Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art Making/Research

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time printing from the old collagraph plates, mostly focused on the cups, saucers and teapot. Mixing sepia toned and greyed blue inks over splotched papers.
This is my writing that is guiding these large canvas pieces.

Placing this hand on the secret heart.
Listening to the soft beat of the rhythm long known.
Time for the enfoldment nears.
Jaw set against last minute tears.
Wings encircle with comfort.
Enfolding, enveloping arms on this moonless night.

1. "Crowned child of the wind" 2." Daughter of the Light" 3." Woman of the Altar" 4".Star among the sky". I believe my piece "Altar for Miriam" answers the third suggestion and now the "Crowned Child of the Wind" is the next effort for me. My only beginning was printing these plates. I have no desire to draw a child's image but I think I'd be pleased to capture a/my child's spirit. On that note, I've been researching Rufino Tamayo. Always loved his portraits and feel he was the master at capturing essence. Art making is such a rich and rewarding experience...the places one goes in the name of creating! I'm bubbling over from all the ideas and plans and right in the middle of shopping and pumpkin pie making! Somehow I'll get to it all as celebrating gratitude with family is as important as the studio work. Tomorrow I'll bake the pie, and meet with friend Deena, work on some basic approaches on the canvas. Thursday is Thanksgiving all day and Saturday my son arrives and we celebrate again!


  1. How lovely! Your words sounded like an incantation...magical works of art
    Blessings to you and your family

  2. Looks like someone has had a great time. I shall watch out for the next progression in this exploration of yours.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day that is filled with the laughter of family and good food.

    Best wishes

  3. I just looked up the word collagraph in Wikipedia. Did you make the original form? I am curious about how one arrives at the finished piece. I really enjoyed the last piece posted (the one with the columns). I like the space in between and the colors. One could look a long time enjoying all that you have put into it.

  4. ah, tis the season - these prints seem just right of the cups and saucers as I sit in front of the fire with my morning coffee sipping, emailing and checking all my friends in blogland :)

  5. Beautiful words and art... I love your collographs and your slide show is stunning... happy thanksgiving to you... roxanne

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  7. Beautiful collagraphs! I love this technique! Your art works are stunning.

  8. It is so hard to get to the studio with all the shopping and baking and family time-- somehow you manage it all.

  9. Suz, Thank you...I like that, incantations!
    Happy Thanksgiving holidays to you and yours!

    Egmont, Yes, I enjoy printmaking, always an element of surprise.
    Hoping you have a wonderful holiday!

    Pat,I made the plate using a chip board, adding my texture and then sealing it all...from there the printmaking process.
    I'm glad you like the altar piece, lots of layers!

    Jeane, Printing these cups and saucers was an ALL day fun experience!
    I too love my morning coffee/ sometimes tea,and blogging...the only way to start a day!

    Roxanne, Thank you, glad you like the collagraphs and slideshow. Always a pleasure when you drop by!

    B&W, I had a great time rediscovering these plates...thank you!

    Donna, I manage studio time, shopping and cooking...family and friends are on their own! ha

  10. I'm enjoying these explorations with you, Mary Ann. Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and laughter.