Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collagraph Plates Found

Old collagraph plates I found while digging in a storage basket of printmaking "stuff". I'm just about ready to start my next large canvas and I found myself thinking about some old work and how I might incorporate it into these larger pieces representing self portrait/inward series. I didn't find some of the plates I was looking for but I was surprised by what turned up from long ago. I still continue to meditate and journal before beginning work so I'm depending on that as my lead.

Directly across in the sidebar is a photo of my first large piece and it is getting close to being done. The last bit of journaling turned into questions about what imagery could stay and what in the piece do I love. So my answer was the columns, hands, paint rag moon and compass plate must stay. The background color has been a puzzle...Is this morning or evening? Is this altar in a grey mist or delicate fog? Is it dusk calling for hands reaching for the heavens and dim darkening light? Are there words needed? So many questions but as I filter through, I will create this altar story, this first one of self portrait/Inward.The background has been many colors but this blue seems to feel right, reminds me of a line from a Bob Dylan song, "It's not dark yet but it's getting there"!


  1. another great piece being birthed! and as long as you've bob dylan beside you, you can't go wrong! you'll find the way, i'm sure! beautiful beginnings, lady!

  2. wonderful idea to use older pieces in your current work! I think that is brilliant!

  3. It looks great so far..It is a wonderful piece.

  4. meditation, dylan, recycling works into your inward journey...maybe it's the light getting there!
    i always enjoy the descriptions of your processES.

  5. wonderful colors. Love the reaching hand, the moon. A melding, colorwise of lower chakras (the orange) and higher chakras (the blues). Great you can use your older work in the new.

  6. Gypsywoman, I also have you in my corner...thank you for the support! Love my bob dylan!

    LaDolceVita, Using old work in my new work...small studio...getting buried in old "stuff"! ha

    Katelen, Funny, some work is instant love others the love grows slowly?

    Nancy, Each time I show up at the easel it is a little different from the last...like snowflakes!

    Suki,I too like the reaching hand...I also like words but I'm getting an interior argument.

  7. Hi,found you through another blog and glad of it. I would like to comment on your journaling before painting. wonderful idea. I call myself a dabbler. I write, I paint, I draw, I garden and I love it all.
    I know I will love your blog

  8. hey lady, just dropping by to say hello and see what you're up to today - have a wonderful afternoon!

  9. Suz, The journal writing sets my heart and mind straight before beginning art making...very helpful!
    Glad to meet you!

    Gypsywoman, Great day for a visit...I've been in the studio ...waiting for paint to dry while outside surfers are waiting for waves to ride...we are all waiting for something! ha

  10. The side board art is wonderful. soemthing about the colors really attracts me and the compass is always a winner with me. I guess, maybe everyone who is on a quest.
    You are So prolific, and all is so good that it makes me jealous.

  11. Pat, Picasso painted a painting or more a day...now that is prolific! Maybe he didn't go to the cleaners, buy and cook food etc...ha I'm my happiest in the studio and the quest and journey is pure adventure! See you on the trail.