Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love My Shed!

If it weren't for this shed I would have no place to store my "other weather" clothes or all the art and stuff I'm not ready to part with. I like a neat home but I don't mind closets and drawers stuffed as long as the doors close and everything is out of sight. As I clean house, I shuffle things off to the shed. Sometimes, I'll go out there and poke around, and usually wind up hauling something back in...a vase, a frame or basket. I wonder if this reflects anything about my personality?!! ha On the left wall, I made the tiles and painted the scene long ,long time ago and the ceramic bird above was a purchase. click to enlarge.
Thursday my best friend, Dona is driving over from central California for a summer lunch. We'll dine somewhere with outdoor seating and preferably near the water. We will talk nonstop for several hours, laugh, eat, drink as if we saw one another yesterday. Actually the last time I saw Dona I was in the hospital so this reunion will be all the sweeter. We have known one another since the beginning of the eighties and we have enormous history together. Recently she was a signing witness on our marriage license.
Working hard in the studio...compass still the subject!


  1. I love this "real-life" story. How fun to poke around and bring things back into the house from time to time.

    The red door, the lovely tropical tile and bird and the thought of all that's behind that door...

    Have a lovely visit, true friends are a gift!

  2. I love your shed too! Those red doors look lucky! and the weather looks beautiful.
    Have a wonderful time with Dona...

  3. Wow, I love your shed, too! Only, it's too cool to be called a shed. It looks more like a charming little cottage!

  4. I love your shed and your story!
    Beautiful picture!

  5. I agree, it's too pretty to be called a shed. I think it looks more like an Art 'Repository'.
    I need several.
    Enjoy your special time with Dona,,,I'll be having lunch with Mary on Thursday,,,our history goes back about 25 years. It's always special meeting with a good friend.

  6. a shed with attitude and style - perfect - have the best time with your best friend! :)

  7. I love the red door!!!! It offers the idea of excitment "Come to me, I have treasures to share". And yes it does have treasures to share.
    Your day sounds wonderful. Those are the times that warm the soul.

  8. Teri, As a child my Grandmother would allow my sister and I to go into her storage closet to play! I guess that memory never left me! Do you have a favorite storage place?

    Jo, The weather is cool but sunny which is good being close to the beach...usually foggy.

    Willow, A cottage from the outside but oh on the inside....pure storage!!

    B&W, The vine is just starting to bloom...easy photo with the green leaves and red doors!

  9. Babs, We will be having lunch with our dear fun!
    I was smart and didn't take photos of the inside!

    Jeane, Looking forward to lunch, thank you! A little break from studio.

    Pat, Treasures or impossible decision.
    Thank you...lunch will be great!

  10. I love your shed too. It looks like the treasure trove it is.