Thursday, July 15, 2010

Re-post "Birdsong"

I have been interested in all the delightful "Buried Treasures" that have turned up in Blogland. This is an idea from Seth Apter of The Altered Page and it is great to see earlier posts of so many artists that I regularly follow.

I chose a post from early July 2008. The interesting part of my choice is that my heart has stayed close over the years to favorite images and metaphors. Trying not to be a broken record but rather express myself with similar images in new and different ways....enjoy!


"A garden complete with tile, palm tree, windows and a singing duet. A place to stop, pure pleasure, soft morning light or afternoon breeze...a place to come back to, yard, patio, home. The song is also simple, not looking forward or back but timeless serenade. This is the beginning and ending this is the call, this is the sanctuary of needed rest, available heart, available song."

"Writing is a big part of my art making. It leads me to the imagery and sometimes defines the images. I'm in a place in my life where I still love painting but I'm no longer as interested in building a career. I have kept a journal well over 25 years...almost daily writing. It has served as my true sanctuary, my mentor and my learning tool. I wrote the above piece shortly after gluing down the two yellow birds." It gives me joy.

This week I continue with the images of birds and using new Golden materials. In the studio I'm stirring up some 'clear tar gel' to pour and's a challenge for sure!

Heat has finally arrived at the beach. Regularly floating in the pool late afternoons...! I keep reminding myself I can do that...I can lighten my workload...quit early and go to the pool. Pablo is knee deep in his writing and is also talking himself into some play time...! He swims and I float!


  1. The garden, the birdsong, the painting, the pool, the sanctuary of words...keep on floating. You're doing it for us all!

  2. Beautiful piece Mary Ann, and thanks for the peek into your writing. Floating sounds divine! I like the idea to remind ourselves to stop and enjoy our world.

  3. Yes I remember this inspiring post Mary Ann and I've enjoyed reading it again. It's such a good idea to re-post.

  4. Love this piece of writing, the images and thoughts on birds. Interesting that they preoccupy us so much. Flying and floating.....good aims!

  5. I do enjoy the birds worked into your paintings. I see it our real world with our dreams into our daily lives.

    There are our dreams, right over our heads, guiding us to remember to sweetness of our lives and encouraging us to a higher achievement.
    Sorry for waxing lyrical.

  6. Embossing? It is very striking what you're doing with paper. Are you making your own as well?

  7. It's a beautiful image!
    I really like the "floating" thoughts,,,they kick off numerous mental pictures.
    Since we've had out lake place I too have been engrossed in studying the birds.
    The piece in your previous post is downright stunning,,,I adore the colors, theme, and textures!

  8. I love that garden and I love the bird song, that love song. Yes, I used to float along the gulf, in my other life. I hope it will be a good place to float again soon.
    Happy floating and happy painting.

  9. Seth always has such good ideas-- I have not been blogging long so it is fun to get a chance to go back in time like this-- your writing is wonderful.

  10. I enjoyed reading your writing and the art you created.Your talent is over the top. I just discovered Seth's blog through Danny Gregory's.We are so fortunate to have all of these wonderful resources, aren't we?

  11. I love this work Mary Ann - lovely post too that has left me with the image of you floating effortlessly! Yes inspiring - thank you

  12. Mary Ann--we put up a silly little blow up pool that is 18 ft. in diameter and only about 3 feet deep BUT...does it give me good floating space!!! And, when the temps reach over 100 here in the foothills and we don't have the luxury of the ocean breezes like you do, it gives me great pleasure to just float. I have been trying to do that more often in life too. I love your work here. I, like Donna, have not been blogging that long so it is great to go back in time with you and see what you were up to. I just moved my entire studio to another area of the house with hopes that I can spend some time there now (if I'm not too tired after work each day). I just tell myself to float though.

  13. Blue Sky,

    I had no idea you were a Santa Cruzian! Its a favorite sea escape of mine with many good memories. It makes so much sense when I look at your re-post--the light in Birdsong is so much the light of Santa Cruz; bright, crisp and clear (after the fog!). I also like the way you describe your artist's life. There are so many ways to be and they change as we do. Thanks!

  14. What a beautiful post... your work is pure joy , Blue Sky.

    I love seeing all of the 'buried treasures' many beautiful souls sharing so many beautiful views of this unspeakably beautiful world.

  15. We are who we are, and it is so good to follow your journey..your colors are so alive!!

  16. louciao, We all need sanctuaries of all sizes and content! ha

    Leslie, Thank you...floating is my summer fun.

    Robyn,Amazing how our different posts 'stick' in our heads.

    Annie, Birds are so 'in' our lives...what pleasure to watch them at their lives.

    Pat, Please wax lyrical any time!

    MrCachet, You have me confused but thanks for the visit.

    Babs, Oh, to have a whole lake to float in!!

    Annell, Thank you...sun is out...I'm floating!

    Donna, This re-posting is a great to look back sometimes!

    Eva, I too find blogland a rich a wonderful place.

    Rosie, On my own I sink like a stone but float with a device called a noodle...heaven!

    Teri, A fellow floater! Good luck with your new studio space.

    Hannah, I lived many years in the hot California valley so living now on this coast is refreshing. Thank you for stopping by!

    merci33, So glad to be a part of this 'buried treasure' posting...I agree a beautiful world!

    Lyn, I so like that 'we are who we are'...makes the journey all the easier!

  17. I'm back to say, have a nice day.

  18. I admire you for finding play time. It's so rare that I do that for myself, and it's so important. Play time, floating time--actually, the real treat for me is going out to eat alone. I love to go out to eat in restaurants by myself. It feels like such an indulgence. It relaxes me utterly.

  19. You have such great writting style. This part is like going deep into my soul:"I'm in a place in my life where I still love painting but I'm no longer as interested in building a career".

  20. Oh ! I love these two birds !
    And the use of colours !
    Best Liv

  21. what a beautiful repost. So glad I'm able to share in it with you. Just love your birdsong words "The song is also simple, not looking forward or back but timeless serenade. This is the beginning and ending this is the call, this is the sanctuary of needed rest, available heart, available song." I'm in a time of healing and this is just perfect for my soul!!!

  22. Lovely post to repost as so many of us hadn't seen it yet, but certainly good enough for rereading. I also enjoyed your trip to the Ritz. All sounds like fun.

  23. This is my first time to your blog and I know I'm late getting around to everyone, but I love your art (I've had a good look around) and especially your bird series. This is a beautiful piece and post you have dug up for us, and I'm really delighted to have had a chance to visit your blog and view your lovely art.