Monday, July 5, 2010

Sanctuary Views

Second in an inspired Sabbath piece. 15'x15' Rives BFK, acrylic, collage, graphite. I love sitting in the sanctuary at sunset looking out the windows seeing the treeline black against the sky all red, orange and pink. In my long life there have been many sanctuaries and so many beautiful windows...perfect for contemplation. The floor plans and architectural drawings are from an older European temple.The names written on the side are of the months of the year according to our lunar calendar ....year 5770.

Quiet summer week ahead for me. All set to continue to water my tomato plant...the little green tomatoes need sunshine and we've been fogged in for days!

I'm planning on using some new materials in the studio this week. GAC-100 and also will play with some Clear Tar Gel. Too cold to paint outside with oils but I'll gesso some papers to prepare when it gets warmer? Have a great week everyone!


  1. I really like your current work. I am surprised to hear you say it is cold outside when it is so hot and humid here. I have not used tar gel. You will have to let me know how you like it.

  2. I love this piece
    of course I love red and windows
    tar gel...going to have to google that

  3. I love the sanctuary views...and I shall have to look up tar gel...that is a new one for me. Have a great week!

  4. Lovely piece, I'm loving the Spirit. Way too hot to be outside doing anything here in the Phoenix area but swimming.

  5. I like the rich, warm colours of this work and the intricacy of the lines in the collaged bits, as well as the bold lines you've drawn emanating from the central form. The centre has a real sense of strength.

    Good luck with your tomatoes.

  6. Hey, I like the new blog look! The sanctuary piece is wonderful; I love the colors, and the architectural elements especially. I have 2 questions: What is GAC-100, and where do you live that it's cold? No, wait- question#3: can we switch places for a while? I'm so tired of living in the sauna!

  7. I love this, the sense that the viewer is central and can turn to see the different views and come round to start all over again.

  8. so beautiful and complex. too cold outside??? Here we have had temps in the high 90's. as i guess others have noted.

  9. Some of my favourite shapes, I love windows and your colours are as beautiful as ever. I have some tar gel but I'm not sure what to do with it.

  10. Oh I LOVE this one Mary Ann. It is so calming. A definite sanctuary feeling about it.

  11. your process always so inspiring and as always, your colors - rich! xxo

  12. I am loving Santuary Views. I love the colors. Our tomatos are gone its too hot here now. Funny thing happened in our garden, We gave my husband scraps of vegtables and fruit to throw in the garden. A plant came up we couldn't figure out what it was. Turned out to be cantaloupe.

  13. Sharmon, It was suggested in a book I was reading to use two coats of GAC-100 as a beginning basecoat on cradled panels...followed by two coats of gesso.
    It isn't terribly cold...about 65 but it is foggy... I mean wet moist fog so you need to use windshild wipers fog.

    Annie, Yes, I get that feeling too...the sunset, the view, the looking...thank you.

    Suki, Thank you so much.
    Fog, moist and at about low 60' tomatoes for me!

    Ro Bruhn, I am interested in this clear tar gel as the label states: 'Generates fine lines by dripping from a palette knife'?! I don't really know why it would be so different from dripping paint but I like the name tar gel!

    Robyn, I'm so glad this feeling of sanctuary has translated...I do love the quiet time.

    Jeane, I'm crazy for color ...dark and rich ...loud and bright it all! Thank you!

    CFS, Thank glad for your comments.
    Garden magic...cantaloupe? I'm beginning to give up on my's July already?!

  14. I am looking for this kind of blog. Your post is very outstanding and I never saw that painting before. Amazing job.

  15. Annell LivingstonJuly 7, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    How beautiful! Love the colors, my favorite. And yes, ink, 30"x22, on oriental paper. One of a series of drawings. Thanks for your comment. We are going for a camp-out today. I will try to get some sketches. Will take my book and hope to do some hiking. It is hot here, but cook after dark and in the morning, plenty of sun.

  16. Hi~ Love your paintings!
    I read your recent posts where you're experimenting with different mediums for your oils.
    I just posted about a cold wax/oil workshop I recently attended. Have you tried cold wax? I find it speeds drying time with my oils.
    Just a thought...
    Happy Summer ~

  17. Dear Mary ann, I love Sanctuary Views, so spriritual and majestic, and your first inspired Sabbath piece is gorgeous as well.
    I hope your quiet week is beautiful, your summer sounds lovely, celebrations, friends, good food and art... thank you for such a thoughtful comment too...roxanne

  18. really like your new look and this is a stunning piece and the one below is awesome too! wet and rainy here in CO reminds me of your kind of weather, we even had a bit of fog!! want to know about the gac 100 and the tar gel!

  19. Mary Ann !
    :-) I like the colours you use ,
    so rich and deep !And also the theme !

  20. This is exceptionally beautiful and sensitive..and I love the look of your blog now!!

  21. I think this one is terrific. I would like to make a tour of the sanctuaries that you painted.
    Love the colors, by the way!

  22. Annell, Late suppers in the summer sounds wonderful...hope your camp-out was fun!

    DJ, Yes, cold wax was one of my discoveries and I do like using soon as the deck warms up!Thank you

    Roxanne, Thank you...this inspiration was easy and I like the results...easy is always good!

    Cat, So far used the GAC 100 as first 2 coats on a wood panel as a basecoat...seems to be a very smooth brush marks.

    Liv, Thank you...who doesn't love windows and all that they can mean to a person?!

    Lyn, I'm glad you like this blog look...I was determined to get past my fears (losing the entire blog?)and have some fun with choices.

    Pat, Glad you like this one...favorite sanctuaries...sunrise and sunset!

    kitchen tables, Thank you for stopping by!

  23. I love these new pieces, so rich and warm and full. Feels like they're coming from somewhere deep inside.

    And tar gel. I love tar gel. Have to check on the gac 100, that's one I'm not familiar with.

    And I love your new look, perfect backdrop for the new work.

  24. ZDS, Thank you...I'm on to these panels and using this GAC the book suggests GAC 800? I read some fine print about the author of this book I'm reading and it seems she works for Golden! Her suggestions are making the sales go up and up thanks to me! ha
    The sanctuary pieces came from one Sabbath night looking out the windows above...heartfelt moment and inspiring.

  25. Mary Ann, I can feel your tomatoes ripening in this painting. The color is there and the intention, the shape too in the off-center. But the thought of you being too cold is quite amazing to me. Wishing you sun and more sanctuary.

  26. Maggie, From your words to Mother Nature's ears. These tomatoes are as green as grass!
    We are getting afternoon soon as the day trippers head for home? The house stays in the 60's so it isn't too awful.

  27. Your new series intrigues me as I, too, love windows. Very rich palette of colors perhaps reminiscent of stained glass? interested to see where this takes you!