Friday, June 12, 2009

Compass Monoprint

I'm not sure if this is done but it's been awhile since I've posted my compass paintings and this one for now is done...pretty close to done! Measures 18"x18" on RVK paper. Two monoprints collaged, assorted paper collages, oil pastel, compass stamp, acrylic and plaster. I used my free paint. ...sienna and crimson which created a strong maroon. As I was painting I kept thinking how this color looked like something important in my life...maybe a favorite dress?... finally, I remembered we had maroon tile in our kitchen up until I was 12years old. I loved it as trim with white tile...the problem was that when it chipped my mother repaired it by using nail polish and the shade was always wrong. It made me crazy...I guess I was always into color.
My parents remodeled the kitchen and everything was beige...I missed the maroon!
Dona was here and we began our lunch at 12 and toddled away from our table around 5!! It was outdoor seating at a nearby resort with a fabulous view of the beach but it was Thursday and just a few busy tables. We drank, ate and talked and after lunch we stopped at a local bakery and Dona picked up some favorites for her family. Just before leaving for the long ride home, she purchased my Oasis II (sidebar). How exciting!! I have sold three pieces this month...I am grateful beyond words.
Have a great weekend!


  1. far out! nail polish home repair. so there! to the ole duct tape guys.
    it's amazing when we can trace back to way long ago and find where a connection was made, like with the maroon.

  2. Glad you and Dona had a nice lunch. My friend and I did too,,,just not quite as lengthy.
    It's a wonderfilled collage, Blue Sky! So much work has gone into this,,,and it's very impressive.

    I loved reading about your childhood floors.I often found faces of beautiful princesses and queens in our old, faded, kitchen linoleum.
    Childhood is magical, thanks for the memory!

  3. What a wonderful blog. It sounds like everything was is sync, the painting (for sure) the lunch, the weather. I am sure you were in the ozone of life.
    Lucky you! And to think that you sold a painting on top of all the blessings of the day!

  4. mary ann, this is all so wonderful - finding your remembered maroon tiles again and the crisp white on this piece - I really like this work - congratulations!

  5. A perfect ending to a perfect day. A nice work too. Like your colors and abstract approach. Going through an abstract phase myself right now so like to see what others do.

  6. I love this compass piece. It looks finished to me.

    Congrats on the sales this month!

    Love those looooong lunches with friends!

  7. I really love your Compass Monoprint. It looks finished ...but you're the artist.
    Well done for selling 3 pieces!

  8. What a lovely post... your compass painting...the long lunch with your friend... and then to sell your beautiful Oasis II... life is good...Roxanne

  9. Lovely post Mary Ann and to sell 3 pieces of work wow ! - congratulations you deserved your lunch at the beach - sounds like the perfect week!

  10. Nancy, So true...memories are vital to art making!

    Babs, Thank you for knowing the work that goes into all this art we make.
    Sounds like we both had childhoods filled with easy fantasy in plain places.

    Pat,Yes, it was one of those floating days...even when there were glitches...we kept right on floating.
    The money part was sweet!

  11. Jeane, Thank appreciated compliment...I'm so glad you like this piece.

    Jean, It is fascinating to see all the different approaches?!

    Elizabeth, Thank you on all three counts...easy to write about the good days.
    I'm beginning to think it's done too!

  12. Robyn, Selling three pieces makes up for the times not selling!
    I'm still staring at this piece and it's growing on me more and more.

    Roxanne, Yes, life is good and when it isn't we have good days to remember!

    Rosie, Perfect week for sure...somehow everything goes better for me with warm sunshine.

  13. Mary Ann this really turned out. Very nice. Congratulations on the sales!!!!!!!!!