Just knowing that the ideas are brewing is inspiring.

  13. The work of Tapies is sensational. Once saw a video of him working in Italy. Changed me. Jen

  14. Carole, Thank you...playtime ahead!

    Marie, Your words on migration are eloquent...thank you.

    Teri, Autumn seems to be arriving early this year...enjoy!

    Suki, Thank you for your good wishes...I'll take the press release in tomorrow.
    I think organizing and sorting old family photos is an act of honoring and remembering. Sadly our names and faces get lost in just a few generations.

    annell, I can appreciate your acceptance of autumn as well as too!

    Oh Maggie you live in a wild and wonderful place...not always easy but it sure has it's seasonal beauty!

    Eva, The cleaning was slow going...more than a week to sort through stuff...there was a time when I had more energy.

    Leslie, Thank you...finding my way in this new 'migration' series has been fun!

    Babs, I bet the cooler weather is a spirit lifter...enjoy this rest from heat! I too feel the sadness of the seasonal change and at the same time the excitement...go figure?

    Sue, How exciting...a trip to Spain! Have a wonderful time!

    louciao, Wonderful to read your words of joy on discovering autumn...the words of an artist for sure.
    Antoni Tapies Great Spanish Absract Artist!

    Robyn, A whole lot of brewing up 'migration' ideas over here. Going to begin by creating an 'ancient migration implant' as a launching piece.?!

  15. Thank goodness your work is your play..and for us to share in this!I'm daunted by your organization...good luck with all...

  16. I loved that you were going to run off and swim the other day Maryanne... and leave the Laundry!
    Reflecting on Autumn is a good thing to of... ;like that you added that subtitle.

    Good working to you,
    Sophie x

  17. bravo, Mary Ann, for all your hard work! I do love autumn, yet the loss of light saddens one sometimes. And I do love autumn clothing -- yummy big sweaters and wooly socks! :-)))

  18. thank you Mary Ann for this lovely autumnal post - my favorite season too - although leaving the light isn't easy!!

  19. Lyn, The acceptance of creative angst allows the fun to begin!

    Sophie, Always feels good to start a new project...but first a little swim time!

    Kelly, You are the first to mention the joy of yummy sweaters and wooly socks...yes, I've just ordered some new ones in the catalog!

    Rosie, I agree, there are some losses in enjoying this season.

  20. This year I am not going to struggle against the season change (as if it did any good anyway) but rather ,like you , I will embrace it to you on your show
    and a gold star for clearing the clutter