Friday, November 20, 2009

Altar For Miriam

24' x 36' canvas, acrylic and collage. Finished all but a coat of varnish. I haven't completely fallen in love with the piece but there are parts that are beloved. The paint rag circle, hand sewn to paper (15years ago), the little gold clock from the 'Mars Series' (10years ago), parts of the urn from the 'Sacred Vessel Series' (5years ago), hands, compass plate all from my favorite collage stack and the columns and altar table made themselves. Actually I have at least three boxes of collage material, fabric and trims, found items and old work remnants. The writing from the meditation has narrowed down to lines/titles/suggestions. This one simply being as" Altar For Miriam." The next one that intrigues me on my list is 'The Crown for the Child". A bit of a puzzle but I'll find the time, open my collage boxes and begin again. I do know I am drawn to fabric and the old collagraph plates. Remind me to tell you about my "Trip to Mars Series"! ha

Also need to stop art life and make a grocery list, go shopping and do a little pre-Thanksgiving baking. I am amazed at how many restaruants, grocery stores cook complete dinners to be ordered and picked up. Dinners with all the trimmings and perfect for one or more! We live such busy lives and not everyone likes the cooking part of these seems to be a good idea! I am not roasting a whole turkey as we both like the white meat so I will pay a little more and order the turkey breast...everything else will be traditional.


  1. It is nice to read how things come together in a work of art and to see how over he years various pieces come together.

    Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving day,

  2. Mary Ann--I am interested in just how you apply the fabrics and collage papers to your canvas. These are canvases, aren't they? I just now occurred to me that it might be on paper and then easier to attach. I love to sew my fabrics to my collages but it is hard when the pieces get bigger. Let me know your process if you don't mind. I love the hands. It reminds me of my "Hanging the Quilt" piece with arm up in the air.

  3. Using elements from earlier projects add more meaning and character to a piece..... Layers of history, so to speak. Love this colour palette too. I've a feeling that you will fall in love with this piece once you've rested it a while.
    The Crown of the Child sounds intriguing .... collagraphs, fabric ... Looking forward to it.

    Have a great weekend, Mary Ann.

  4. a very intriguing piece - the altar is wonderful and I'm all for going to pick up a complete dinner - we did that a couple of years ago and it was wonderful :)

  5. I think this is just beautiful. Have a great thanksgiving. I was asked to bring a "healthy" vegatable dish to thanksgiving dinner. No idea what to bring as I must transport it for an hour and veggies are often last minute kind of things.

  6. This one is very special, Mary Ann. I always love your palette and the way you combine the playful with the reflective.

    My daughter won the Iron Chef competition at her university two years running and so she has raised the bar on our Thanksgiving preparations. But she is taking Wednesday off from work to help me cook, and my son has promised to help too. I'm looking forward to it all. I know you are too.

  7. This piece is one of those that you just know you're missing a lot by not seeing it in person. Love it! (and the idea of incorporating all the older work)
    Really enjoyed seeing the photos of you and Pablo. Happy anniversary, and Thanksgiving also.
    Ours will be quiet, spent at the lake, with traditional fare.

  8. A quiet day for two sounds like a rich time. All the best. Miriam is likely very thrilled with her altar. I would be.

  9. Egmont, Never would I have imagined these odd pieces working in a whole.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Teri, The cloth pieces were already glued to paper and hand stitching but I have also glued cloth to canvas without trouble.

    Robyn,I do like the mix of old and new in a piece. Haven't a clue on the crown idea?! ha
    Happy weekend to you!

    Jeane, Thank you, I'm in one of those busy art zones.
    Yes, buying a meal all done is a great way to stay in the studio and enjoy the holiday!

  10. San, Thank you so much...!
    I'm using Barefoot Contessa turkey recipe but sounds like you are in professional cuisine it...a feast for sure!

    Babs, Thank you, you have been missed!
    Perfect, a traditional Thanksgiving lakeside...both lucky and blessed!

    Suki, Thank you!
    Vegetables that travel? Steamed Brussel Sprouts, green beans...?

    Leslie, Thank you...this one has my heart...I'm liking it more each day!
    Yes, we are having a quiet dinner Thursday and then I will re do the dinner on Saturday for my son.

  11. great use of collage, fabrics, trims-- isn't it nice to have a box of remnants to go through?

  12. Wonderful piece- so much detail to enjoy and follow- and like the history of your attachments!

  13. Oh this one is beautiful. I give it a "10"!! I can't even quiet my mind enough to get at the thoughts that inspire creativity. A goal for sure.
    I'm ready for the bird and since we are going elsewhere for Thanksgiving my husband's only concern is leftovers. Ha! I may cook my own turkey on Friday just so he can make a sandwich -- traditions. smile.

  14. Jill z, Thank you...collage on canvas is rare for me but has turned out to be okay.

    Donna, What is fun is to have a friend over and go through the boxes describing this piece from that piece!

    Karen, You are one busy person right now...consider a turkey breast if sandwiches are needed...easy to carve!

  15. Maryann - what a beautiful project! I love this piece, and I love how you have so many layers of time and meaning incorporated. Maybe I need an "Alter for Olivia!" Maybe after Christmas I can work on making something like that. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - two of my daughters and one son-in-law no longer eat meat - so our celebration will be without turkey. (The meat eaters live in Montana and won't be out this year until Christmas.) I am endeavoring to make it as tasty as ever - we shall see!


  16. Olivia, Your comments are appreciated...thank you. Everyone needs an altar!
    The internet is such a wonderful place for research...Like a meatless Thanksgiving! Good luck!