Friday, June 19, 2009

Facing East

"Facing East" measures 18"x18" on Rives BFK, collagraph collage, acrylic, stencil, oil pastel, paper collage. This is the third of the intended four in the Compass series. The compass will continue in new work but with new challenges, different techniques and materials. I'm working on the fourth now and thinking I might take a turn with yet another Oasis series. It helps to go back and forth for me, as a way of staying fresh . It's summer now, feeling warm and lazy and I have some stones and pebbles that might best express the barren landscape of a warm summer at a shady oasis.
Listening to Nina Simone and found this prayer I had written just before I came on as BlueSkyDreaming:
As I step out of my safe place in my safe chair behind my safe quiet screen I ask for assistance, blessings for my journey That I might walk and wander this desert planet (Internet) finding safety, pleasures, sustenance and joy I am not alone I am not alone and it isn't too late.
I had a wonderful father and I think of him often especially on Father's Day. I hope your family brunch, barbecue or dinners are full of fun with all the fathers.


  1. Facing East...a very rich and exotic painting.

  2. Wonderful, mixed media piece Mary Ann...
    I like where these compass pieces are pointing :)
    Beautiful prayer...and Nina is a constant companion for me too...enjoy your warm summer days.

  3. Nice piece..Color wonderful.
    glad I found your blog.

  4. Ooh, I like it. This new series is so exciting. I think that yoy have hit a vein of gold. Good going. And it would be great to see another of your shows with Patrice, Please?

  5. I love this compass series. I think it is rich and complex and full of meaning for each viewer.

    I know what you mean about going back and forth among projects and materials to keep things fresh. I find I stay excited about my work that way, and it seems to feed each project.

    The prayer is very apt and lovely. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. A very rich piece. In depth, color and composition. Such a gorgeous red.

  7. Who you are is evidence that you had a great Dad. You honor him with your way of being.

  8. as always, the color is my first connection - very strong piece, Mary Ann!

  9. OK - so I'm no artist but on first glance I get a real comforting feel from this. You may not like that I sense a "country" vibe and a guitar neck & frets jump out at me as well as a well worn red bandana from my youth. It's liek the compasses are pointing me to the camp ground and the great memories of singing by the fire.
    Well now I'm probably banned from further comments. Ha ha - love it!

  10. Robyn, Thank work is rarely called exotic!ha

    Jo, I'm listening to Nina sing "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"!

    Katelen, Thank you for stopping by,...I will visit your site as well!

    Pat, Thank you, I just finished the last of this set of four...taking a rest...but I'll start again soon. A show with a heartbeat!

  11. Elizabeth, Glad to know we share in the back and forth idea with projects...I always thought I just lost focus. It does work to mix it up!

    Babs, I got so excited about this red that I ordered a red print dress from the catalog!

  12. Leslie, Thank you so much for that comment. Anyone would have been happy to have known my father and I was so fortunate to have been his daughter.

  13. Jeane, Glad I caught your attention with this wild red!

    Karen, Your personal reaction to this imagery is exactly what I hope for. No, I didn't have it in mind when I created it...(I have my own stuff) but if it touches your heart, your memory...I'm happy!