Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday's Treasure

I have been looking forward to sharing this beautiful work that hangs on my wall. The title is "Come Hither" and measures 12"x51/2". Please click to enlarge so as to see the exquisite hand work. Patrice of Makingpeace is the artist and recently she said"I titled my work Come Hither, and it really was a song of love, an invitation for soul connection." The writing below the image is from E.E.Cummings poem called "Orientale". I have included the entire poem below. It is not in typical E.E.Cummings fashion but I couldn't get blogger to cooperate with the proper layout.
i spoke to thee
with a smile and thou didst not
thy mouth is as
a chord of crimson music
Come hither
O thou, is life not a smile?
i spoke to thee with
a song and thou
didst not listen
thine eyes are as a vase
of divine silence
Come hither
O thou, is life not a song?
i spoke
to thee with a soul and
thou didst not wonder
thy face is a dream locked
in white fragrance
Come hither
O thou, is life not love?
i speak to
thee with a sword
and thou art silent
thy breast is as a tomb
softer than flowers
Come hither
O thou, is love not death?
Patrice and I had a show together in 2002 and 2003 at a local gallery, Dancing Man Gallery! Thanks to Patrice's organizational and marketing skills, both shows were a roaring success! We had three flute players(students in white shirts) at the entrance welcoming guests, we were featured in the local newspaper, the wine, service, catering and flowers (on a budget)were mind blowing beautiful! The topper for the first show was a huge banner of our faces hung on the top portion of the building!! (sidebar -"Second Dreams") It was one of those perfect evenings...we both sold well and that was my moment to claim this piece...lucky me!


  1. So glad you mentioned clicking to enlarge. This piece is really exquisite.

  2. To paint with a needle is true creativity. Such skill! This is lovely and beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful poem to go with your lovely art. Is life not art?

  4. I remember seeing this at that terrific show! Patrice does amazing work. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Stunning work and words.
    Love the description of your show too...and the banner :) just great!

  6. I love this piece!! The poem is just perfect with the wonderful art.

  7. I so admire the talent and skill it takes to produce a piece like this - lovely

  8. Wow! It's been a long time since I've seen this piece. It looks great. Thanks for posting it.
    I loved showing with you.
    Do you think we have another one in us?


  9. This is a beautiful poem! Amazing picture!

  10. Robyn, Agreed, her handwork is remarkable...she is an artist with many skills and expressions.

    Pat, You and I are smiling a big smile when we speak of Patrice!

    Leslie, Life is an art form...I agree! I am ordering a t-shirt that is printed "it's all good!"

    Karen, You and Patrick were favored guests at that show! Great evening!

  11. Jo,
    Some shows are more memorable than others... the banner was big and bold and fun!

    Willow, I agree, the two are perfect together.

    Jeane, I admire close handwork and her's includes the creative voice.

    Patrice, We had a great time...can't step in the same place again but wouldn't it be magical to show again...?!

    B&W, I'm of the mind that we all want a dream night in that bed with those stars!

  12. Really like your compass series, Mary Ann. I know you're big on the compass concept. Like the Earth's magnetic field, the compass image seems to pull you into its orbit, but at the same time, radiates out to directions unknown in our vast and mysterious universe. Always wondering what series might be next for you. And I'll bet you're wondering too! -Pablo

  13. have just come across your site which i absolutely love! i'm starting to work on some project ideas that i've had forever and now that i am no longer on a "work schedule" finally have the time to do some "me" things and your blog is such an inspiration! thanks for sharing - jenean

  14. Jenean, Thanks for stopping by and I will visit your site as well. Great you have time now to explore!